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Happy to be a part of it. I went to John’s Hopkins and two different mayo clinics. All they did was pump me full of antibiotics and, as a shot in the dark, give me leprosy medicine. I endured this disease for 20 years. In the 19th year, I purchased a handgun with the intent of blowing my brains out on the 20th anniversary of my first outbreak. About three months shy of that event, I discovered one other person who had the same problem. That was enough to give me hope. Then Soolantra cured me for the most part and I got my life back. I think there are a lot of people who never found anyone who had this and just simply ended their lives. I was definitely in line to be one of them.

Yes I’m in. Sounds like a good idea to get some research going on this.


I have been using soolantra for a week now. It already seems to be helping, getting small lesions but not weeping anymore.

Also, I had a gastroscopy appointment today. While im waiting on biopsy results, the procedure showed that there was nothing wrong with my gut. My main reason for going was waking up with constant nausea and stomach pains as well as my skin problem, worrying if its related.

A question I have for you guys… with the legality of it changing across the world, do any of you use cannabis? To a lot of people, getting procedures done like MRI scans, ultrasound for kidneys, blood tests that result in no problems found is good news, but for me its frustrating. I want the doctors to find something so I can be helped.

After this recent endoscopy I was upset that it came back negative for anything so far. I went home and thought, perhaps its my cannabis use?

I searched the link of nausea and cannabis use and came across articles explaining the ‘Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome’ and it pretty much explains all my symptoms. It was 2004 for the first time it had ever been recorded in a medical journal, so still very new. I believe i am in the prodromal stage. I was a daily user for the past 10 years up until yesterday. While it may take time for me to feel the symptoms lessen (could be days, weeks, months) I just thought this may be of interest to some who may be using cannabis, and its possible link to this skin problem. I have been feeling the nausea at different intensities daily since about a year and a half ago. I have not been professionally diagnosed, but given the fact that all my tests are coming back negative and its similarity to other people affected whom ive read about in medical journals, im quite convinced this is what im dealing with regarding my nausea and possibly my skin problem.

I am currently on day 2 of not using. I feel the nausea and gut pains, but according to some medical journals this will take a couple of days to get rid of. The only known cure for people affected by this is either compulsivw hot showering / bathing, or quitting the use of cannabis completely. Its hard to realize at first because many assume cannabis can not be a culprit due to its anti-nausea quality, and so many sufferers who deal with these symptoms unaware of whats causing it, use cannabis to relieve the symptoms only for it to come back as a vicious cycle.

As i said I have not been professionally diagnosed, I am quitting to see how this affects my symptoms without any intention of using it again.

Out of interest do any of you use cannabis and if so, have you found any relation to your use and your skin problem? Thanks

Hi everyone , I’m gaby from Colombia . A few weeks ago I started to present some erythemathous zones in my cheeks that developed in some yellow crusts . I went to the doctor and he prescribe me cephalexin for a week and I recovery so well but four days later my face became oozing some yellow liquid just in the same place that it was before . So my dermatologist prescribed me dicloxaciline and ciprofloxacin , and my face clear up completly until two days later . Now my face is oonzing a little bit. I read the cases that you posted about two users that cure it with soolantra , oral ivermectin and metronidazol so i decided to start using that , I promise to update my develop . Now that i found this forum I have hope again . Wish me luck and sorry for my english

Psd: I have some blood exams and my eosinophils , limphocytes and igE are high which indicates or some allergic reaction or some parasitism (demodex)

Welcome to the family. Your English is perfect. Don’t worry about the doctors and their stupid tests. Soolantra will fix you.


I wanted to thank this forum for existing and people here for sharing their knowledge and experience. After a lot of searching I finally found this forum and it was by far one of the best things that’s happened to me, because it led to learning about Soolantra, which fixed my issues. It’s been almost a year with little to no occurrences of “oozing yellow crusts”, my skin is looking better than it ever has. I felt like posting something here a month in to my good experience but decided to wait in case it was a fluke and came back.

