Effective treatments

In this topic, I want to show a quick overview of possible effective treatment, so that users don’t have a read through multiple topics.

1. Topical ivermectin

Found in products: Soolantra (also known as Rosiver) and topical dewormer paste medication for horses.
Soolantra is designed for humans with rosacea (a skin disease that causes redness on the face).
Soolantra is the most used product on this forum. It works for most people on this forum and it is in general highly effective, but it may cause a initial breakout, so you may want to plan the start of it. See Bad first reaction for advice about how to reduce breakouts.

Soolantra is usually only available with a medical prescription and may be very costly, depending on in which country you live. Because of this, some people are using topical products designed for horses that also contain ivermectin. See Ivermectin for horses/animals.

2. Sudocrem

A few people have reported that Sudocrem is effective. Sudocrem is a thick white poorly-absorbable over-the-counter cream containing zinc oxide and some other ingredients.
More about Sudocrem: Sudocrem saved me!

3. Skin hydration & moisturizers

The weaker, thinner and dryer your skin barrier becomes, the more prone it will get to infections and other problems. The skin barrier can be strengthened by hydrating it. Although this will unlikely solve the oozing yellow crust problem, it can alleviate itch and may reduce the occurrence of new lesions a bit.
Not much people have reported their results with skin hydration.
More about skin hydration: Skin hydration & Moisturizers

4. Diet

Diet is a very difficult topic because in general health, the effects of diet heavily depend on lifestyle and genetics, and the effects of a diet often take too long to make a reliable conclusion about the effects and what could have caused those effects. Because of this opinions and even scientific studies about diet are often more religious than hard scientific proof.

There currently aren’t clear solutions for diet on this forum, although some people report that a healthy diet reduce symptoms. Some people report that they have good results with the avoidance of soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners.
More about diet: https://oozingyellowcrusts.com/t/could-it-be-diet-related/467This text will be hidden