Soolantra as prevention

Hi! Hope to find you all well.
I just wanted to know if anyone used soolantra cream on clear skin, as prevention.

I’ve been using soolantra for several years now, yet my skin still breaks out sometimes. So, my journey is: my skin breaks out, put soolantra, heal my skin and then I stopped using Soolantra until the next oozing (which normally takes a couple of months).

So I was wondering if keeping put soolantra after clearing up my skin might be useful.

Any tips and past experience?

Thank you all in advance!!!

Yes, you can use it as a prevention. I think most people here use it in such a way when they get new lesions regularly. But in your case it’s not really regular anymore when it takes a couple of months for new lesions to appear.
Instead of applying it daily, you could experiment with applying it once a week, and with a smaller amount. If you dampen your face with a bit of water, then it’s easier to spread it on the face, which makes it easier to apply a smaller amount.