The other oozing yellow crust (ear eczema)

Though I can keep my face clear with Soolantra, nothing helps the incessant itchiness and oozing in the ears. It is like one of the face sores that never heals in there. On a really bad day, I can feel it very wet as it continues to weep. Then the yellow crust builds up so bad sometimes it affects how well I can hear. For whatever reason, only one of my ears is affected. The other ear is that of a normal person. I love my other ear to bits!

I know I am not the only one who gets in the ears!

I did have some itch and irritation on the outside of my ears while I had the problem, but never inside the ear canal. Are you also applying Soolantra on the ear?

I tried that for a while, but saw no results.

Sounds a bit like a bacterial infection. Are it the same kind of crusts that the normal lesions would ooze?

Btw, I had some dirt in one of my right ear, that was contacting my eardrum for some weeks (noticable when yawning or when water gets in the ear). So I bought an ear endoscope from Amazon that I got just a few days ago, for just a few bucks. It contains a small usb camera with small led lights around it, and a metal head that allows you to remove stuff (dirt or scalp hears) our of the ear. With it, I was able to see my own ear from the inside (including the eardrum) and was able to remove the dirt that was contacting my eardrum. (I’m still surprised that I as able to fix this myself with this cheap but pratical device, without having to go to my doctor, and that I was able to see my own eardrum.)
This encoscope probably won’t solve your problem, but maybe could give some inside.

Thank you for the advice. I recently bought an elephant ear wash system on there when my ear finally became fully blocked. This little contraption helped a lot, but I still have the problem a little bit. I apply neosporin every night and that seems to be helping a little. One thing I notice about eczema that is weird is that its not on both sides of my body. I have problem with one ear, but not the other. I also have the issue on my elbow but, again, it’s on one side and not the other (Same side as the ear problem). Guess my right side is evil?