Demodicidosis, our disease?

I’vr found that study and I don’t think it has been posted yet. This looks very very similar to what we have.

The photo looks a bit more pustular (in height of the lesions) than what I have, but what lacks in the description is the primary symptom: the oozing.
The last study in: Demodex studies proposes some names for different types of demodicosis. Maybe a combination of Nodulocystic demodicosis and Crusted demodicosis (“thick yellowish crusts”) ?

While I agree with you, I was more referring to this part “The infestation may be clinically inapparent but under favorable circumstances these mites may multiply rapidly, leading to the development of different pathogenic conditions such as suppurative or granulomatous skin reactions resembling suppurative folliculitis, rosacea, or perioral dermatitis.[3]” and not taking the pictures into consideration since it’s obviously a different kind of reaction (I don’t have that either)

I’m unsure whether it is the amount of demodex, or a reaction of demodex in my case. I have used a skin microscope and didn’t find a lot of demodex. (Unless a large percentage is hiding within the skin pores, invisible for the microscope.)

Also interesting about the paper is that oral ivermectin wasn’t very effective while oral metronidazole was, while in topical form, it seems to be the opposite in reports from other users.
There is also another study that says the same thing about these oral medications.

Well, demodex are meant to live in our pores so I guess when you see them crawling on your face, they are just moving from one point to another.

Every studies say they don’t have any kind of anus, so when they die they release all the shit they were carrying. But I guess you knew that already. Anyway the issue wouldn’t be when they die on your skin, but inside your skin, your pores.

Concerning ivermectin effectiveness, I suppose oral form on its own is not enough, and topical forms are usually more effective when the disease is not about the whole body (at least for bacteria).

We all would need a skin biopsy to make sure demodex is the right culprit, but from what we know, it all makes sense if it is it.