Soolantra as spot treatment

Can anyone tell me if they use Soolantra as a spot treatment only? If I see one of the lesions coming out and start applying Soolantra, will it help it not become as large of a breakout?

I don’t use as spot treatment. I recommend, instead, using it as a preventative measure. I found that I do not need to apply it to my whole face, just a very small amount in the area between my eyebrows and the bridge of nose, and then a little down the creases to left and right of each nostril. Just applying it to these small areas has kept me from breaking out elsewhere. Each tube lasts me almost two years, applying every other day. Sometimes every three days.

Thanks so much for the reply. I was prescribed the Soolantra recently but I’m afraid to start using it due to the die off reaction (I have an event to go to soon so I’m trying to avoid a large breakout). I can see a lesion coming out on my nose now and was wondering if the Soolantra applied to that area might keep it from getting too bad.

In your experience, how did you decide to cut down the Soolantra? Did you use it every day at the beginning?

I used it as described in Soolantra’s instruction manual. Every day in the beginning.
Although some people should be more cautious with Soolantra, because of a possible breakout: Bad first reaction

Hey Tso!

Hows your skin been?

After using soolantra the first time i was prescribed it, it seemed to make my skin better but slowly returned after I stopped using it. I went back to my dermatologist who suggested I try it again.

It was a couple of months of me not using it for it to come back worse. It never really fully healed but it did make my condition much better until I stopped.

Im back on Soolantra now, my 5th day, and my skin seems to be getting worse with more lesions than I normally deal with. While it seems to tame existing lesions it also seems to have made new lesions pop up more. Just wondering if you ever found out if this is normal?

I hope it gets better as Im away visiting family now and people have been commenting on my face.

Still no real diagnosis from my dermatologist.

Have you ever had a dermatologist give you a definite diagnosis?


Hi RecoverE,

My skin is doing fine since about Feb/Mar. Sometimes I do get bumps, but no oozing yellow lesions anymore.

The worsening that you experience could be the temporary breakout. You could try to reduce the amount of Soolantra, or maybe mix it a bit with Cetaphil.

There’s no clear diagnosis from dermatologists. In some users, dermatologists do detect bacteria like staph when performing bacteria culture, while others are negative. My last derm did a microscopy from a sample pustle (but I didn’t or barely had oozing lesions at that time due to Soolantra), and found a lot of leukocytes, some bacteria and no yeast. He suggested that cultures should be taken from active lesions. (Which happened only once in my case. Other dermatologists only took multiple samples from regular staph colonization sites, like throat, perineum and nose. But those were negative.)

If you’re clean again from Soolanta, you could try Sudocreme for some days/weeks:

(After I used Sudocrem in Februari, I haven’t seen any lesion anymore. Not sure if that can be contributed to Sudocrem.)

And continously use skin hydratation for maintenance:

I have never been able to get a firm diagnosis either. I’ve been suffering with this for about 5 years (I’m 24) and have been to multiple docs / dermatologists. I was of course diagnosed with impetigo (as I see many of you have) but after multiple cultures (from nose and active lesions) I come up negative for MRSA and everything else. I’ve been told the yellow ooze contains only “normal flora.” The best diagnostic guess I’ve gotten is sebaceous rosacea. Which sort of makes sense - my outbreaks seem to coincide with eating badly, stress, menstrual cycles, drinking alcohol, extreme heat or cold - which are all reasons someone with rosacea might get a flare up. It would also make sense for it to be some sort of rare form of rosacea because Soolantra helps so many of you and it is “indicated for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of rosacea.” Going to start Soolantra in January, and am hoping for the best.

You making any progress there?