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It shouldn’t be this hard to get a doctor to listen to us / me. I guarantee I know more about this condition and what could possibly cause it than this nurse practitioner (she isn’t a docor actually). I research this stuff like its my job.


Everyone’s skin is different. Some people have luck with apple cider vinegar and tto. Some people swear borax and hydrogen peroxide taken internally and applied topically can beat it. We all have to conduct our own trial and error experiments.

Would love to hear your full history with the yellow ooze… how old you were when the problem started. What triggers you’ve identified. Feel free to share it if you’re comfortable.


I also had a bad breakout when using pure tto, but it should be diluted (as the others did).
There is a theory that killing demodex will result in a temporary worsening/breakout, but the difficulty is that you don’t know whether this is the case or whether it is really an ongoing worsening.
If it is an ongoing worsening, then the question is what is causing this worsening. One hypothesis could be that it (tto in this case) is weakening/aggressive on the skin possibly causing the problem causing bacteria inside demodex to be able to take advantage on the weakened skin.
It could also be a combination of these hypothesis…

Although those that used topical Soolantra and got good results, often don’t mention a breakout.


Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates. So the soolantra definitely reduced my problem down a lot. Breakouts are not daily anymore and if so its small and heals fast without anymore oozing. The only issue from now is that my brother is now displaying the exact same symptoms.

The last time I had mentioned to my last dermatologist that I think my condition is contagious is because my brother was showing signs of some similar symptoms but no way as bad as I was having. Now today he has a red bump that formed a wound oozing a clear yellow fluid.

It’s very concerning to me now. I feel as though when I run out of soolantra this skin problem will come back because I tend to not use it daily any more, every 2 or 3 days as by the third day I start breaking out again…

I tried to change my diet but to be honest it only lasted about a week and I went back to my old ways but much worse, much more smoking and drinking etc which I need to change to see if healing through my gut might change anything but that takes time.


Here are some things to consider. It’s probably not contagious, it’s just that you and your brother… like many of us are genetically more likely to have this problem. I’ve been married for 12 years and neither my wife nor my kids have ever had even the slightest sign of this disease.

I think you’ve got to do your own tests as far as diet works. I’ve read things where people heal similar conditions by changing their diet. I tried eating only fruits, veggies, white meat and brown rice forever. It doesn’t matter. My skin is still dry and crumbly and always breaking out. If I don’t put lotion on right away, my skin looks like a mummy right away. But you have to walk through the fire of trying diet restrictions to know what will work for you. I’m just starting Soolantra now and if it keeps the oozing down, I will keep putting it on every day. I don’t know how people in the past have lived their entire lives with this condition. It can drive you insane.


Maybe your brother should also use Soolantra?
Also make sure that he really has something that is similar to our photos and descriptions, and that it’s not a slightly different form, like impetigo.
Just in case, you may want to minimize the use of shared towels, bedding and such, and was hands regularly.

About diet, having a bad diet may make the symptoms worse, although I haven’t seen a clear relation in my case (maybe the symptoms are delayed for some days, making it difficult to make a clear relation). But I do think, based on my own experience, that a bad diet has effect on acne. (Note that I have a normal/healthy diet, with maybe one junk food day per week.)

Some questions:

  1. Looking back, do you think that metronidazole has any effect, or difficult to say because you were using Soolantra at the same time?
  2. Does your brother live in the same house?
  3. When did the first symptoms appear at your brother? (Before or while using Soolantra?)
  4. When did you stop using Soolantra on daily basis and started skipping some days?
  5. If I understand you correctly, when you stop using Soolantra, you are getting breakouts again/increase in symptoms at about the 3th day?


My skin is currently very good, zero lesions, not even small ones, and almost no acne.
I try to reason about it, but it’s a unclear what caused this improvement. It may even be temporary or just by chance, so I can’t make good conclusions yet.

