My Soolantra/Presteme story

So just thought I quickly share my story. I first started getting these breakouts almost over 2 years ago. It was about September before the pandemic hit. I had a little bit of acne before but nothing serious but all of a sudden started getting those break outs like everyone else here and had no idea what to do. I tried over the counter stuff at first. I tried the ivermectin horse paste. Then I paid to talk to a tele-doctor since I didn’t even insurance. They prescribed some anti-infection pills and some cream for cuts which made it 100x worse. I couldn’t even sleep because of the itching. I would put bandages over my cheeks just to keep me from scratching in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t leave my house for days. I stopped using the ointment after a month and my face started to clear up a little bit but I was still getting out breaks. It would always be a cycle of my face clearing up. Then me finally shaving so I can go out because my face was clear enough but then the next day I would start to break out again and then spend the next few days home waiting for it to clear up again. After a year of that I was able to get medi-cal and see a doctor. I tried explaining to her everything. I told her about this website and tried to show her pictures of other people who have the same thing and mentioned Soolantra. I asked her for a referral so I can see a dermatologist but she just ignored everything I said completely. She even walked out the room in the middle of me telling her my story. And even though I had lesions and break outs on my face all she did was take a look and said it was just acne and prescribed me some dumb over the counter acne cream and some infection ointment. I swear I was ready to go off. I had never been so mad and I told her I already tried all that stuff I wanted Soolantra. She told me to just try it out for 2 months then come back. I already knew it wasn’t gonna work. And sure enough I had a major break out again and there were no signs of it getting better so I stopped immediately. I was ready to change my doctor and try again when luckily a friend who knows about my condition works in healthcare and told me about Presteme. It’s basically the same as Soolantra and you can get it in Mexico without a prescription. I laughed about it at first but she ended up getting me a tube and it has the same ingredients as Soolantra and is also made by Galderma. The first day I tried it a had a small break out which I know is what happens so I kept putting it on everyday and not even 2 weeks later my face was already cleared up. And I mean clear clear. No break outs or anything. I’ve been using it for a month and only had 2 small break outs and they were always after I shaved and went out partying and it would only be one or 2 small ones. Even my friends have notice my face is more clear then even before this started happening. The only bad thing is for now I can only get it from Mexico until I see my doctor again in about 3 weeks and hopefully she’ll listen this time and prescribe Soolantra. But if she doesn’t I’ll just have to ask my friends to buy me a few whenever they go back to Mexico. It’s a lot cheaper in Mexico to only about $30 - $40.

And it turned out that doctor I saw wasn’t even MY actual doctor SMH

Thanks for sharing. How are you getting on now?