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How are you doing? Did you manage to get Soolantra?


Literally managed to get my hands on Soolantra yesterday. After a month since it was prescribed, to-ing and fro-ing between the hospital pharamacy, dermatologist and my GP, FINALLY I got the all clear for a green prescription for it!!
So, today is only day two, & I happen to just be coming to the end of a particularly nasty outbreak of 6 lesions.

Fingers crossed! (really really need this to work) and will keep you updated.


This means I have been using topical metronidazole gel for 30 days with, as we suspected, no luck


You may want to use it steadily/ built it up slowly, people often get an initial break out, and sometimes a large breakout.
(Also note that if Soolantra doesn’t work, there are other things that may work. But Soolantra is best to start with.)


Ok thanks. What other things?


Sudo creme may also work. Sudocrem saved me!
But what I mean is, don’t give up hope :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this page so I wanted to tell my story as it seems to differ slightly from the ones I’ve read - hopefully something is helpful!

I first noticed a bump on my chin about a year ago - it started like any other small spot, but within a few hours had filled to be a very large protrusion on my chin that we are all so familiar with. Initially, it wasn’t too dissimilar to skin issues I have regularly - my normal skin is okay and I’ve never had acne, but I do tend to get weeping pores (always clear, never itchy, nothing like this). It burst, and not knowing what it was, I kept touching it and it spread all over my chin to form a really bad outbreak with lots of lesions all over my chin and up near the sides of my mouth. I was really scared, and went to the doctor who didn’t have a clue. She took a swab and it came back negative. In the mean time, I went to town with tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and a really intense herbal cream that I found on another thread. It went away after about 4-5 horrible days.

I thought it was a one time thing, until yesterday when another started to form in exactly the same place on my chin. This time, I knew what to expect, and immediately started treating it, being very careful about where I touched my face and liberally applying everything I could. It oozed all day of course, but this time I also used sudocream and witch hazel as well as tea tree, and started drinking diluted apple cider vinegar that I saw on a Rosacea thread. This combination has drastically reduced the outbreak over night. They scabbed over more quickly than last time, and the itching is much less today. Another thing that really helped was a bottle of liquid plaster, which I pasted over the smaller areas (not disturbing the scabs). It basically forms a tough outer skin and is invisible (great for being in public), and seems to have stopped it spreading/helped them dry out. I was really worried at night because last time I would wake up touching my face because of the itching, and this stopped that from happening completely. I haven’t tried it on a really bad ooze, but on the smaller ones it seems to have contained them.

After months of not washing my face with anything but water, three days ago I started with a new skin care regime and I think it’s too much of a coincidence that this happened now. From reading these threads, it might have changed something for the demodex which might have caused this flare up? I’m going to my doctor soon and will ask them to prescribe Soolantra. If they don’t, in the UK it is available online.

I know this is a very long post, but thank you so much for this website! So nice to not feel alone with this.


Hi guys. Checking in after quite a while. Just to let you all know that rosiver (soolantra) is still working for me. I’d strongly recommend for any sufferers. I reduced usage to 3 times a week without much difference although I did get a slight seb dermatitis flare up on a small spot on my nose. I went back to daily usage and the seb derm has settled down again. Occasionally i get small p&ps but very minor. I still have some redness but don’t worry too much about that. The tube off rosiver seems to last a long time so although there’s an initial expense it does seem good value long term. Daniella and Geo, i know how upsetting and scary this can be. Stick with the soolantra for a good 3 months before deciding whether it works. And maybe use without anything else. I tried combinations of things and soolantra was more effective on it’s own. Now I wash my face and head very well with soap and got water twice a day. In the morning I apply Cerave moisturizing lotion and in the evening the rosiver. Please let us know how things go. You’re not alone.


My experience is the same. I use the cream every other day, and I’m doing very well. I just got my second tube, which cost $400. The initial tube lasted me about a year and a half, using it every other day and sometimes every day (basically, it boils down to $20 a month). I apply between eyebrows and the creases down the side of my nose. That’s all it takes. Then coconut oil as moisturizer, and I live my life like a normal human. Yay for me.


Hi @Geo, welcome and thanks for sharing.

My experience is that I have to watch out with anything aggressive to the skin. If the tea tree oil has a strong concentration, be careful with it. (I got a horrible lession when trying a strong tea tree oil product, a few years ago.)

My current regimen also consist of washing my face twice a day with just water, followed by applying Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (the base ingredient of Soolantra, but not the active ingredient). I don’t need Soolantra neither Sudocream anymore, and it keeps my face stable.