At the moment, I attribute it to: Soolantra followed by a oral antibiotic amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and povidone-iodine soap, and possibly combined with not using a moisturizer at all. When using these treatment individually, I was unable to get the same results, only when combined or used in a short sequence. (I started with amoxicillin/clavulanic acid shortly after stopping with Soolantra, and about halfway started using povidone-iodine soap.)

For those who are looking for a face wash and want to experiment, you may want to give povidone-iodine soap a try. Mine has a concentration of 75mg/ml, but I’m not sure how to translate that mg/ml concentration to the percentage value concentrations that most US products use. I think it would be about 7.5%, whereas most povidone-iodine products are at 10%.

So that would be something like this:

The more common 10% would be for example: (Added here because of the higher number of reviews.)

One side note: it should not be applied on a large area, because it may stimulate the production of thyroid hormone.


Hi Tso. This is Col from the Rosacea Forum. Firstly, thanks so much for creating this great site and all the effort you have put into trying to find a treatment for this condition. I am still using 50% TTO with a base of coconut oil. Things have been pretty good with no oozing, crusting for many months. I still get the occasional lesion but these are few, smaller and do not ooze. Then, this week, I got a larger lesion that did ooze a little. It’s the first one in a long time. I’ve also been getting more pustules, I’ve had a bit of flu recently and I’m wondering whether that had any impact. I also deviated very slightly from my routine of washing thoroughly with Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Pure-Castile Liquid Soap twice daily followed by application of the TTO solution. I’ve been following that since June. How are things going with the Soolantra? I am thinking about trying this. The cost has been putting me off as I think it costs about $200 in Canada. TTO is much cheaper. It sounds like you have made great progress and the success stories are encouraging.


Col. have you seen the alternative to Soolantra on the roseaca forum? I am currently doing this and I think I’m seeing some good results.


Hi Col, good to hear that you like the forum :slight_smile:

When people try TTO, I usually see either posts with positive results, like yours, or people that get a breakout and quit (like me). (A breakout may be a temporary die-off effect, but continuing with the posibility in mind that it only gets worse, is hard.)
I also have Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Pure-Castile Liquid Soap (among with other TTO products), but cannot really comment on whether it was good/bad for me, I used it too short. Although there may be two version of that product under the exact same title, because the ingredients list of mine seem to be longer than some others that I see in online images. (I think mine doesn’t have much TTO in it.)

I’m not using Soolantra anymore since 17 December (I think), because my new dermatologist wants to take samples from an active lesion. Soolantra has cleared my face up a lot, to the point that it allowed me to go outside (work, street, friends etc) without the worries that I had before. But suprisingly it didn’t fully clear me, which does make me wonder whether it was the anti inflamatory property of Soolantra that cleared my face, or it’s anti demodex property.

But I noticed a very bad throat infection the next day (I think it was infectious mononucleosis). (Just coincidence, because it was probably already there before I stopped using Sooolantra.) Then I got antibiotics for it, because the GP thought it was bacterial, althought he couldn’t give a good argument. This antibiotic (amoxicillin/clavulanic acid) gave me a complete clear face during the use of it, and also removed acne and mild scalp folliculitis. After the treatment, I got about two middle sized oozing lesions again, probably about 5 to 7 days after the antibiotic treatment. But, those lesions were the last I have seen so far. I’m currently clean (not even small lesions), since maybe 8 January. It’s still to early to consider myself (temporary) cured, but something (or a combination of things) did something, it seems. I’m currently only using povidone-iodine soap as a face wash and a shampoo.
At the moment I think the positive effect was caused by the combination or sequence of Soolantra, amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and povidone-iodine soap. Maybe also combined with the oral use of high quality manuka honey; not using a moisturizer; maybe a also omega 3 supplementation; I’m also drinking a bit more tea now. The problem is that when I used those products individually, they didn’t fix it, so I don’t know my skin is good at the moment.


Here is a discussion in about applying a horse OTC product containing ivermectin, topically.

More info:

(Note that I don’t know whether it is safe to use this without precaution.)


