My Story / Soolantra Question

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my story and get some emotional support.

General Skin Background: 27F. I have no prior skin issues besides getting Perioral dermatitis (I just had flesh colored bumps so not noticeable) in 2019. Random people used to ask me what my skincare routine was. I’d only get one pimple every few months. My skin was clear and bright. My skin type is normal, sensitive.

Condition Background: One weekend in September 2022, I woke up with yellow crust on my upper lip. It went away upon washing off and everything was normal the rest of the day/week. 7 days later, I woke up with the same presentation: yellow crusts along my top lip. It never happened again. In January 2023, I tried a new product, a vitamin c serum. I woke up with two tiny yellow crusts above my lip. They could be washed off, but would crust over again. The oozing went away within a day, but had redness in the two spots. I went to a derm and he prescribed Tacrolimus. It went away, but came back a month later. Repeat the next month and the month after that. By the end of April, it was happening every other week. I went back to the derm and was told I had impetigo. I got it tested: confirmed for overgrowth of staph A. I was prescribed mupirocin and doxy. It wasn’t cleaning up by day 10 and I had a wedding to attend, so I put on tacro. The rest of 2023 was rough. My skin was extremely sensitive to everything, so I couldn’t use any of my normal, sensitive products. Everything would make it start oozing. Yoga = ooze. Gently patting with a napkin = ooze. Walking = ooze. Typing at work = ooze. Vaseline = ooze. It started to spread all over my mouth and chin. The presentation and exact oozing area around the chin/mouth would always be different. The oozing would always come on suddenly and randomly.

I went back to the derm and was told I had atopic dermatitis, so I needed to continue tacrolimus and mupirocin. I got another opinion and was told I had atopic dermatitis. Got another opinion, same diagnosis. I have done multiple rounds (~7) of doxy, washed mouth area with with hibiscrub for 2 months, did a decolonization procedure, clindamyacin, and nothing would stop the ooze. I kept a food journal, no pattern. My derm has said multiple times that she is stumped.

In 2023, I also “developed” rosacea, seb derm (did not impact my hairline or scalp just had small round itchy patches on my forehead and cheeks), extremely sensitive skin, sandpaper texture, eczema along my lower cheek, bumpy forehead that would turn into an eczema patch and ooze, crawling sensation around mouth, redness and flakiness, dry patches that could never get moisturized, and cystic pimples. It seemed extremely odd to me that I would develop all of these additional facial skin issues within a 6 month period. I suspected there was an underlying cause creating all of these other symptoms. I also got tested for HSV twice, both times negative. My most recent bacterial swab tested negative and came back as normal skin flora (yellow oozing is not normal!!). I even had an environmental and patch allergy test conducted. No environmental allergies, but I did find out I developed metal allergies. I have been using everything on my safe list and avoiding my allergens as much as possible. The oozing persists.

I stumbled upon this forum and I felt like I really resonated with your stories. Typical treatment is unsuccessful, bacterial results came back normal, similar presentation, etc. I told my derm about this site and asked her to prescribe me Soolantra. She had no hesitation and was willing to try anything.

Soolantra Question: I saw immediate results with my forehead patch, the bumpiness and itchiness subsided. It almost looks back to normal with just a light pink color present as it continues to heal (success!!), the patch along the bottom of my cheek improved as well, it’s back to normal (another success!!). I am on day 15, but I continue to experience oozing spots along my lips and chin. I go to bed with no ooze and then I wake up with oozing spots every morning. After washing my face and the crust away, the skin will look like it has improved and no oozing will occur. Flaking and minimal redness, then the next day after washing my face and the crust, it will ooze and crust over throughout the day. Repeat. Has anyone else continued to have oozing spots while in the first few weeks of treatment?

It looks like yes, but with days of respite. It doesn’t seem like anyone else has had oozing persistently throughout the first few weeks, so I’m nervous this won’t work for my mouth/chin area. :frowning:

I’m going on a tropical vacation next week. I’ve known about this vacation for 6 months and was hoping my skin would be normal by now. :frowning:

I’m just so mystified. It’s uncomfortable and it’s embarrassing. I want to hang out with my friends and go to work without feeling embarrassed. My self esteem is completely shot. Thanks for reading my post!

Soolantra will take quite a few weeks to resolve things so keep going with it. It sounds like it’s working.