Thank You Tso!


Thank you so much for creating this page! It is wonderful (but also saddening) to know that this Disease affects so many others. I have been mostly in remission since 2014 but they have recently come back (was on Propecia – which caused my skin to get oilier again…hormones). I was dealing with them by taking a high dose of Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) was well as religiously washing and using Finacea® Gel (Azelaic Acid 15%). B5 made my skin FAR LESS oily so I think that had something to do with why I would rarely get breakouts. Anyway I have a dermatologist appointment in February and I’m going to request Soolantra.

I will stay active on here as anything I can do to help others – I will gladly do to end these “Oozers” for everyone.



Your welcome :slight_smile:

About 17 years ago, I took a high megadose of B5 on daily basis for some period to reduce acne. It did work, but I would advise against the use of it. People often think it’s safe to use because there are assumptions floating around (at that time) that vitamin B’s are water soluble and therefor safe, because an overdose would simply be flushed out by urine. But studies often show that vitamin B’s are interacting with each other: a high dose in a single vitamin B (or some minerals) can cause deficiencies in other vitamins and minerals, which can cause side effects. And I think that in my case, the megadose seem to have triggered genetic androgenetic alopecia. So especially in your case, I would be very cautious when taking this, because you also have alopecia I suppose (because of the use of Propecia).

Yup! Exactly right — though I took Hairloss as the lesser of the two evils with these oozing bumps. Can’t wait to try ivermectin!