Soolantra- one year of usage


I started using Soolantra about a year ago. Though a single tube cost a few hundred bucks, I am not even half-way done with my tube. I only apply it sparingly through my t-zone. The main spot I apply it to is between my eyebrows at the bridge of my nose and a little bit to the creases where my cheeks meet my nose. Then I apply cocount oil as skin moisturizer- and use nothing else. I use Soolantra every other day or every 2-3 three days. If I let it slide to day 4 or 5, I will start to have small bumps and outbreaks.

Soolantra has given me my life back after 20+ years of living in shameful misery. I really could not see the light at the end of the tunnel and was figuring that sooner or later the breakouts were going to drive me to suicide. I can honestly say Soolantra has saved my life and I’ve not experienced any side effects that I know of.

My diet for many years has been no caffeine, practically no sugar, no gluten. I’ve tried cutting out fruit and eating fruit. Right now I’ve stopped fruit altogether. No matter what dietary changes I’ve made, it never had any effect on the outbreaks. All of us are different. Some can heal their gut and be fine, but I don’t think that’s the case with me. I still remember one time I took a hot shower, then started using a laptop. The heat from the laptop mixed with my already warm face triggered an instant oozer. Anyway, I eat pretty healthy and get exercise. But none of that was enough- I needed Soolantra.

My underlying issue still remains to be dryness, which I believe is related to something like Lupus or Sjogren’s. Or possibly a propensity towards diabetes (although I do not have diabetes). My body is always dry. Skin is always drying up and flaking off. Eyelids so dry I can feel them scraping against my eyeballs. Mouth is dry. No matter how much water I drink, nothing moisturizes me. If I don’t apply coconut oil after a shower, large patches of dry skin start to develop.

Soolantra hasn’t fixed whatever my underlying issue is, but it has made my life livable. Always, there’s a frustration that no doctor knows what this is or cares enough to name it. I’ve been to both Mayo Clinics about it in the U.S. and these guys just shake their head and move on to the next patient.

At least we have Soolantra. And each other!


Nice to hear things are going well for you. It’s changed things hugely for me too. I don’t have any dietary restrictions and pretty much eat what I want. Diet doesn’t seem to affect my skin much but cleansing twice a day and the rosiver cream do wonders.