Success with Ivermectin

I cannot thank you guys enough for starting this forum. Truly. I have had so many skin problems and was at my wit’s end from these oozing yellow crusts. Backstory:

I used to have terrible staph infections for years. For about 10 years I got a new one every three months or so and they would quicky get out of hand. I saw so many doctors and dermatologists and ER/urgent care practioners. Unless there was a huge absess that they could test, they would tell me I had dermatitis or - if it was on my face - acne. I had never had chronic acne and after ten years I pretty much learned that I was dealing with chronic staph infections and not acne… But fast forward.

Ten years later my health has improved and my skin and inflammation issues have calmed but I constantly getting these random weeping spots all over my face. The spots aren’t painful, pop like regular zits but crust over endlessly like this forum describes. Having lost faith in doctors, I make some bad experimental decisions like trying to chemically burn them off with natural stuff like grapefruit seed extract. Don’t do this. It did not turn out well. So time goes on, my experiments become more risky and dire, my face is loosing all of its protective lipid barrier and is dry, painful and cracking but those darn oozing spots will not go away. They seem to be multiplying and my confidence is tanking. Then I found this forum and learn about demodex. Since I don’t have health insurance (another reason for the self experimenting), I skipped the Soolantra and immediately hopped on Amazon and bought a 3 pack tube of ivermectin. I applied it in a thin layer on my face every night with my regular moisturizer. I also take some internally. (I know the manufacturer says not for human consumption, but I didn’t care!). At first the oozing spots increased but then, after about three weeks I think, they started decreasing and clearing up. Let me tell YOU I was excited about this!!! They have now cleared up almost entirely but I find I still need to apply the ivermectin a few times a month to keep them at bay. I cannot thank you all ENOUGH for creating and contributing to this forum!!!

I bring up my prior battle with staph in case someone else finds a connection with other health issues and demodex/oozing yellow crusts. I also found out I had MTHFR and a tendency toward inflammation. The staph also led me to take a LOT of prescribed antibiotics. Maybe someone else has similar experiences and we can identify a pattern?

Side note for people who need to clear up facial scars: a good quality lavender and/or frankinscence essential oil mixed in with your night moisturizer works amazingly well. I am almost free of scars now and had a ton before. Try it!

Lastly, does anyone have experience with having oozing yellow crusts on their scalp? I still have them there and it might be contributing to hair loss. But I am a woman with long hair so I am not sure if there is a better solution than trying to massage/smear ivermectin over my scalp every night. I have thought about taking more ivermectin internally but feel slight wary about that. Any thoughts?

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Thank you for sharing your story.

I cannot recommened to take a topical ivermectin product internally/orally. It’s unclear whether that is safe, maybe there are other ingredients in it that aren’t safe for internal usage. Also, it’s unclear what the effect of oral ivermectin is on the skin problem, because the few people on this forum that tried that, also used Soolantra topically, which makes it unclear what the individual effects were.

About staph, staph is among my theoretical list of the suspects, including demodex. But staph is usually not found at tested locations of people on this forum. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have staph, just that it couldn’t be found. Staph is a pretty clever bacteria, that is currently conquering the world. (Staph aureus, to name the genus of the staph more precisely, which includes MRSA.) It may be able to hide itself from antibiotics or maybe also from detection.
People on this forum often get antibiotics prescriped (topically and/or orally), but almost always without satisfying results. The results maybe last very shortly if it’s doing something at all.

I’m not sure how scalp lesions can be treated effeciently. You could try a more liquid product containing ivermectin? Or use it orally, as you already did, although I wouldn’t recommened taking that topical version orally.
I do think that when you apply Soolantra on some area, it also helps the area surround it a bit.
Also try to avoid scratching the scalp, it may bring bacteria deeper into the skin.

I haven’t heard of MTHFR before. But I see it’s naturally common. There are problems in some variants of the gene that codes for the MTHFR enzyme. Do you know which one you have?

I have a few questions. Did the staph infection start with the oozing yellow crusts, or with other problems? And how was the staph bacteria detected? (Using culture swabs? From which locations?)
Do you have a link to the ivermectin product on Amazon?

The only time I’ve gotten it on my scalp is when using tea tree oil shampoo. I used that for a time and my scalp exploded, especially when I went into the sunlight. Went back to cheap, chemical-ladden Head and Shoulders. All good now.

How much did you take internally?