Where to find Stromectol (oral Ivermectin) in Canada?

I have a prescription from my dermatologist for Stromectol, but no pharmacy here seems to be able to fill it. I found a pharmacy in B.C. that can source it (https://www.northwestpharmacy.com/product/stromectol) but they only sell to U.S. customers, not Canadians. My derm says ordering it in Canada involves a lengthy application process (including sending them links to multiple studies from the past 3 years) and has a high rejection rate, so she doesn’t sound too eager to start the process.

Does anyone know of any reputable internet pharmacies that can source Stromectol for sale to Canada?

For anyone in Canada taking Stromectol, how did you get it?


@col got it/is from Canada, if I’m correct. Col, maybe you can anwer this question?

I only use rosiver topical cream not oral ivermectin. Sorry, not sure where you can get Stromectol.

Ah, I read over the “oral” word.

@adent3742 the users here that tried topical ivermectin, are pretty satisfied with it. But if I remember it correctly, I haven’t seen users reporting yet taking only oral stromectol. Although there have been in scientific studies, although those skin lesions may be a bit different then ours. So the results of topical ivermectin are probably more predicatable than oral ivermectin, and possibly easier user to use. Although I’m interested in what results you would get from oral ivermectin by alone.