One thing to add to my post about my treatments: it sounds strange, but I recently changed my PC mouse. Looking back in my email purchase history, I think I bought the mouse at June 2011. I become aware of the skin problem at I think around March 2012, but it wasn’t often and just small (and thought it was acne and ignored it), so I likely had it before I noticed it. Because I liked the mouse (it’s a silent noise mouse), I later replaced it by two others of the same type (because the buttons weren’t working as good as they used to be). Recently, I found out that a lot of my PC system crashes were due to this mouse. The mouse was also giving me electric shocks recently, probably also due to the lower humidity and a bad electric design of the mouse. I have replaced it with a different mouse product at (I think) 5 December 2015, and haven’t seen those system crashes since then. Probably has nothing to do with my skin, but because it may effect my body (by maybe putting my constantly under electric charge while using the mouse, without noticing it), I wanted to add this here.


No, I haven’t seen that. What is the alternative?


Soolantra contains ivermectine as active ingredient, and Soolantra is used topically. Before the release of Soolantra, it was only used orally for humans, but for animals (like horses), it was also used topically to treat against parasites.
Some users at the Rosacea Group Forum have also used this animal version topically, with success. So it may be an alternative to Soolantra. See Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts (about the Horse Dewormer Paste).


I have not been using Soolantra unfortunately. I had to resort to my own formulation of Ivomec and Cetaphil. I have used this for six days. I put it on before I go to bed at night. I woke up today and my skin is absolutely clear. I’m going to use it every couple days now because I do feel that it is pretty harsh on my skin.


Thanks for the information Tso


Small update. My skin is still doing very well, and I still don’t know why exactly.
Although I did got a one small-mid sized oozing lesions suddenly in the first week of February followed by a small not-really oozing one near the nose, but other than that, my skin is still very clean without even small lesions since the beginning of January.
I think that sudden new lesion may not immediately mean a relapse, but maybe it’s simply some trapped parts of the lesion causing factor in the skin that suddenly becomes exposed due to skin growth/renewal, and then causes the immune system to attack it, with a lesions as result.

I’m still only using povidone-iodine soap without any moisturizer.


Hi All, just an update on my condition. I am still applying 50% TTO 50% organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil. I started getting more lesions which oozed and crusted then I realized I had been waiting to apply the mixture some 10-15 minutes after showering at which time my skin had dried out and cooled down. In the beginning I was applying directly after showering. I read somewhere that heat makes demodex active so I was wondering whether they were surfacing when I was showering only to bury themselves deep in the pores when the skin cooled and dried out. I started applying the oil mixture directly after getting out of the shower whilst my skin is still warm and hasn’t dried out yet. Within a day my skin had improved. I made this change about 10 days ago and I have not had a problem lesion since then. I’ve had some tiny pustules but they have disappeared within a day and my skin is pretty much clear now. I am more than ever convinced that demodex is my issue and thinking seriously about trying ivermectin. I’m a little nervous about the horse ivermectin dewormer or ivomec as I don’t want to damage my skin. I was wondering how Dm78 is getting on and also Tso. Any updates?


I’ve taken the leap and started on Rosiver cream on March 15th. Rosiver is the brand name for Soolantra here in Canada. It cost $200. I apply just before bed after showing. In the morning I am applying the TTO mixture after washing again. For the first few days there was no noticeable change and my skin was great. I only had 4 or 5 tiny bumps. My skin has deteriorated yesterday and today (day 8 and 9) with more pustules. I count about 18 pustules. I have 6 larger pustules. The rest aren’t significant. The nature of the pustules has changed. They itch more and are a little larger but don’t really ooze. I’m sticking with it because something is changing and I think it is die off. I’ll keep you updated on progress. Still hopeful that this treatment will work for me.


In my situation, my skin got better when I scrapped the TTO altogether. I wanted to know if the Soolantra was what healed me and not a combination of the two. I’m no doc, but I’d recommend stopping the TTO as it might be counteracting or defeating what the Soolantra is trying to do. That was what I did and things worked fine. From the first day I did that, I never got another ooze monster. Just some raised, red bumps.