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No grinding. Just use my hands and lather up the soap then continue for about 40 seconds working into face, head, hair, neck, ears, chest. I read somewhere that bacteria only get killed of after washing for this length of time. Sometimes i rub the bar on my head (my hair is really short). I use Dr Bonners bars or similar. It’s strange because before using rosiver this would have dried my skin out. Now i just apply a good amount of cerave moisturizer afterwards, including on my scalp, and my skin does not get dry or flakey. Even my dandruff has cleared up.


My thinking is that bacteria might be lurking on the body somewhere other than the face which is why i wash everywhere really well rather than just the face. It has the added advantage of never any body odor. Your partners will no doubt like that. :joy::joy:


Holy crap! There are other people suffering from this with me! A little info about myself:
I’m 38 years old, and a man. I was successfully able to escape puberty with exactly 4 zits throughout my entire adolescence (yes, I’m bragging). About a year and a half ago, I noticed a small pimple with a hard nodule attached to it, and once I brushed off that nodule it started oozing. I’ve been fighting this gross, crusty, oozing thing ever since. I’ve been to 3 separate dermatologists, been diagnosed with Acne Vulgaris and have had acne creams and washes thrown at me, but not a single dr has taken the time to actually listen to what I’m saying.
Reading through this forum I feel comfortable saying that I’m shocked. Shocked that this is CLEARLY affecting many people, but there isn’t a single clear diagnosis. WE’VE PUT PEOPLE ON THE MOON, BUT CAN’T DIAGNOSE A SKIN ISSUE!?!?
My mother in law gave my wife some Triamcinolone cream that seems like it helps (in that I’m taking some action against this enemy) but it feels like my skin has gotten thinner and less supple


There are good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria play an important role in health, especially those in the gut. Good bacteria on the skin for example, help to prevent bad bacteria from colonizing it.

Regular soap (a surfactant) doesn’t kill bacteria, but lowers surface tension, which makes it easier to flush things (including bacteria) from the skin. But disinfectants do have the capability to kill bacteria, for example a chlorhexidine solution that also acts like a soap. (Which I have just on my face to try to get rid of the disease.)
But soaps can also remove part of the natural skin barrier protection (acid mantle).
Personally (for my case), I belief in being gentle for the skin (protecting its natural barrier), by moisturizing it and not using soap on the face.

I did try harsh things like bacteria decolonization by taking complete body bleach baths, but without possitive results. There is no clear evidence that bacteria play a role in this disease. Although I cannot rule it out. I still think demodex may play a role, maybe together in symbiosis with some bacteria. But that’s just a theory.

Personally I’m still clean since about 15 months ago. I wash my face twice a day, just with tap cold or lukewarm tap water, and apply Cetaphil moisturizer afterwards.

Is it still that one pimple that is causing problems? Or do you have multiple pimples/lesions that randomly appear/disappear on some areas on the face? (This last symptom is what most of us here have.)

I have a bad experience with triamcinolone. It did clear my face up, only while using it, but when I stopped (by trying to reduce it slowly), it gave a rebound effect: it comes back temporary much worse and then the disease continues as was before. Also, triamcinolone is bad for the skin and body, so I wouldn’t use it for a long period of time.

If you have what most of us have, than you should go for Soolantra. (When you go for Soolantra, also read this, to minimize a possible initial breakout: Bad first reaction )


Thanks for the information Tso. All I can say is that my daily ritual seems to work for me. I don’t think I’m using anything harsh so I’ll keep doing the same thing and let you all know how things go. As the medical profession seems a bit lost with this condition I’m not sure the science is quite there to give us the answers we need.


Maybe it isn’t the soap itself that’s helping, but maybe you’re just really cleaning off that layer of lotion that was maybe creating a problem. Yours is kind of a conundrum. I bought some of that soap you mentioned and I like it a lot, but it is making me break out in very minor blemishes. With these things, you never know if it’s ‘die off’ or if your skin really can’t handle it.


Had this shit for months and I finally got rid of it myself it’s to infections fungal and bacterial use a cream like dackcort and pure oregano oil Zane Hellas undiluted trust me try all the shitty antibiotics and it kept coming back weekly now since I used this my beard area is clear and hair is growing bk also as soon as i stopped eating sugar I noticed the itch that is allways there has gone hope this helps


Hi folks, just checking in with an update. I’ve started Rosiver (Soolantra’s brand name in Canada) again about a week ago. I started getting a few lesions after stopping Rosiver in early Feb 2018. So I went a good 2-3 months lesion free. The lesions were nothing major and no oozing but i decided to start Rosiver just to keep things in check. Reading back over some earlier posts I see the Tso had some success with sudocream so may give it a go if i can get hold of it here in Canada. I’ve had no bad reaction to starting Rosiver again. I’ve had a few minor lesions but things appear to be improving. I’ll keep you updated. I’m wondering if Daniella is still clear as i think she stopped around the same time i did.


