Probiotic Soap Kampuku beauty bar

Like a lot of you, I’ve tried literally dozens of OTC products to try to resolve the oozing problem. Nothing has worked much for me, however recently I started using a Japanese soap that’s marketing as being ‘probiotic,’ which doesn’t make much sense to me in regards to soap. Anyhow, It’s called a Kampuku beauty bar by Dr. Ohhira and I can buy it locally at Vitacost or online at Amazon. This is one of the only soaps I’ve ever used that actually made a difference. I still get lesions, but not as many and when I do get an oozer, I notice the inflammatory response is much more muted than without using the soap. The whitehead will still pop up, weep and crust over, but the red-inflammed skin that rises around the site usually is much calmer. It’s not a cure, just an ‘aid.’ Adding this info into the mix in case anyone is interesting in trying this soap for themselves.

I also looked a couple of times for topical probiotics, but never tried one.
The basic idea is this: humans (and other mammals) are evolved with bacteria. A healthy body requires good bacteria. Having good bacteria in our microbiome, also makes it harder for bad bacteria to colonize us, because they compete for resources (the skin and its nutrients). So supplying the microbiome with good bacteria may have health benefits.
On the other hand, it may also cause a bacterial war (in theory), because some bacteria may detect other microorganisms and release toxins to kill them. These toxins can also cause skin problems.

Remarkable is that it’s a soap bar instead of a emulsion/liquid form/cream.

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I wanted to try this also. I’ve been going a little crazy on Amazon buying everything I’ve seen mentioned. I should probably tone it down a bit. But before I do I’m going to try this. Looks interesting… So you use any other sop? Or just this?

I did the same as you. I tried every stupid supplement and magic lotion, but none of it worked much. Sea buckthorn seed oil pills taken internally helped a little but not enough. I researched soap a lot and actually bought all the stuff necessary to make my own soap from scratch with just lye and oils. Even the soap I made from scratch is not as good as this Kampuku stuff. I don’t know what they put in it that works so well, but its very gentle. It has a great lather. This is all I use when washing my face. Then I apply extra virgin coconut oil as moisturizer and nothing else. It actually took me a few weeks until my skin got acclimated to the cocount oil, but I like it well enough now to keep using it. So, that’s it- Kampuku probiotic soap and coconut oil. It didn’t cure me or anything, but the inflammatory response is much less with this stuff. Also, I get a couple of pinhead sized whiteheads that never ooze. But the oozers still show up eventually to prove they’re not beaten yet!

@Dm78 I think you should focus on Soolantra (and possibly the other meds mentioned in the best treatment thread). All the other things is just experimentation and uncertainty. But if you are curious and it doesn’t deplete your wallet, then experimentation may be interesting.

@misfit108 how long have you been using Kampuku?
I’m using a povidone-iodine soap as a facewash. I think it may help on my skin, but not fully sure.

I started using the soap a month and a half ago. Saw the effects right away. I think it tightens up your pores because I get some very small pinhead-sized whiteheads that never ooze now. But I’m still banking on Soolantra being the real weapon when I start it next week.

I don’t think the Soolantra is going to happen for me anytime soon unfortunately. I checked with my insurance company. It’s $299, a tier 3 drug that needs prior authorization unless prescribed by a dermatologist. The dermatologist will take about 3 months to get into I’m told. So until then I’m going to keep trying these other things.

Go to their website. They have some coupon thing where it will only cost you $25 the first couple of times you have it prescribed. After that, I’m sure it probably does cost $300. But if it stops the oozing, I’ll pay it. You just have to be conservative with how you use it. If I have to buy three tubes a year to get my life and sanity back, then it’s $900 well spent.

Thanks for the info. I will check out the coupon for sure. You are right. At this point no matter how much it costs it is worth it. Do you use it all the time or just when a new one presents itself?

The basic idea is that it kills demodex, but it also has anti inflammatory properties. (It’s unclear which property causes the positive effect that its users experience, but I suspect it’s the killing of demodex for long term effects and possibly anti inflammatory on the short term.)
So you have to use it for maybe one month to three months daily on the skin, even when you don’t have new lesions. Although it’s unclear when you should exactly stop. When you get new lesions on daily basis, it’s easier to determine success than when you have one per month on average.
Note that lesions can come back after you stop using it (or even while using it), but probably less frequent and less severe.
One tube of Soolantra is good for about 2 months of usage. Some maybe get 3 months out of it.

I just received a bar of this in the mail today. So today is day one of my trial. We’ll see how it goes…

I wish you luck. Just this last week, the Kampuku bar stopped 4 sites from becoming anything more than little pinhead whiteheads- so small I have to search to find them on my face. All of these little pinheads stayed white, and two of them were a dark red the next day before the disappeared completely. Don’t know how or why this soap works, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop them all. Or I haven’t used it long enough. But regardless, this is my go-to soap from now on and I plan to use it to compliment my use of Soolantra, which I will start next week. I might actually turn back into a human sometime soon and resume living my life.

You are a human! You have been very helpful and I for one am glad you are here. This condition sucks but it seems we may be turning a corner. At least that’s how I feel. It looks like the soap works by building up the good bacteria on your skin. The good bacteria fights the bad stuff I guess. I really like the soap so far. I’m starting my own ivermectin trial on Tuesday. It’s the only approach I haven’t tried. Wish me luck!

We’re moving in tandem. I just started Soolantra today. I did a test area around my nose to see if I had any burning or itching side effects. Really, its very gentle- just like using regular lotion. So far so good. I’m ready to cover my whole face now.

When I went to the pharmacy, it took them a little while to figure out how my discount card worked. At first, they said I had to pay the $300+, but then head pharmacist put 'em in check and I walked away with a $25 tube. Even though I have health insurance, my health insurance doesn’t cover it (probably because it might actually work). Even as a lotion, it’s pretty damn good.