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Hello everyone!!! I just joined this forum and I definitely wished I could have known it before! Well, I saw your pics that you shared here and I notice that I am affected by EXACTLY the same skin issue.
I wanna firstly tell my story: I am suffering from this unknown disease for almost three years. It occurred me suddenly with no reason, I never had any kind of skin issues before. I ended up to thousands of dermatologists, doctors… some of them suspected it was a form of acne and others an impetigo… they prescribed me creams, pills but nothing did work. After reading your treatment experience, I really wanna start to use soolantra… but my question is: does it enough? Or I should add stromectol and metronidazole as well? What’s more is the liquid sticky and clear before getting yellow crusts?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome :slight_smile:
It’s unclear what the effect of oral ivermectin (stromectol) and/or oral metronidazole is, because (as far as I know) no one here has taken one of them in isolation. All treatments were combined with Soolantra, and Soolantra by itself has a clear positive effect. (And is safer than those oral meds.)
So I would suggest to only use Soolantra. (Although, for the sake of science, it would be interesting to see what the effect of oral ivermectin or oral metronidazole in isolation would be.)

The liquid isn’t really sticky/thick, it is more fluid like, but maybe not as liquid as water. The fluid usually stays at the lesion, often with the lesion continously producing more liquid for about one day. It the lesion is small, than the liquid production is usually low and sometimes barely noticable. If the liquid production is high, than with enough liquid building up, the liquid may flow over the skin by gravity.
The liquid is clear/transparent, often slightly yellow/orange when captures/taken with a white toiletpaper.

Thanks for your quick reply! Here are sims pics of my skin issue…is it similar to yours?

Btw yeah that’s what I meant too… not too much thick, more like a transparent liquid at the beginning and then it becomes a yellow crust. VERY ITCHY!
Did you use soolantra? If yes, does it really work?


Yes, looks like the same skin problem that I and the others have, often with itch, but not always. Thanks for sharing those photos.

Yes, I did use Soolantra. It did clear my skin, but I still get new lesions, but it’s way less than before. And I’m not really using it anymore since December 2015. (Only sometimes on new lesions.)

Some questions, if I may ask:

  1. What other treatments did you get?
  2. Where there any tests taken? Like a bacterial swab/culture?
  3. You skin looks dry and reddened in photo 1. Is it caused by scratching, acne or maybe by washing it often?
  4. Both photo2 and 3 show a lesion on the chin. Is it always on this spot.
  5. May I ask you your age? (Or maybe an age-range?)
  1. Well, since some dermatologists told me it could be a form of acne( but I don’t think so) I underdid acne treatment for a while (almost 6 months). I took tetracycline…
  2. I haven’t taken any bacterial tests unluckily
    3.My skin looks like dry cause when I have these breakouts I tend not to moisturize my skin because I always think the less I put on my face the better would be
  3. Actually there are not a fixed spot of breakouts… but only on face
  4. I’m 23!!

Sounds recognizable.

Btw, there is a cheaper form of Soolantra, in case it is very expensive or unavailable in your country:

This sounds abs looks like what I had. I’d strongly recommend Soolantra (rosiver). I’ve been using it for over 6 months and haven’t had a lesion for a long time. I tried all sorts of things and nothing worked until I tried Soolantra. I’m so grateful to have found some relief. Please do yourself a favor and try it.