My happy scabs

Hello everybody!
It’s nice to find this site but at same time very frightening. I want to share my case here with you that has same stuff, with more or less time than me.
My name is Leo, I’ve 29yrs, born in Portugal, always travelling since awhile. Last years country’s like Nepal, India, Turkey, Bulgaria… My life, passion and job is to fly in paragliding, almost everyday, always in the sun, wind, hot, cold…
So last September, in 2015 I got sun burned in my face, my nose got quite red ( notice that I grew up in a beach town, all my teenager and childhood never put sunscreen, has the fashion was to get tanned, the most the better) and one week later, small white dots start to appear on my nose, some days after that, liquid start to run out of it, having the process that we all know, pus out, drying and making this yellow crust, in my case, always quite orange. At the beginning I took them out, cleaned with clorohexidine, but always they came back, the crusts.
I didn’t went to the doctor till mid December, cause I had care cleaning a lot with peroxide benzoyl and never got so big, just size of thumb nail in centre of nose. December, January and maybe more was a period of big sadness, darkness in my life, my mother died December and I had to deal all alone with it, I think it was a big source for my major outbreak I had in my face ever, photos attached. So I went in mid December to the doctor in France, general medicine that prescribed fusidic acid cream and amoxicillin, the fusidic cream was getting out a lot, lot like running down from my nose of liquid, and cleaned with physiological serum and cream again…handle it for 3 days… Started so with tea tree oil mixed with almond oil, was feeling good cause it stopped pus come out and create patches of dried pus, becoming quite dark after one week, and take them out like a single skin after one week and restart the process with tto

hi Leonardo, welcome to the forum.
The photos don’t seem to be attached. I’m wondering what it looks like and how it compares to the other people here, because you have a clear start of the problem: the sun burn. Would it be possible to try to attach them again?

Was the amoxicillin treatment also a topical cream, or oral?

How is your current situation? Are you still getting them, and how many per week/month?

(btw, there was an email problem at the forum, but it is fixed)

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I have two things to add. My were orange, too, when I was in an area with high humidity- Florida in the summer. In dry climates or during the winter, they are yellow.

Secondly, TTO was making matters worse for me and it took me almost a year to realize that. I don’t know if COL is still posting on here, but he will probably mention a similar story- that tto can make it worse.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to say that TTO made it worse. TTO helped settle things down when they fit really bad last spring and during summer and fall I was much improved with no oozing lesions. Then, early in 2016 things deteriorated a bit with some oozing lesions. Then I switched to soolantra (called rosiver here in Canada) and since then things have steadily improved. I’m in week 10 and not getting any significant lesions at all. I have the occasional tiny bump but not painful or itchy and no oozing at all. My skin quality has transformed. It’s smooth, soft and much less red. It’s worth the high price to get some relief from this condition. I’d recommend anyone suffering to give it a try.