How are you doing with Sudocrem?


I haven’t tried it yet. But i will. Thanks for the reminder.


@misfit108, have you tried sudocream?


I tinkered with it, but have not done much with it. It is literally a white paste that you apply to your face and your face stays white. I’m not sure how someone goes out in public with it or sleeps on a pillow with it.


I wouldn’t go out in public with it, with the amounts that I was using. On the other hand, it works like a 100% protective sunscreen, so with these warm weathers outside, you may have an additional reason :wink:
You could try a place a disposable paper towel or sheet on the pillow? Or you can skip it during sleep. I’m not sure anymore whether I was using it at night.
But for me, only using it a couple of days seems to be enough for keepings my face clear for more than a year (and still counting).


I am going to try it, but I don’t know how it would help me with the eyelids- which is my worst hit area. I really feel like any progress I make on my face just makes the demodex (if we are subscribing to that theory) go hide in my eyelids and nostrils and ear canals. But as all of us know, gotta keep trying new things. Gotta keep trying old things in different ways.


Did you try the sudocream yet mate? I’m still procrastinating given i have so much soolantra left.


Haven’t tried it yet. It’s like a thick paste that just sits on your face. I work two jobs and would never have enough time to let that goop sit on my face for a few days to see if it works. And there is always the issue that one of my toughest areas is always the eyelids. I can’t smear that stuff in my eyelids.

So, no. Haven’t tried yet. Just cruising along on soolantra for the time being.


I used Sudocrem for about 1 week, about 20 months ago and I’m still clean since that moment. I’m not sure anymore whether I also used it at night, but I had it on my face during the day (while working at home) and washed it off my face every day.
So in my case, 1 week worked effectively, but maybe using it just a few days could also have worked. You could try putting it on the face after work, maybe leaving it on the face during the night. (Although maybe that could cause a sticky mess on the pillow and hairs.)

@col, if you want to try Sudocrem, then I would do so when you still have some Soolantra left, just in case things go bad by using Sudocrem. (In my case, Sudocrem did cause some irritated feeling and redness on the skin after using it for some days and it did cause clocked pores acne. Both were temporary.)

What does it look like? (photos)



Im still dealing with the same skin problem. Right now its at its worst its ever been as of a week ago. Before i would have one, two, or three bumps on my face now it is all over, with the crusts / wounds getting quite large.

Id like to ask you guys a few questions to see if there are any common factors between us that might point to what could be causing it.

  1. Do you have a pet dog?

  2. What is your diet like (please name any food intolerances / allergies)? Drug / Alcohol use?

  3. How active are you? Do you go to the gym and if so, how often?

  4. Are you diabetic or have any other existing auto immune disease?

If you could please answer that would be much appreciated.

As for me i stopped using the soolantra because i felt everytime id stop it, my skin problem would just come back and sometimes worse, i didnt feel it was treating the root cause.

I am now just trying to use a sea salt and water method by washing my face with it in the morning amd night since last week although the face my skin has broken out all over my face ot seems to be very hard to keep under control and it spreads easily.

Hopefully it heals fast

What does it look like? (photos)

Hi @RecoverE,

(I have moved your post to this main topic.)

Note that a dry environment can increase the problem. This is often the case during winter periods. The larger the temperature difference between inside your home and outside, the dryer the environment inside. So hydrating the skin (by using a moisturizer, may be important). (See Skin hydration & Moisturizers for info about hydration.) Applying salt water on the skin, may dry out the skin.

About your questions:

  1. I don’t have a dog or pet. Although, I deed see a dog on weekly basis about 1 to 1.5 years before I clearly noticed and remembered the skin problem for the first time. (So I cannot rule out a relation with dogs and the skin problem, and I did wonder about this myself.)
  2. I’m possibly lactose intolerant. I don’t use alcohol nor drugs.
  3. I go 3 times a week to the gym for weight training, although I do sit a lot behind my desk. When I noticed the skin problem for the first time, I didn’t do exercise. I started with it about 1 years before before I was fully cleared from the lesions. (I don’t know whether exercise had an effect on the lesions.)
  4. I don’t have any disease other than allergy for dust mites, cats and some grasses. Although maybe my bloodpressure was a little bit too high.

How effective was Soolantra for you when you just started with it compared to before you started with it? In my case, it was like 90% effective.

If you want to try out something different, I would suggest Sudocrem. Which improved my last 10% and made me 100% cleared (except for skin bumps and acne.)

Something that seems to have cleared up my acne and skin bumps is intermittent fasting, which I do since April/May this year. Intermittent fasting is also able to improve skin in other people (although there are no reports here about this in relation with the oozing lesions) and is able to improve general health on almost every general aspect (ranging from cancer risk reduction to dementia to weight reduction to skin problems).
I wanted to start a topic about this here, but it’s still in draft.