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So today is my sixth day on Metronidazole tablets and will be my fifth day using soolantra after tonight.

My face seems to have broken out with tiny versions of these bumps in numerous amounts across my cheeks and forehead. I’m hoping this is a die-off reaction. The bumps seem to heal faster, and some of them are not as itchy when I apply the cream. The pamphlet inside the soolantra box states that symptoms may get worse before they get better.

Let’s see how the next few days turn out.


Thanks for the update.
In theory it could easily be a die-off reaction. An outbreak usually means more itch, but at the same time, you experience less itch, which sounds good.
I really wonder how it will progress.



So today my skin actuallly looks better than it did before the medication. Im not really getting these abrupt large oozing lesions as often as i was. Usually id wake up with a new one to deal with nearly every morning or evening but it seems to have slowed down slightly.

I have the impression my skin is clearing up because it doesnt feel or look as aggressive. The lesions seem to heal fast with the soolantra / they have not grown large. They tend to get more bigger and redder the more i touch it but that hasnt really been happening since the meds.

I still get lesions though, just not as bad, much more smaller. Slight itching but seems to go away.

Hopefully this IS a demodex problem and the medication is working.

Time will tell,

Take care all


This is similar to what I have with Soolantra (I started at 19 Aug) without Metronidazole: less itch, smaller lesions, faster healing, less oozing, but I still get new ones at possibly the same rate.

Btw note that Soolantra has more positive effects than just killing demodex, for example it is also a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory. So there is a possibility that the positive effects that people with our skin problem report and who are using Soolantra, isn’t due to the reduction in demodex population, but due to for example a suppression in inflammation. This could explain why some people don’t become fully 100% symptom free.


@RecoverE how is your Metronidazole+Soolantra treatment going?



The metronidazole seems to have helped the soolantra kill off the demodex, if thats the problem. I finished the metronidazole prescription a while ago, now just using soolantra. Nearing the end of the two weeks of using the metronidazole and soolantra my skin was much clearer than it had ever been since having the problem. My skin is still not 100% clear, but it has improved GREATLY.

It’s actually quite a relief, like honestly its quite a weight lifted off my shoulders. I have been very busy with work though so haven’t really taken the time to really appreciate it (apart from the fact I love the fact I no longer having to run to the toilet to moisturise my dry skin or try to hide from colleagues because of an oozing bump! ahhhh, what a relief!). I stopped using the soolantra for a couple of days but started again yesterday as my skin seems to still get a small bump here and there.

I say its greatly improved because i no longer get daily, aggressive, bumps like I used to. They used to sometimes get really big and ooze all day. Now its rare that I have to deal with a bump that oozes, it may itchy slightly but not much, seem to heal quite fast, and are much, much smaller if they do appear. Keep in mind, during my medication I have been having a green smoothie every day (kale or spinach, celery, blueberries, strawberries, coconut water) which might be helping my gut heal too, which is also important for skin.

The soolantra to me though is a bit suspicious, it does seem to work quite well, but I am worried it might be a similar case to steroid creams, where when using it the symptoms disappear but once you are off, they tend to come back much worse. I hope this isn’t the case for soolantra and I’d appreciate it if anyone knows any links online to research on this with soolantra, or any peoples experiences after using it for the prescribed 4 months.

How is your skin now with the soolantra Tso?

Take care!


Thanks for the update.

I’m in the same situation as you are, although I haven’t used oral metronidazole. I’m currently only using Soolantra for a while. My skin has improved a lot since the use of it:
-hardly any itch anymore.
-I still get new lesions but a lot less severe and less often.

I’m able to do go outside, meet people without having to worry about oozing lesions like I used to do.

But like you, I’m also suspicious about the future.
I have just created a Soolantra thread here: Soolantra


I’m posting a quick update. I’m still trudging along my homeopathic route. I’ve had almost half of my mercury fillings removed and will complete the process within the next few weeks. After that, I will do a few different strategies to detox my body of its heavy metals. This is all just a gamble and my expectations are very low. But its the right path for me right now, and I fully accept that all this time and money might not amount to any answers. I will update once all the fillings are removed and we’ll see if my health improves at all.


Not that it matters much, but I wouldn’t call what you describe in your last reply as a homeopathic route. (Homeopathy is based on treating people that have disease with substances that would cause those diseases in healthy people, and reduce the concentration of the substance to such an extent that it contains no molecule of that substance anymore. On the assumption that the solvable, water, memorizes that it contained the substance in the past, and on the assumption that the memory of pure water is able to heal.)
I would just describe is as a detox route.

By chance, I went to the dentist last week. Because of a bad/broken crown, the dentist was going to place a new one. He removed the old white colored one (which was created in-house within 30 minutes using a special device?), and placed a temporary white crown back. This coming Wednesday, they are going to place a new crown (created using a different technique, which takes a few days) back. And guess what, the next day (last week), I had my worst lesions since something like September. But fortunately, it was just one lesion on my chin. A small lesion, but it oozed a lot.
You would easily suspect that the temporary crown would be the cause of the removal of the bad crown. But it could easily be something else, like local anesthesia, or maybe the fact that I had to keep my mouth open, which may cause pressure on demodex mites in the skin. It could also be a supplement I took before it. So it’s difficult to point at a exact cause. But it does make me wonder…
I do often notice that pressure on my face, for example by changing from my normal sleeping position of my face on the pillow, often results in bumps on my face. Which I also have a bit on my scalp.