42 years old now, started getting these about 10-12 years ago. It started relatively mild, small outbreaks of 4-5 of these every month or two… not really fond of going to doctors so I lived with it, but it slowly ramped up over the years until it became nearly continuous, and I’d be lucky to get a occasional week without any. It took a bad outbreak just as I was scheduled to give a professional talk at a technical conference to drive me to a dermatologist.

Well long story short but the dermatologist wasn’t very good. He diagnosed rosacea, gave me antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide face wash. After a month on that I went back and he was confused as to why it had not improved, even worsened, and was mumbling to himself about what he should try next… fortunately I’d been on this forum and I mentioned “what about Soolantra?” too which he replied “yeah, that’s good stuff, we can try that – expensive but I have some samples”.

Well here is what happened… it was a Monday when I started Soolantra and I had pretty much my last outbreak that Friday. Then virtually nothing for almost a year now. It was a night and day difference – absolutely amazed. I say “virtually nothing” because I had a small one appear on the side of my nose and small one on a earlobe a few months ago, both at the same time, but I blame myself because I had been ratcheting down Soolantra to see how much it actually took to work… at that time I’d been skipping 2-3 days between dosages, which apparently is too much. I find its not been necessary to use it every day – every other is fine, but any more than that seems to push it. It is expensive stuff but fortunately I have good insurance… but even if insurance is paying for it it doesn’t seem right to use any more than absolutely necessary, which is why I felt it important to figure out what the minimum amount needed actually was, at least for me.

Anyway thanks again to this forum and everyone on it. I don’t think if I would have mentioned it by name to this dermatologist he would have thought to prescribe it for me. Getting this taken care of like this has removed a lot of unnecessary embarrassment, stress, and anxiety.

That’s good to hear, brother. No one but us know how impossible and humiliating it is to live with this thing. I too, got rid of it right around your same age. I would not be here to type this if not for Soolantra.

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Having excellent results on horse paste (Ivermectin for horses) for those that want to save some $$$.

Hope you’re all doing well


Hey everyone,

I am so relieved to have found this website! I have been trying to figure out whats going on with my skin for several years now; literally googled my symptoms over and over again with no avail. Quick background, I’m a 26 y.o African American female. I didn’t start experiencing these crusty bumps until grad school a few years ago when my stress was at its absolute highest. What started as a rare occurrence every few months is slowly becoming a monthly issue despite finishing grad school. My bumps seem to be exactly like everyone else. One minute my skin is fine, the next second I feel a dreaded itch on my face and within minutes theres an irritated bump that either stays its original size or grows into a monstrosity. It starts off like a pimple, but with even a little manipulation all hell breaks loose and yellow fluid oozes non-stop. I’ve seen a derm who quickly brushed it off as folliculitis and prescribed me fluocinonide. I’m still currently using the fluocinonide and I bring it with me EVERYWHERE, in the hopes that if I feel that itch I can quickly apply some cream and prevent a bump. My desperation for a solution reached an all time high after having a panic attack over a rising bump which caused me to call out of work; these bumps cause me so much anxiety! The worse part is that I’m getting married in a few months so just the thought of having one of these crusty peckers on my wedding day is helping my anxiety remain at an all time high. Words can’t explain the relief that I feel now knowing that I’m not the only one in the world with this issue. More than anything I just wanted to express my appreciation for everyone of who shared their experiences and stories on this website. I definitely plan on seeking out a prescription for Soolantra and I’m hoping for the best. My skin has never been great but I’d give anything just for my face to stop oozing.

I am glad you found us. Just in time too. Don’t waste any time. IF you go to your derm and get Soolantra, you will be healed in time. Because you know 100%, your face will turn into an oozing mess for your wedding. It will be in the pictures. You’ll be miserable.
You need a few weeks to adjust to it.
Get moving! And you better not forget us. Report back and let us know once you’re healed.

Hello everybody

First of all I’m a french woman I’m sorry my english is very bad so I’m gonna write a short message .

