My most recent breakout

I posted about a year ago in the general “my story” section, and I do read the email updates from time to time. I haven’t had a break out in awhile. Personally I get these oozing things in my nose. I hadn’t changed my pillow case in a couple days and had a breakout in my nose. The bumps hurt like crazy and my lymph nodes flare up. I was just changing my pillow case this morning and thought about the oozing bumps and I want to go back to the demodex idea. Anyone have any new updates on demodex mites?

In my case, they weren’t painful. I did try things like changing pillow cases every day, but that didn’t help.

The demodex idea is still a hypothesis, it doesn’t explain everything. Almost everybody has demodex, but doesn’t have our problem. Also, I didn’t have a lot of mites on my face, as far as I could tell using a skin microscope. But I do suspect that they are involved in the problem, but there may be other factors involved.

I don’t know if you tried Soolantra, if not, than you should definitely try it.