Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts

There are good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria play an important role in health, especially those in the gut. Good bacteria on the skin for example, help to prevent bad bacteria from colonizing it.

Regular soap (a surfactant) doesn’t kill bacteria, but lowers surface tension, which makes it easier to flush things (including bacteria) from the skin. But disinfectants do have the capability to kill bacteria, for example a chlorhexidine solution that also acts like a soap. (Which I have just on my face to try to get rid of the disease.)
But soaps can also remove part of the natural skin barrier protection (acid mantle).
Personally (for my case), I belief in being gentle for the skin (protecting its natural barrier), by moisturizing it and not using soap on the face.

I did try harsh things like bacteria decolonization by taking complete body bleach baths, but without possitive results. There is no clear evidence that bacteria play a role in this disease. Although I cannot rule it out. I still think demodex may play a role, maybe together in symbiosis with some bacteria. But that’s just a theory.

Personally I’m still clean since about 15 months ago. I wash my face twice a day, just with tap cold or lukewarm tap water, and apply Cetaphil moisturizer afterwards.

Is it still that one pimple that is causing problems? Or do you have multiple pimples/lesions that randomly appear/disappear on some areas on the face? (This last symptom is what most of us here have.)

I have a bad experience with triamcinolone. It did clear my face up, only while using it, but when I stopped (by trying to reduce it slowly), it gave a rebound effect: it comes back temporary much worse and then the disease continues as was before. Also, triamcinolone is bad for the skin and body, so I wouldn’t use it for a long period of time.

If you have what most of us have, than you should go for Soolantra. (When you go for Soolantra, also read this, to minimize a possible initial breakout: Bad first reaction )