So I found this forum a few months ago and have been reading it and looking at the photos of other people’s skin condition and what I get on my face looks similar to what others have. I have gone to 6 dermatologists, doctors, naturalpaths, i have had a bunch of blood work, skin swabs etc. They all said it was impetigo but the swabs came back negative, I i tried creams, antibiotics, bleach bathes, I changed my diet, religiously washed my sheets/clothes, changed my detergent and shampoos to natural products. Nothing has gotten rid of what’s on my face. My dermatologist finally referred me to an infectious disease doctor they ran more tests so I’m waiting on that but in the meantime I wanted to try rosiver so I finally got some and I tried it for the first time tonight, I’m hoping this will help. I normally get a break out 4-6 times a month if not more, they ooze for about a day or two then it crusts.

It looks similar @Bentlers94 and your story is very, very familiar. I think most of us got diagnosed with impetigo at some point with negative test results. Stick with the rosiver for at least 2 months and follow the directions. Do not use tea tree. I wash and apply rosiver in the evenings and then wash and apply moisturizer (cerave) in the morning. This regime has been working for me for years. Things may get worse at first (this sometimes happens but not always) but just stick with it. It’s great that you found this site because more than likely rosiver will be your solution. Please let us know how you get on.

I wasn’t exactly sure how I should apply it, rosiver then cream or just the rosiver by its self. I have noticed a couple break outs but like you said it might happen so I’m still using it daily. My skin is just dry from the rosiver so I have been putting moisturizer on after the rosiver has dried. Not sure if you’re suppose to do that. I will update in a couple months and fingers crossed it works :crossed_fingers:t2: Very thankful I found this site!

Just apply the Rosiver on its own. I found that my skin started becoming less dry after a while with the Rosiver. I really don’t need moisturizer now when I used to put a ton to keep my skin from becoming flaky. Rosiver does something miraculous. I think it’s demodex mites blocking up the sebaceous glands and when the Rosiver kills them off then your skin can self lubricate once again.

Your photos clearly match what most of us here have.

Rosiver (Soolantra) can cause an initial breakout. You can look at Bad first reaction for advice how to reduce it, if it’s a problem. When using it, it should be applied to the complete face, but avoid the eyes.

Btw, which oral antibiotics did you use? (If possible, could you also tell dose and duration?)

I have only been using rosiver for a week today and so far I have had many breakouts but like I read on this site that can happen at first. So I’m being hopeful and continuing it.

Honestly i tried several antibiotics, I cannot remember the names of the antibiotics I took but I could ask my doctor on my next visit.