These are the crust that I have once the whiteheads are popped or just let them run its course. I did oral metrodonizale for 2 weeks and it seemed to not do that much. I stopped shampooing my hair and it has improved a lot in my scalp. My face is better but still not clear since I have two oozing little pimples. ANy of u guys has flakes when trimming beard? Had acne before? I always had pustules but they never crusted over. It seems some of u never had skin issues and then u got the crusty bumps. Were they pimples or just bumps? ANy background info is appreciated and thanks


Never posted on here but I had this things in summer end of August till October doctors told me coldsores then impetigo then sycosis barbae anyway it allwsys in the beard for me gote area right side allways start as little pimples if u leave them just put sud on cream on it after soaking hot water they go if you pick them like I originally did they become huge sores size of a pound coin it’s definitely not viral as antibiotics worked but kept coming back still get them but three minor now I no how to deal with them but still never found out what it actually is tho I do believe it’s from animals tinea barbae look it up cuz mine started as soon as I got my dog but doctors usles fucking prick made me feel like a cunt couldn’t leave the house I had a permanent ozzing sore on my face for weeks as soon as it heald the process would start again i don’t think it’s contagious from human to human but defo spreads on urself


I have acne since puberty, but also some periods in time where my face was clean. But it’s far less than in puberty now.

Too much shampooing is also bad for my scalp, it causes bumps etc.
I have no flakes on my beard.

Your situation does look like the photos here, right? What does it look like? (photos)

I used oral itraconazol for some weeks to rule out tinea, but it didn’t have any effect.

I still belief that demodex may play a role, but probably with another factor. Usually everybody has demodex, but animals such as dogs may transfer other types of demodex to humans, or maybe may increase the population. I don’t have a dog, but I was taking care of a dog regulary. Although I cannot recall whether I got the problem about that time, but transfer from a dog is one of the things where I do wonder about.

@Jdowner You should give Soolantra a try, if you haven’t already. It works for a lot of people here. (The main purpose of Soolantra is to kill demodex.)


this was after scabing came off all so can see scarring corner other side that was my worst and last one that size horrible mother fuckers


What works for me is sulfur cream. Watching what i eat.


What is your process with the sulfur cream? Just apply at night after washing your face?


Yes. The instructions say to wash off after 10 mins but I just leave it on. Its called peter thomas roth sulfur mask.