Treatment 100% worked for me!

Hello, I had the same problem with oozing yellow crust for 4 years. I tried everything: doctors, creams, medicines, diets, spending money, etc. Nothing helped. I found this forum two months ago. Thank you to the person who created it. I love you (no homo!)

After reading a few topics I decided to buy Soolantra cream. I used the cream the night before bedtime. After 2 days, my face looked much better. I was full of optimism. Unfortunately, after 3 days, my face covered with a massive amount of pimples. I was devastated, I could not go to work and did not know what to do next.

I decided not to interrupt Soolantra treatment. I used the ointment every evening. In the meantime, I decided to eat Sauerkraut before each meal. I also bought Oregano oil (someone wrote about it on the forum). After 14 days of treatment, my face looked much better. Almost all pimples have disappeared. Sometimes a single pimple appeared but it healed himself within 24 hours. After 21 days I was 100% healthy.

Now it’s been two months since I started treatment. I am 100% healthy. I use Soolantra pro-health every 3-4 days and only after shaving. In addition, I put away all face cosmetics (moisturizing creams, after shave creams, shaving foam, etc.). I use ordinary soap (cost 50 cents) for shaving. During the week I wash my face with plain water. I still eat sauerkraut and oregano oil. My skin all over my body has never looked so good.

For all who have the same problem described in the general theme. Remember that after using Soolantra it must be worse to make it better (cream kills what causes the problem). Apparently it has to do with Demodex which develops on the face for 3-4 days. So you need to apply the cream every day until you are healthy, and then preventively for another month, maybe 2-3.

Thank you all for help in this forum. Stay healthy. My life has taken a new course. 4 years of nerves, tears and helplessness went into oblivion.

P.S. I apologize for spelling mistakes, I do not speak English well so I used the translator to write.

That’s awesome to hear you got it under control. I absolutely hate having to hear anyone suffered through this stuff for that long. Do you like the saurkraut and Oregano or do you just do it because you think it is helping? Try going off that stuff, and I’ll bet the soolantra will carry you through. Also… curious how much you use when you apply it and to what regions do you apply it on your face (Whole face, or just certain problem areas)?

That’s great to hear! I love a success story.

@ToMiLeeDzons do you make your own Sauerkraut?

How about Oil of Oregano – Pills or actual oil.

Thanks in advance!