Sudocrem saved me!

Hi there, I had a bad infection on my nose for about the last year. On my nose yet. It was an open sore that oozed and then would crust over. I went to multiple derms, that told me all the stories, tons of blood work, and swabs done. I’ve been on antibiotics, and sulfur tabs. a ton of creams, including invermectin cream, and noritate. none of it worked.
After much googling, I heard from a few communities on the website, and they all said to try SUDOCREM
So why not right, Ive tried everything else.
OMG it cleared my infection up in 3 DAYS… its gone! After a year of struggles and countless trips to the doctors office this stuff cleared it right up! I applied it over my nose twice a day. Its has a lot of zinc oxide in it and I feel amongst other properties this really helped. I don’t ooze or crust anymore its amazing!

You can get this in the baby aisle where you find the creams. lol Seriously.
Everyone please try it and let me know how it worked for yoU!

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I’m not sure if you have the same thing that most of us have: lesions spread over the face; usually within the T-zone, healing takes about 3 to 7 days; responds very well to Soolantra (topical ivermectin).
But thanks for sharing. Sounds interesting to try it, if it works that good for you.

You absolute genius, I had one that was starting to come up yesterday, just at the top of my cheek, the usual flow of yellow water started last night and I thought oh yeah, here we go again, I’ve another 7+ days of this crap to go…
Then I remembered your post, asked the wife if we had any and we did so I applied a thin layer of the cream and rubbed it in, wasn’t really expecting it to do much tbh but this morning was something of a miracle, the weeping is stopped, it healed up and even the redness is mostly gone, all in a little over 12 hours, I’ve applied more this morning but if this keeps up it’ll be completely healed in 2 days which is absolutely fantastic, that’s down to you sharing so thank you so much, I’ve suffered from this for 20+ years and no one has ever been able to help me :+1:t2:

After ready a second positive post about Sudocrem, I quickly bought it from a local shop before closing time, to try out.
I’m already using Soolantra for some time, which does help a lot, but I still get some skin irritation and bumps under the skin that may be related to the facial problem.

Skin hydratation seems to be very important for me to lower skin irritation and bumps. Sudocrem is a thick white cream and very non-water-soluble, so difficult to get off. Is also leaves a very visible white layer on the skin, so it’s unpractical outside home (the face looks like a white ghost).

I wonder whether it is the skin water protection barrier of Sudocrem that is causing positive effects in you guys, or the zinc oxide.

Tso, you have to rub it in so you don’t see it, put a small amount on the tip of your finger and rub it in, take off the excess with another finger, mine cleared in 2 days, I’ve another starting on the side of my nose so I’ve put the cream on it tonight and I’ll put some on tom morning again and see if I get the same results, I’ll keep you posted :relieved:

Thanks for this. I am going to give this a shot. I’ve been on Rosiver for about a month, and it’s been good. But I just got an oozer a couple of days ago despite the Rosiver. It’s the first major one in a month, but it means that I can’t solely rely on Rosiver. Something else to fall back on or try is good.

This has quickly become the must have in my house now, I’ve had three attempted break outs since I last posted, I’ve had this bloody curse for so long that I give them ratings out of the Nuclear Warning system lol

Defcon 5 = Small!
Defcon 4 = Pimple size!
Defcon 3 = Cluster!
Defcon 2 = Two join together!
Defcon 1 = Three or more decide to party leading to one massive volcano!

I’ve had a 5, 4 and a 2 and on each and every occasion I’ve applied the cream, just a small amount, you don’t want to drown it, and each morning when I had awoken its been healed over and in the second day is practically gone. Im so happy that this seems to have finally been solved for me as tbh as a +40 adult who has suffered from this for over 20 years its bloody embarrassing to have to go out in public with this crap all over your face!

After my last post here from Feb 21, I haven’t seen any lessions anymore. Not sure if this was due to Sudocrem, because it maybe was already a low/reducing at that time.

My experience of Sudocrem, only used it about max 1 week maybe.

  • Sudocrem puts a white layer on the face. (Google: sudocrem white face) The component of sudocrem is zinc-oxide, which is also used in some mineral based sunblockers. Ofcourse, you can use less to reduce this visibility of the white layer.
  • Difficult to wash off. Zinc oxide doesn’t disolve in water.
  • Sticky
  • Can clog pores
  • gave me an itchy irrirated feeling for about 1 hour after application


  • Cheap
  • May be very effective, but not sure.