What did your new skin care regimen that possibly caused problems, consist of?

Also note that whether demodex plays a role, is still unknown, even though Soolantra targets against demodex.

@Danniella how is the Soolantra treatment doing?

@Col and @misfit108, good to hear that you guys are still doing fine. Although I do wonder whether you still need Soolantra to stay clean. In my case, after having used Soolantra followed by a few days of Sudocream, I don’t need them anymore with my current regimen (just water and Cetaphil).


When you say you wash your face twice a day with just water… this means, literally, just water or you wash it with some kind of soap? I would love to break away from Soolantra like you, so I might try a stint with just Cetaphil and see how it goes. I like Cerave and that helped improve hydration, but I was still getting the nastiness.


Yes, I wash my face only with tap water, without soap. And than Cetaphil to moisturize and protect. Cetaphil is more greasy than Cerave, has no smell compared to Cerave, and maybe last longer on the skin. (Cerave PM is also supposed to have no smell, but somehow, mine gave an unpleasant chemical acidic smell.) Cerave feels like it’s getting in the the skin, whereas Cetaphil feels like a bit of a greasy protected layer. The greasiness is cosmetically maybe unwanted, but it’s not very greasy.

But I don’t know if you can simply stop using Soolantra and switch over to Cetaphil. In my case, Soolantra did lower the lesions/problem a lot, but it didn’t stop the problem completely. It was after using Sudocrem Sudocrem saved me! for a few days that I’m almost like 100% cleared. (I say “almost” because I sometimes do see very small lesions, but they are rare, small and doesn’t really ooze, even though they look similar to the lesions.) I think after Sudocrem, I started using Cetaphil continously to keep the skin heathly and protected. But Cetaphil by itself probably isn’t able to remove/combat the lesions (whereas Sudocrem possibly does, like Soolantra), it possibly does provide/maintain protection.

So in my case, it’s unclear what exactly made me clear. Maybe there is some other factor that I’m unaware of. But if Soolantra is helping but isn’t fixing the problem to near 100%, than it may be worth trying to use Sudocrem. And than, Cetaphil to maintain and protect. (Not sure if I can replace Cetaphil with any moisturizer.)


So far so good! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been using Soolantra for just over a month now and apart from the outbreak I had when I started using it, which persisted for the first few days, I haven’t had anything. The tube they gave me was only 30g which is obviously hardly anything so I need to go back and ask for more as it’s running very low now.


Good to hear that it is also working for you.
I think I could use one tube of 30g for about 2-3 months, when applying it daily. If I’m correct, @misfit108 even uses a tube for longer periods. So you could try to apply a bit less. Or maybe dampen the face a bit with water before applying it, then Soolantra spreads more easily over the face.


I recommend doing some self-tests. I really found that applying a very, VERY small amount just between my eyebrows and down the sides of my nose keeps my whole face clear. So, using that small amount, I made the 30g tube last 18+ months. And I use it every OTHER day. If you use that stuff liberally, it is going to be very expensive. I just bought my second tube recently and it was $400! But at least I accrued enough points at my pharmacy for the purchase to get a free pack of gum, so there’s always a silver lining in everything!


i started having them since i was 23 or around so. not sure why they appeared and what triggers them. iam currently 34 and still having them. that’s more than 10 years! i thought that they are going to disappear by this age, they haven’t. despite all of those creams, hgh, lotions etc. that i have spent lots of money on trying to make them disapear. thanks for some new advises that i’ve seen here through your posts. do you mind if i would have other questions for you ? thanks!


Welcome Hishists! Feel free to ask any question, that why we are here :slight_smile:
You should give Soolantra a try, it helps a lot of people here.


The tube of rosiver I get is 60g and it lasted me about 18 months. I think if you’re getting through 30g in a few weeks then you are using a lot. Misfit is using even less than me and it’s still effective. I’m going to cut down to see if any lesions appear. So far I’m pretty much 100% clear using every second day.


Oh, and I’m using cerave after showering when I don’t use rosiver.



So in the end I used two 30g tubes of Soolantra, using about half a fingertip measurement every morning. Once the second tube was done I just stopped completely and I haven’t had a lesion since, it’s been a few days over a month now. I was getting them every couple of days before so I’m SO happy!
Fingers crossed it stays this way. I’m planning on going to my next derm apt and asking for another prescription for a tube just incase they ever crop back up.