The yellow lesion is on my eyelid now. Will the soolanda treat it?

** hi everyone . Continuing to my previous post, I also just found out the yellow thing is on my right eyelid right now. Will the soolantra cream sort it out in the eyelid? Is it safe to put the cream on there? Mine one seem like it’s spreading , is there any thing I can do to stop it from spreading?

I also had eye lid problems when I had the oozing lesion problem. The problems on my eye lids were: bumps and even oozing, that formed hard crusts, sticking on the eye lashes agains the eye lids, which often resulted in swollen eye lids. This problem disappeared when I used Soolantra on my face, even though I didn’t apply it near the eyes. (The manual instructs to avoid the eye region.) I did apply it on my eye browes and on the upper part of the nose, between the eyes, but not close near the eyes. But it still fixed my eye lids problem (even better than the rest of the skin). I think that Soolantra may slowely spread over the face, via skin sebum, gravity etc, reaching the eye lids in low concentrations, but high enough concentrations to remove the problem.

So I wouldn’t put it on the eye lids, but I would put it around the eyes.
(I did use other methods on the eye lids, such as tea tree oil mixed with a more gentile oil, to perform eye lid scrubs with a cotton swab. This is a method often done in ophthalmology to combat demodex on the eyelids. There are Youtube videos about it, but I cannot recommened this method. I also don’t think tea tree oil near the eye is safe on the long run.)

Hi there, even though I have controlled this plague on my face with soolantra, I have yet to eradicate it from my eyelids. When I went from having normal skin to having this problem, I remember it hit my forehead first, then between my eyes. Then my eyelids were effected. My eyelids are so drastically effected that for the past 20+ years, I have not been able to watch movies, play video games or read books. The worst is cell phones. If I look at a cell phone too many times in one day, I get the ooze and crust and swollen eyelids. Trust me, over 20+ years I have tried everything imaginable on the eyelid. I do not recommend using soolantra there. One reason is that you would have to keep applying it there, and eventually there will come the day when sweat carries it down into your eye and you really mess up your eye. I know its hard in 2018, but you really may have to limit your cell phone usage and see if that helps. I’ve learned to function by speaking all my commands to siri; its the only way I can survive. You can research Amazon, as there are little towelette wipes like criladex that can help with eyelids. Everyone raves about them, but they’ve not helped me much. I’ve noticed a marked improvement, but not much. But hey, I am still grateful to have my face clear. It keeps me from putting a gun in my mouth.