My Journey: 10+ years of suffering

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to come here and share my story. Like most of you I have been suffering with the oozing yellow crusties for quite some time.

It all started in my early twenties. I would get the occasional oozer on my face and summed it up to just having some strange acne. As time went on the oozing blisters became more severe and more frequent and started effecting my life and self esteem. It got to the point that I constantly had at least one or two on my face and couldn’t remember the last time I didn’t have something oozing on my face.

The sores started out like many of your stories. A itching/burning that would start under the skin. The skin would quickly erupt and the oozing would completely erode all the healthy skin and weep until eventually forming a honey colored crust.

There have been times where I have called out of work due to the embarrassment of the oozing/crusting on my face. I wouldn’t want to be around people out of fear of how I looked. Nothing I ever tried seemed to help. Over the years I’ve tried so many face washes, and face routines. I’ve seen so many doctors and been prescribed many different oral and topical antibiotics. One doctor even told me it was herpes and prescribed me an antiviral to take every day indefinitely. No doctor could give me a proper diagnoses or treatment. I had gotten to the point after all these years where I’d run out of hope and thought that this is what the rest of my life would look like.

I stumbled across this group and for the first time I feel a sense of hope. Finally I found people who have the same symptoms as me and I realized I wasn’t alone. So I created my own ivermectin topical solution from horse paste and feta Phil moisturizer from a recipe I found online. I have been using it for 3 days and noticed I have a lot more oozers but they are very tiny in comparison to the ones I typically get. I’m hoping this is a die off effect as described in this group.

I’m hoping this group is the answer to my prayers. I will keep you all updated on my progress. And I will find some pictures of my face over the years to share for science :test_tube:

One of my worst outbreaks, with sores in various stages.

The oozing phase

The swelling itchy spot before it busts open and oozes everywhere.

This looks like the same condition to me. And your experience matches many on this group, including mine. You most definitely should be hopeful as Soolantra (rosiver in Canada) will almost certainly resolve things for you. It did for me but initially took some time for the lesions to go away (I think over 2 months) so don’t get despondent. However, I did notice changes quite soon after starting treatment. If you can get hold of soolantra then I think this would be the safest option. I don’t know about home made treatments. I’d say that if you’re not seeing significant improvement in 8 weeks then you might want to reconsider. I am so happy for you that you found this group. I think you are going to have lovely skin soon. Is your skin quite dry as well? The soolantra solved that problem for me and got rid of my dandruff and seb derm as well.

Please let us know how you get on.

Your photos and symptoms definitely look like what I struggled with for so many years and a lot of other people on this website. I’m grateful for this website or else I would have never found rosiver . I’m in Canada so that’s the brand I use, it’s pricy at 250 a bottle but if you have insurance it’s not bad. I used the cream for a couple years, everyday at first a thin layer all over my face, then I did every other day. No lesions came back so I thought I “cured” it but unfortunately they came back after many months of stopping the cream. I think this is a life long issue and without the cream they will eventually come back.

@Bentlers94 how long after you stopped Rosiver did the oozers start again? I stopped in late July and been clear since then. So it’s coming up for 4 months.

After two weeks of using ivermectin on my face I’ve begun to notice an improvement. Days 4-10 were rough, with my skin breaking out in what I’ve seen described as the “die off effect” in this group. I was starting to lose hope. But it has been 4 days and I haven’t had a single new oozer on my face, Which is not my normal as I almost always have at least one forming on my face at any given time. And usually I have multiple in various stages of healing on my face.
To answer your question Col, I do feel like my face is less dry, but that could also be impart from switching out tretinoin cream for ivermectin cream so I can’t say for sure if it has anything to do with the infliction we suffer from.

About 1 year but I will put the cream on my face randomly maybe once a month or once every few months. it seems to be working and I haven’t had anything since

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Yessssss!!! I am feeling very hopeful for you @Brooke73.