Please stop spending (wasting) money and risking your health (there is a reason for the fillings…) and finally try the Demodex treatment. Everybody that tried it experienced a significant improvement so far and initially it was suggested by serious medical doctors! I know that you made bad experiences with other treatments, but I do not understand why you do not listen to the advice of everybody and take Ivermectin! Starting half a year ago, I took it for 2 month and I am enjoying life again for 4 months.


We’re all fighting this in our own ways. I’m going my path, you go yours. I think the problem is something inside me- immune system or allergy? I’m addressing it that way because I’ve spent two decades trying antibiotics and every type of cream the doctors prescribed me. I am not ready to try soolantra yet, but it may come to that point next year.

Just out of curiosity, you say you’re ‘enjoying life again.’ Does this mean you aren’t having new lesions?


I think it is likely that we all suffer from the same problem and cause. Because the problem is rare, it feels unlikely that there are multiple different causes. Also note that the demodex theory doesn’t rule out an immune system or allergy involvement: maybe we are simply allergic to demodex or maybe our immune system overreacts to it or the bacteria it carries/hides/protects.

Note that Soolantra isn’t an antibiotic, and note that not all anti-parasitic topical treatments are effective. Before I read/knew about Soolantra, I was trying to target demodex with other creams, without success: maybe I was using them to short in time, but I wasn’t comfortable with using them (permethrin, crotamiton for example) because of their side effects (possible neurotoxicity possibly causing some mild facial muscle scraps) or impracticality (smell, colored face, stickyness).

But even if Soolantra would help you (I think it probably would), it doesn’t explain exactly why/how our skin responds like this on demodex, which keeps things like allergy and immune system problems open for me, because of a possible involvement with it and demodex. So I do find it interesting (from a research perspective) that you are trying other routes, so that things can be excluded. But if you quickly want to get rid of the problem, then I think you shouldn’t wait with Soolantra. If you belief that Soolantra won’t help, but do want to get rid of it quickly, you could also try to use multiple treatments at once (as long as they don’t influence each other negatively), if something is working, than you know that the solution is somewhere within the regimen.


‘enjoying life again’ means that I haven’t experienced any oozing lesions for four months now (while not taking any medicine anymore). I can go out again, I am successful at work again and can look in the mirror without getting depressions.
Before I had a very similar story like you: Doctors prescribed me almost all kinds of antibiotics, I tried many creams and all of them were unsuccessful. Your suffered for a long time but besides that your story is not special and exactly like mine.

I was healed with the full treatment (Soolantra, Stromectol & Metronidazole) recommended by firstman. It’s your health, your decision what to take, but that you don’t give at least Soolantra a try is ridiculous. If it does not work for you, you can still fight it with your homeopathic treatments.

Be aware that you finally found others that have (had) exactly the same condition and we found a cure. There is something in/on you: Demodex! Start fighting them.


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Would you mind telling what steps you took using Soolantra, Stromectol & Metronidazole? How long did you use the other two before stopping them and staying only with Soolantra?


You find the information in the success stories thread: Success stories

Start simultaneously with Soolantra, Stromectol & Metronidazole.

Soolantra: For 2 months.
Stromectol: 2 times (took the second dose 6 days after the first treatment), weight based dose.
Metronidazole: Start together with Stromectol and take in total for 2 weeks.
How to take Stromectol and Metronidazole was based this article (that finds evidence that Metronidazole
supports ivermectin):

If you only want to try whether ivermectin helps you in principle, you can also only stick to Soolantra the first month and decide afterwards if you want to take the “full” treatment.


Hello friend! I would like to know if you had side effects during the treatment? And if there’s things prohibited like food or alcool during the medication. I would like to know if you will have again to do the treatment or if you are now cured. Then why does the demodex don’t come back ?! kind regards.


I didn’t notice any side effects.
Prohibited is nothing, my doctor only reported that some people that Metronidazole feel fast sick when drinking huge amounts of alcohol. When you take the Stromectol, one should not eat anything a few hours before and after the medicamentation. As you only take it two times in total this does really not affect you. But it is only because heavy food immediatly consumed after taking the medicine can decrease the effect of ivermectin.


Ok thanks for your anwear ?
But can you give me a response about the use of the medication?
Only once is enough ?
And why wouldn’t it come back later then ?
Kind regards!


Medication: Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts Every thing else is on the instruction leaflet.

And why wouldn’t it come back later then?

I haven’t performed any long time experiments nor a year has passed for me since I am not getting the oozing crusts anymore. But I guess its the same reason why we were not affected for a long time in our lifes before we got it: The number of demodex grows exponentially and our body has some protection about them. So, it could take some time to return.