Slipper Elm Powder

Hey guys,

So this year I changed to a vegan diet in the beginning. For 3 months I was nearly lesion free, id get a few small ones here and there but not as bad as before. Towards the end of the 3 months I switched back to a regular diet as I wasnt feeling too well (Didnt calculate what nutrients i needed daily etc. as a diabetic) and I didnt really notice a change in my skin. 7 months ago I quit drinking and I noticed it definitely did reduce the frequency of the lesions appearing and the size of them. I started drinking beer a week ago and I noticed after I drank it the 2nd time my skin began to feel itchy on my face and the next day I had lesions that grew to the size of how they were when I originally had this problem, big.

While on my vegan diet I was researching foods to help gut health and I came across Slippery Elm bark powder. Slippery Elm is a tree found in America and the bark is used medicinally for different reasons. The main way it is used is to mix it in a drink. The bark forms a slimey, mucuousy type texture and this lines the gut allowing it the time and space to heal with other supplements.

While reading up on Slippery Elm i noticed that some people use it topically for all sorts of skin disorders and for cleaning wounds. I applied it to my face where I had the lesions at night, let it dry and sit there for an hour or two or leave it over night (make sure you dont get your pillows messy!!) and amazingly the lesions had almost disappeared! It GREATLY reduces the inflammation for me. If i apply it when I feel a lesion forming it will drastically reduce its size and how long it lasts.

Its still not a cure but its definitely helped me manage my problem way more than any antibiotic cream or pills I have used. I stopped using soolantra as I dont want to be dependent on it - while it did really help my skin i found the problem would come back very quickly after stopping use.

I read on here that some of you have been using sudocrem, I am interested in trying some.

Good luck!

Your right about the beer and the alcohol, fizzy drinks are also a major contributor, in fact anything that contains Aspartame, once enough of it has built up in your system it will wreak havoc with your skin.
I have to be honest though sudocrem has become my life saver, as soon as I feel the itch which normally comes become the lesion I apply it straightaway, not a lot, just about a finger tip, rub it in until my skin has absorbed it, I do this about three times a day which is normally enough to dry it up and stop the weeping. I then continue to apply the next day, but by then it’s almost gone, I’ve never had one that could stand two days treatment, this really is the miracle cream for me, no idea why it works so well or how fast it clears it, but by God am I glad I discovered it :grin: