Sudocream DOES help!

Disclaimer: I’m also using an ivermectin cream

However, I’m still dealing with the die off lesions while all this grossness is being purged off my skin.

After reading the posts in here, I figured it was the zinc in the sudocream that was helping the lesions heal faster. I had some penaten cream already, and it has a higher percentage of zinc and allatonin (another active), so I started using that. Eh… it didn’t really do much.

I decided to get some sudocream. What a difference! It actually helps!! I’m not sure what is in the sudocream that’s working vs the penaten, but I’m not sure I really care — it works!

I’ve been putting it on the scabby, oozing lesions at night (after treating my whole face with ivermectin cream) and by morning they’re a lot more healed.

Thank you for this tip!