Soolantra Intial Breakout

How were peoples’ intial reactions on Soolantra??

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Most people seem to have an initial reaction, ranging from mild to difficult.
Because of this, it may be recommended to plan the start of it. For example, don’t start with it if you’re planning to have an important day soon afterwards, like a wedding, job interview or big family meeting.
Also you may want to start slowly with it by:

  • reducing the amount per application of Soolantra
  • increase the time between each application (like once every few days instead of every day)
  • combining it with a moisturizer
  • try parts of the face before trying the whole face.

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My own experience is somewhat unreliable as I had large breakouts caused by the withdrawal of topical steroids (TSW). (Which was prescribed by a doctor for the disease.) (The breakout was large enough to avoid leaving my house for maybe 2 weeks.) About halfway this period, I started with Soolantra, after which the TSW problems seem to reduce quickly. When I started with Soolantra, the lesions did seem to increase and at other locations on the face then they would normally appear, but they were smaller in size and were less severe.