New here. Not sure if I have the same condition

unlike other pictures I’ve seen on this forum I never get separate pimple like yellow crusts.
Instead I have a recurring area on my right cheek (never anywhere else) which grows a flaky orange/yellow/brown ish crust. It takes about a week to form and then I usually scrape it off because it’s so embarrassing to go out in public, but it only oozes slightly (especially if I scrape the crust off too early) and the area of skin will look quite red. I have very large pores, prone to sebum plugs and otherwise flaky skin and dandruff due to seborrhoeic dermatitis. I have tried using a sulfur ointment once a week, and tea tree oil (heard they can kill Demodex) but sadly no help.

I have attached two pictures one is before and after scraping the embarrassing crust off. The only skin condition that seems similar is cradle cap in babies however mine is only on my cheek

I do not have psoriasis either

It doesn’t look like the skin problem that most of us here have. A large lesion would ooze a lot when I had the skin problem.

Both tea tree oil and sulfur ointment didn’t help for my skin, including other topicals that are known for killing mites and parasites, except Soolantra and Sudocrem. Personally I think a lot of topicals that have demodex killing properties, are overestimated.

I don’t have enough knowledge about skin issues in general to give proper advice. Things that come in my mind: something like lupus would be on both sides of the nose, I think. If there is something like a slightly red ring around the lesion, it could be something like ringworm (a fungal infection),

Have you been to a dermatologist?

I don’t know why you’re using sulfur cream only once a week