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A forum about an unknown facial skin disease that causes itchy pustules that ooze clear yellow fluid and dry up with yellow crusts.

What does it look like (photos)

See What does it look like? (photos)

About the skin disease

There are a number of skin diseases that can cause oozing yellow crusts, for example impetigo. Impetigo is usually curable by itself or via antibiotics. But there is a group of people for which the normal treatments don’t seem to work, which makes it questionable whether it is impetigo.

These people share the following characteristics:

  • often itchy pustules/face
  • pustules that ooze a clear yellow fluid
  • it only happens on the face, and possible also the ears sometimes
  • the fluid dries up to yellow crusts, while the pustule below the crusts is continue to ooze and thus produces more crust formation
  • often have this for months or years continously, with at least one oozing pustule per month, and often on daily basis
  • have seen multiple dermatologists
  • have heard multiple diagnosis
  • have negative bacterial swab test cultures
  • have used multiple topical and oral antibiotics

Please share your story and experience

We believe that sharing your story and experience is crucial to solving this frustrating skin problem. By sharing your story, you do not only help other sufferers mentally, you also stimulate others to share their experience. This gathering of experience allows us (everybody here) to find common patterns of failure and success, that will eventually lead to the solution. Also, the more suffers are posting their story, the more scientists may be interested in looking into this problem. So in the end, by sharing your story, you not only help others, but also yourself.

What can I find here?

Stories, studies, photos, information, treatments, news etc.

Motivation behind this forum

Instead of using OozingYellowCrusts.com, you and I could use existing forums about more general pustular skin diseases, such as acne.org and rosaceagroup.org, or even more general forums, such as medhelp.org, steadyhealth.com, ehealthforum.com, patient.info, curezone.org, topix.com etc (mentioned a bit more than needed, but these
can be valuable resources), but the problem is that our disease doesn’t have a clear name and the exact cause is unknown. This makes it hard for people to find information about it, especially when information is spread between other skin diseases.

A key to solving our problem is finding information, gaining knowledge and sharing experience. To maximize this approach, this dedicated website has been created, so that people can easily find it.

Because the disease has no clear name, the primary symptoms are used in the name of this website: Oozing Yellow Crusts.

This website is free to use and will not be commercial in any way.

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