I have this “disease” since december 2014. I have a good alimentation. I tried a lot of treatment, I had many exams with no answers. I was cured in summer 2015 with a lavander honey (from south of France) but in 2017 I had these yellow crust on my face again and this time even around the eyes! I tried my lavender honey but it wasn’t work this time… I tried propolis, sulfur soap, avocado oil etc…but no results!

And since may 2019 I’m using nigel oil on my face with olive oil too. I sleep with this on my face and after a month I had very goods results. since May 2019 I had a few small buttons but it’s rare. I think I’m healing step by step.

This disease is so hard to live, I could not go out, see my friends, working…I stay locked up at home to suffer and cry. Today I’m happy, the smile on my face is back. I am so grateful.

I wish good luck to everyone ans I hope that one day this will be a bad memorie for you. Have faith :pray:

P.S.: I bought my nigel oil here

That is a really good story. Thanks for sharing the info.
Please keep posting, so we know your progress.

Also, I think in the US this is your standard black seed oil.
I take it internally sometimes, but have never used it on skin.

I live in Vancouver BC and have searched for oral ivermectin because of DEMODEX mites. My pharmacy can get TOPICAL cream, 60 gram tube is $200…its the best I can do. Greg

$200 to get your life back. But it and use it. Forget the oral.
My tube lasts 1.5 years, sometimes longer. Break that down by month, it’s not that much $$$$

Hi everyone.
since I published my message on July 23. I continued Seed oil (Huile de nigelle en français ) on my face and I didn’t get any new yellow crust on it. Now I have a beautiful skin, smooth, soft and luminous. I can’t believe it, I thought I’d never find a good skin again.

I’ll keep oil on my face every night, I’m so traumatized I’m afraid it’ll come back one day.

Good luck to everyone and have faith.

That’s pretty impressive. Black seed oil is so gooey, I can’t imagine putting it on my face. But I might try it out.

I use this small quantity of oil everynight. I put it all over my face except around the eyes.

The first few days I started using it, it stung my eyes it was hard to support (maybe because I’m sensitive) but after 4 or 5 uses I felt nothing.

My oil comes from Ethiopia. (It’s a guarantee of quality)

Hello everyone

It’s me again. I still haven’t had yellow crust on my face since 4 months . I have smooth and soft skin now. I’m really very happy ! Thank God! I hope you will also try this magic oil and hope it gives you good results too!

Just try it and be patient , you will certainly have good results like me.

Hey peeps,

It’s been a month since my wedding and I am so happy to say that I was ooze free on my wedding day. In fact, except for a very minor forehead pimple I had a clear face. Unfortunately I can’t attribute my clear skin to Soolantra because the new dermatologist I sought out refused to write me a prescription, even when I showed up with a pretty good oozer! She brushed it off as acne as she watched the ooze literally crusting during our conversation. #$@&%*! Fortunately she did recommend a skin cleanser that has been an absolute Godsend for me, Glyderm Gentle Facial Cleanser. It’s a cleanser that contains 0.2% glycolic acid. The first time I used it I saw my pores began pushing out little white crap. The first week of use I had 2 more oozers and then there was none. I did have a few pimples arise which I considered part of the new product purge. By the time my wedding rolled around my face was pretty much clear. Since using Glyderm I have seen an overall improvement in my skin’s texture, I do very seldomly get a pimple that would ooze but the experience is different when they do occur. There’s no intense initial itch, they’re no where near the size I used to get them and they are much more mild with some clear ooze versus the non-stop yellow ooze I would experience for at least 2 days. I’m also now using pimple patches to help dry out any pimples/bumps I may get, I’m just careful not to remove them too often as to not disturb the skin underneath.

Anyways, for anyone who’s having a hard time getting the prescription maybe consider Glyderm. My guess/theory is that the increase in cellular turnover from the daily use of glycolic acid may help push out the dermadex/bacteria that builds up on my face.

Once again, thanks for this site and all the people who post to help us figure this ish out.

Thanks for posting, but update us in three months. A month without ooze is good luck, not necessarily a cure. But if you make it three months, we want to hear about it.