Deolate treatment

I was suffering from these Ozzing crusts on my face for about 4 years. I tried all sorts of treatments and diets but nothing worked. Then I was prescribed deolate (terbinafine) by my doctor for an unrelated issue. This seems to have cleared them up completely. I haven’t had a single crust for 8 months and counting, the longest I have gone with out one before deolate was probably 2 weeks.

Hope this helps, cheers

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Thank you for sharing this info.

Terbinafine is an antifungal medication. Because the exact cause of this oozing yellow crust skin disease is unknown, the “unrelated issue” could maybe be related?

@WhiteFro also used Terbinafine for fungal problems. Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts - #106 by WhiteFro

I don’t think so, the terbinafine was the wrong medication for the unrelated issue as it was bacterial not fungal so didn’t fix it but it did seem to fix my oozing crust issue so maybe those were fungal