My success story


Guys over the last weeks my face has cleared. It seemed to be it was a bad case of folliculitis that didn’t even look like folliculitis anymore. What I did was do a staph decolonization. I cleaned my nostrils and ears with hibiclens. Then I apply benzoyl peroxide all over my scalp and face. I don’t have any lesions or don’t get any. I wash my face with salicylic acid wash and then apply benzoyl peroxide. Only moisturize with aloe vera if I have to but I don’t. I wash with very very very cold water so my face doesn’t get dry. I had tried soolantra and it didn’t work. I did oral metrodonizale. I did minocycline and doxycline. I did topical steroids. I did retin-a too. I did ACV, zinc oxide, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, sulfur cream, clindamycin topical and oral, oral ivermectin, honey, hibiclens. I even fasted for three days to see if it was something internal. What I hadn’t tried was the Benzoyl Peroxide. It cleared my scalp and face. I apply all over face and scalp. I haven’t had a single lesion since I started the BP. Its unreal!


That’s very cool to hear. How long did you stay on Soolantra to find it didn’t work? Also there are lots of different benzoyl peroxides and salicylic acid. Which ones specifically did you use and what strength- 5% or 2.5%? Did it take a few weeks before you saw results and was there an initial break-out or die-off phase?

Please give it some time. I think we can all attest that sometimes we think we’re cured, then it comes roaring right back. I hope this is not the case with you, so please update us and let us know you’ve remained clear after a few months.


Started with 10 percent but switched to 2…5. I use any brand. Then I shampoo my hair with a benzoyl peroxide wash 3.5 percent. The lymph nodes of scalp and neck went down. Since the very first day it worked. No die off, just improving everyday. Now dealing with just hyperpigmentation left.


I used soolantra and I was still breaking after a month of use. I realized that it was not a die- off since It can’t last that long. Plus I took oral metrodonizale and oral ivermectin. I don’t think I had demodex in my system anymore. Therefore, demodex was not my issue