What's it like for you?

I sometimes get welts (urticaria) on my face and then I know I’m going to get an oozer. But sometimes they just appear on their own.

For me the oozers vary in size and number. The bigger ones will last from 4-6 days while the smaller ones will last from 3-4. This is from becoming a small bump or whitehead to the leaking then crusting and then the crust falling off.

I do think it is possible that this is diet related, but I have tried cutting out a lot of things and I can’f find a trigger. I haven’t gone through as much work as others have put (only my GP and a few walk-ins with a derm in there), but the knowledge and info on this site has been extremely helpful for me. I just got Rosiver yesterday and am hopeful it will clear things up for me. I wouldn’t have known about Rosiver if it weren’t for this site. No guarantee it will work, but at least it’s something to go on than doctor’s telling me it’s acne.

Most people here that did/do use Soolantra/Rosiver are positive about it, although when you quit with it, it may come back slowly. Also note that it may cause a temporary worsening. In case of @One345 in Bad first reaction , the reaction was severe. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back from her, but the last time there was a bit of improvement compared to the worsening.

About welts, I sometimes get/got them (a sharp edged swelling/raised skin), but usually not. But around or at a lession, the skin is usually always swollen.

I do have a conditional that maybe is “cholinergic urticaria”, but I’m not if it’s this, because I don’t get swollen skin.
I get itchy skin on my scalp when I’m performing exercise that make you sweat a lot, like running, especially in summer. It may also happen when taking very hot long showers, or eating hot/spicy peppers. It’s usually worse when I didn’t have enough sleep.
Although I have never noticed it on warm vacations.
It’s like I’m sensitive for my own sweat, but only on the scalp, or sometimes on the back.
Do you also have this? (Itchy scalp when performing physical exercise in warm environments.)

I’m expecting it to get worse in the short-term as described by others, but the success stories here have me hopeful. Maybe too hopeful.

The welts I get are raise on my face and in the same spots all the time. Maybe the size of a nickel. I have no idea what they are. It’s weird that they always precede an oozer but are not required to have an oozer. Makes me worried that this is some kind of internal issue (eg. diet) and not something Soolantra/Rosiver can help.

I also have an issue with sweat. When I play a lot of sports I break out into lots of red blotches all over my face. Wonder if it is related to the oozers. I don’t think I get an itch though. Just break out of redness all over my face. I’m hoping maybe the Rosiver will help with that - maybe all this stuff I’m dealing with is all one thing in Rosacea.

The first outbreak I had was January 2015 and I got three bumps between my eyebrows. There have never been any whiteheads on any of my bumps. The first bumps oozed, scabbed and then I kept picking the scabs until there was no more fluid coming out and the scab would finally heal up. The bumps were all on my forehead in the beginning and never have been beyond my face and one on each ear at the end. Never had any on my scalp either. I guess I had about ten bumps on my forehead for a while until I took Prednisone for my COPD. The bumps disappeared within a week and didn’t come back until after I was done with the Prednisone. That varied. some times it was a couple of months and to six months. Each time I went off the Prednisone the bumps came back at least twice as bad and they started to spread to my checks and around my chin. Never had one on my nose for some reason. They were never as big as you describe your biggest, but there were sure a lot of them at the very end when I decided to never take Prednisone again for my COPD. It was making my breathing worse. Making me worse in many ways. When I started to treat them and they stopped oozing I would describe the bumps as fluid building up underneath where a bunch of bumps had been. It was hard under the skin but pretty flat. You couldn’t see any build up, just feel it.! Day by day this too started to disappear. They never oozed again once I started the Oil of Oregano and raw sauerkraut. I was also spraying Mesosilver on them but I really don’t think that had much to do with the healing. It might have kept any surface bacteria at bay so I didn’t have an infection. I never tried any Soolantra because I wanted to stay away from pharmaceuticals. If my treatment hadn’t worked, I probably would have tried Soolantra. It’s been since November and I have not had one bump! I hope someone tries this method and it works for them, then maybe more will try it. Good luck all, Sally