Soolantra - 9 months in (not a single crust!)

Headline: Soolantra has worked flawlessly.

Common to most people in this forum, over the course of many years I developed an increasing issue with “oozing yellow crusts”.

Starting once every few months and eventually becoming a weekly occurrence, these things plagued me and had started to become a mental health issue, through their impact on my work and social lives (going to meetings or job interviews with one were nightmare events). I was also starting to drop out of social events and had become more insular. I even grew a beard to try and camouflage the issue, although I appreciate that this is not an option for many of us (actually, I rather liked the beard and still have it).

That nasty burning itch of one developing was horrendous and made me both sullen and distracted every time, as you will know.

Also common to many on this forum, many many tests returned no real diagnosis (no obvious bacterial or viral infections). Many different types of treatment tried, no solutions found.

I eventually found this forum (thank you to whoever started it), which led me to convince my dermatologist to prescribe Soolantra (albeit through private prescription). Wow.

Starting with use once a day and gradually tailing down to twice a week (my current level), I have not had a single crust in 9 months. A couple of itchy patches, but an extra application on those soon resolved them. Incidentally, 30g tubes are also lasting months through sparing usage (I only use on the areas that were previously affected - mostly in my beard line).

I find it astounding that there seems to be no formal diagnosis for this nasty affliction but encourage anyone who hasn’t to try Soolantra (I promise this is not and ad - it just works). I’m conscious that there are similar but different issues out there, so I’m guessing that it might not work in all cases but for those of you with that burning itch leading to unstoppable glooping and crusting - give it a go.

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Your username is similar to mine :slight_smile: (I started the forum btw.)

Your story is very recognizable, especially those difficult social situations.
Thank you for sharing and reporting your results, it helps to support others and to also give it a try.

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That is good to hear, man. I’ve been fighting this disease for over 20 years and it pushed me to the brink of almost taking my life. I’d say Soolantra saved my life, but I still start to break out if I don’t use Soolantra about every third day at the most. I can’t quite crack the code why I can only maintain the issue, but never defeat it. But seeing that others have beaten it does give me hope. I’m starting my second year on Soolantra.


Update on this - March 2019

I’ve managed to gradually reduce my use of Soolantra to a small amount once every two (or three) weeks, mixed with a bit of moisturiser.

The 30g Soolantra tubes are now lasting best part of a year - each.

Still no full-on crusts appearing since my last post in Jan 18, although a handful of times the dreaded itch has arisen. But again, some additional application on those settled them down.

All the best to those still still struggling with this bizarre, pernicious affliction - there is hope!

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