Oozing lesions are back ;(

Hi, I started using Soolantra in June 2018. For the first few weeks my skin reacted badly but it cleared up soon and I didn’t have any more oozing crusting lesions until recently. I tried to stop using Soolantra occasionally, but every time I did, I had an outbreak which didn’t ooze but I could tell it’s the same stuff. So I continued using Soolantra and I’m still using it daily or every other day. My skin is mostly clear and I’m so grateful for that, but recently it seems that every 2 months, I have an oozing outbreak which crusts over, same as those I used to get before using Soolantra. I am in no way complaining as my skin is still so much better than what it was prior to using Soolantra. One in every tow months is nothing compared to at least 5-6 lesions every month. Just wondering if anyone else who is using Soolantra regularly, still gets oozing lesions?

Yep, you’ve got our same problem alright. You’re definitely one of us.
Here’s some things that might help. It’s up to you if you’ll heed the advice.
Look into foods that are high in arganine (example nuts). Pay attention to how your outbreaks occur in conjunction with you eating foods high in arganine. You can also try taking Lysine supplements.
Try removing fruit (including tomatoes) from your diet for two weeks. See if it affects you getting outbreaks.

These things cost nothing to try and are simple experiments.
Soolantra cured me, but I have to also control my diet. Also, I no longer wash my face every day. If I don’t wash my face at all, I won’t get outbreaks. Times when I do was it, I have to put on the Soolantra (Aka my Godsend!)

Have you noticed any correlation with your stress levels? I started using Soolantra in mid 2018 and have only gotten one lesion since then, when I was under a high amount of stress. I do wonder if that is a trigger for this disease. I have continued to use Soolantra every day, just the tiniest dot all over my nose.

Glad to hear that your skin problem is cured with Soolantra. Mine seemed it did too, but not sure why I started getting oozing lesions.

Thank you for the advice. You are right I think I have to start tracking my food to see if I can find foods that makes my skin worse. Also going to take Lysine supplements to see if it helps.

Yes, I am sure there is a correlation with my stress level. Also I think with drinking red wine but not sure, need to pay more attention to that. For the first year and a half after I started using Soolantra, stress didn’t cause me any oozing lesions though. I might have occasionally gotten whiteheads but no oozing lesion at all. Not sure why they are back as I’m still using Soolantra as I did before. I had 3 large oozing lesions about every 2 months recently which made me worried.

Something to consider. We tend to look at this as our body attacking us, but it’s our body trying to tell us something. I really hope you’ll try tracking your food. This helped me immensely. I removed fruit completely from my diet. I can eat some apples, but everything else… especially citrus… will ruin me! Something as simple as a lemon in water will bring the outbreaks!

Good luck to you.