Oral metrodonizale

I just started this today and I’m going to do it for two weeks. Ive been doing soolantra for 2 weeks already. However I have this crusty oozing pustules all over my scalp which is hard to use the soolantra on that area. I hope this combo works.

And is Soolantra helping your face already?
The scalp is a difficult area. Most people are only reporting the face, but not the scalp. But I did got something similar on the scalp a few times, but my hairs are short, which makes application there easier. Wettening the scalp a little bit, may also make it easier to apply/spread Soolantra on that area.

Ive been breaking out pretty bad. I hope its a die off honestly. When I do the caveman régimen i dont breakout so it just be demodex.im just washing with water and applying soolantra. I have to keep going because if not i Will never know.

There is this person in the acne org forum who had body,scalp and facial “acne”. It was crusty like mine. He even did Accutane and worked temporarily. Did oral metrodonizale and was cured completely. I think mine has to be demodex because when I do the caveman regimen I can be clear for a while and then all of the sudden my skin breaks out. The culture also came back negative for staph and two doctors thought I had MRSA because my crustiness. I think that I possibly have a severe infestation, since my skin has always been very sensitive. I remember going to the barber and when they did my beard I was all irritated and red. My eyes have been burning a lot lately too. Ive been diagnosed with rosacea, folliculitis, acne and seb derm. I don’t know If its possible having all of these at once. Demodex infestations mimic very well these diseases and are way more persistent.