Soolantra Long term?

I was wondering if one can use Soolantra long term? I am experiencing the same exact symptoms as everyone in this forum and I have an appointment with my dermatologist next week to ask for Soolantra. I am currently on Accutane and it seems like it is making it worse? probably due to dry and sensitive skin. I am planning to stop Accutane since I haven’t had acne in a couple months now. I was wondering if there is a long-term side effects of using Soolantra? or is there something I should be cautious when using it?

Thank you so much for your time!

Not directly answering your question I know, but I only needed Soolantra for about a year. After Soolantra cleared me up, the pandemic actually have me an excuse to try not taking it, since I hate the idea of long term meds of any kind. Well 10 years of this issue, then one year using Soolantra, now well over a year since last using Soolantra and not a single reoccurrence… So I guess I’m saying it’s not a given you’d need it forever.

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The answer is yes, you can use it long-term. It will not harm you at all, and it’s used long-term on animals without issue. If you take any anti-depressants, realize this might be a cause of the problem as regulations to your natural flow of serotonin can manifest on the skin. Soolantra works great for me, but taking an anti-depressant negates Soolantra’s powers.

Try to void mouth and eye regions, so that systemic absorption is minimal. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about systemic side effects, especially not compared to meds like accutane.