Giving up on rosiver

I saw a new dermatologist today. She says I have hormonal acne. Maybe she’s right. I’m so defeated at this point and just want my skin to be better.

I’m starting doxycycline and a topical benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic cream and stopping the rosiver and metronidazole cream.

Sigh. Maybe this will work?

@oozy-suzy what happened with the rosiver? How long did you use it on its own? Are you still getting the oozing lesions that crust over?

It just wasn’t working. I’m pretty sure this is just acne after all. Sigh! So much time wasted!

In good news, something IS working now! Now sure if it’s from stopping the rosiver or the addition of benzoyl peroxide — or maybe both? But my face is FINALLY starting to clear.

Top is the last day I used rosiver. Bottom is about a week later (today).

Edit to add: ugh the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is so bad :face_vomiting: Time will help heal that. Sigh.

I am really sorry that the rosiver treatment didn’t work out. I assume you used for a long enough time? On the plus side things are getting better. All the best with it. Let us know how you get on.

Looking back at your description about the skin problem, the photos and that Soolantra/Rosiver isn’t working as expected, I do start to think that you have a different skin problem than what most of us here have.

The lesion spots on your photos do show skin that often occurs after an yellowing oozing liquid phase, but even though you posted multiple photos, I haven’t seen a single one that shows oozing yellow liquid or yellow crusts like for example: What does it look like? (photos) and Rosiver?

What dose of doxycycline are you using and for what total duration?
Something that you could also try is to avoid touching your face with your hands, unless you wash them right before you touch the face.

So, when I first went to the doctor back in September, she diagnosed me with impetigo — I had the yellow crusts big time. The ointment (I forget what it was called) helped, but didn’t clear it so I went back. That’s when she suggested rosacea and sent me to a dermatologist.

Derm gave me metrogel, and it maybe helped? But didn’t clear it. So I went back to him again. That’s when he gave me rosiver. In retrospect, it steadily got worse from that point.

So, honestly, I dunno? I tried benzoyl peroxide way back when it first started in August/September and it didn’t do a thing. But now, it’s working. Maybe it was something else and turned into just acne? In any case, my face is nearly blemish free now, and I’m so SO grateful for that!

Top is last day of rosiver, bottom about 2 weeks later (today)

And here’s the side of my face, finally healing!

I ended up not tolerating the oral doxycycline (made me sick) so I’m not taking it. I’m using a topic benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic cream — benzoclens? Something like that.

How is it going @oozy-suzy?