Can you purchase this in the U.S.?

This is the Sudocrem website:

Depending on the country, it may have a different name. Also the product range may differ per country. But the main product of Sudocrem sold in a package shape like this:

The list the following as “key ingredients”:

  • Zinc oxide, which reduces the loss of tissue fluid
  • Anhydrous hypoallergenic lanolin, an emollient which soothes and softens skin
  • Benzyl alcohol, which has local anaesthetic and antiseptic properties that help to reduce discomfort

Zinc oxide is probably the main active ingredient, but I’m not sure if this is what is causing the positive effects in our case.

The Australian package says it contains:

Active Ingredients: Zinc oxide 15.25% w/w
Benzyl alcohol 0.39% w/w
Lanolin anhydrous hypoallergenic 4% w/w
Benzyl benzoate 1.01% w/w
Benzyl cinnamate 0.15% w/w

But strangely, the Sudocrem website doesn’t list the U.S., and also the U.S. doesn’t list Sudocrem. You may try similar zinc oxide products like:
(13% zinc oxide)

(20% zinc oxide)

Or try to buy it from eBay.

Alas I’ve been clear for almost a year but over the last three weeks it’s came back with a vengeance, Defcon 1 to be precise, Sudacrem didn’t help so had to go to the doctors and get antibiotics, cream & tablets which isn’t doing much tbh, but my immune system is compromised with a really nasty cold so that could be why nothing is working :cry:

Maybe it’s just temporary due to the cold, if not than you should give Soolantra a try.

I have used ZZ cream a couple of years ago. Now that I’m reading about it again (because of Heeelp! ), I noticed that it also contains zinc oxide, like Sudocrem. So I copy/paste my post from that topic here:

I have used ZZ Cream (Zhongzhou Zinc oxide ointment) a couple of years ago. But I didn’t noticed an improvement. ZZ Cream is from a Chinese company called Demodex Solutions:

They also sell other products. There also is a European version:

The product has sulfur in it, which gives a rotten egg smell, which is difficult to wash off the skin. So the smell may be noticable for like two days after washing it off, but I may be confusing this smell issue with sulfur soap that I have also used.
When applying it on the skin, it temporary feels a bit cold, which could be caused by the menthol in it.
My first ZZ Cream (little jar) contained a hair in the sealed area of the cream, which suggest that the production process could be better.

About the ingredients:

main ingredients, Sulphur, Zinc oxide and Menthol, the ointment contains many different Chinese herbs to make the ointment as effective as possible. This is why the Zhongzhou Zinc oxide and sublimed sulphur ointment (ZZ Cream) is much more effective than pure sulphur without the danger of burning of the skin.

The Ointments formula is protected by a Chinese state patent, some of the ingredients are: Zinc oxide, Sublimed sulfur, Menthol, Boric acid, salicylic acid, Chinese medicine herbs, and the base which is a complex formula on his own.

In western countries, they aren’t able to hide ingredients under names like “herbs” and “formula on his own”, so the European version says:

Ingredients: Aqua, Stearyl alcohol, Propylene glycol, Glycerol, Stearic acid, Zinc oxide, Sulfur, Isopropyl myristate, Petrolatum, Glyceryl stearate, Dimethicone, Menthol, Sorbitan stearate, Polysorbate 80, Wheat germ oil, Azone, Salicylic acid, Sodium lauryl sulfate.

Active ingredients: Zinc and Sulfur

I though the main ingredient was sulfur, but now that I’m reading about ZZ cream again, I see an ingredient that this forum (and I personally) already know about: Zinc oxide (which is the main ingredient of Sudocrem): Sudocrem saved me!
“ZZ” stands for “Zhongzhou Zinc”, which may suggest that zinc is more important than sulfur. (Zhongzhou is an area in China.)

Not sure why I didn’t notice effects with ZZ Cream but did with Sudocrem. I did use Sudocrem more rigorously.

Hi Tso,

I’ve been doing some reading on demodex treatments and apparently benzyl benzoate solutions are some form of recommended treatment. Might it possibly be the benzyl benzoate? Thought I’m unsure since the concentration is so low. Just a thought!
Literature says a solution of 12% benzyl benzoate can be effective for demodex