Help with Impetigo (I think)

So my problems started in September. I normally always get small white head pimples that go away on their own after a day or 2 but in september I started to get pimples that would ooze and yellowish crust would form around it. I thought it was just cause of the heat and all the sweating so I tried to stop touching my face and popping them but i still kept getting them .Eventually I did some research and figured I had impetigo.

I don’t have insurance so i can’t afford to see a dermatologist so I found an online doctor who didn’t charge much and prescribed mupirocin ointment and generic bactrim.

I did the ointment first but I didn’t notice any improvements and felt like it was making it worse and making it spread. So the doctor told me to stop and take the pills. My skin started to clear up, i don’t know if it was cause of the pills or cause i stopped using the ointment.

After the pills finished and my skin was looking a little better I went out for 3 nights in a roll and on the 3rd day i woke up and my skin was almost completely cleared. I had one little scar that was already healing but that’s it. No oozing or any little bumps so I thought maybe it was finally gone. then that night I showered, went to sleep and woke up to 3 little bumps and that eventually just spread and now my face is covered!

I don’t know what am doing wrong but I can’t take the itching and the ugly oozing anymore. I’ve been boiling my wash cloth every night before i shower and try using different towels every other day. I think the reason my skin was clearing up after those 3 days was cause I wan’t scratching or picking at my face. I’m gonna try the ointment again and this time cover my face with a loose gauze to keep from scratching and if that doesn’t work I’m just gonna have to go to the ER unless anyone has any good ideas cause I’m desperate at this point.

Hi Jncoe88,

It sounds similar to what the people on this forum have. Which is a skin problem that doesn’t behave like impetigo normally would, but there are similarities.

If it looks very similar the photos found here and antibiotics don’t work, then it can be worth trying topical ivermectin (Soolantra or a cheaper animal version). (“Worth” is probably an understatement because many people here have good success with it.) An introduction about this can be found here. Note that in the beginning, topical ivermectin can make things temporary worse, when once it works the improvement can be big.

I think that things that dry out the skin, makes the skin more prone to the problem. For example, washing the face under a hot shower causes it to dry out. Also central heating can cause dry air, which can dry out the skin. To protect the skin, you could use a moisturizer like the one mentioned here. This may also reduce itch.
I would avoid topical corticosteroids, as this may cause a big rebound once you quit.

So I decided to order the ivermectin paste and give it a shot. Should be here on Friday. I’ve read that it can cause a break out at first so I’m a little worried to try it since I have a birthday party I have to go to in about 3 weeks.

But the break out I just had is starting to clear up a little. I’ve been putting gauzes over both my cheeks at night after I shower this way I can actually sleep and help me avoid scratching it and picking at it.