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When you say you wash your face twice a day with just water… this means, literally, just water or you wash it with some kind of soap? I would love to break away from Soolantra like you, so I might try a stint with just Cetaphil and see how it goes. I like Cerave and that helped improve hydration, but I was still getting the nastiness.


Yes, I wash my face only with tap water, without soap. And than Cetaphil to moisturize and protect. Cetaphil is more greasy than Cerave, has no smell compared to Cerave, and maybe last longer on the skin. (Cerave PM is also supposed to have no smell, but somehow, mine gave an unpleasant chemical acidic smell.) Cerave feels like it’s getting in the the skin, whereas Cetaphil feels like a bit of a greasy protected layer. The greasiness is cosmetically maybe unwanted, but it’s not very greasy.

But I don’t know if you can simply stop using Soolantra and switch over to Cetaphil. In my case, Soolantra did lower the lesions/problem a lot, but it didn’t stop the problem completely. It was after using Sudocrem Sudocrem saved me! for a few days that I’m almost like 100% cleared. (I say “almost” because I sometimes do see very small lesions, but they are rare, small and doesn’t really ooze, even though they look similar to the lesions.) I think after Sudocrem, I started using Cetaphil continously to keep the skin heathly and protected. But Cetaphil by itself probably isn’t able to remove/combat the lesions (whereas Sudocrem possibly does, like Soolantra), it possibly does provide/maintain protection.

So in my case, it’s unclear what exactly made me clear. Maybe there is some other factor that I’m unaware of. But if Soolantra is helping but isn’t fixing the problem to near 100%, than it may be worth trying to use Sudocrem. And than, Cetaphil to maintain and protect. (Not sure if I can replace Cetaphil with any moisturizer.)


So far so good! :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been using Soolantra for just over a month now and apart from the outbreak I had when I started using it, which persisted for the first few days, I haven’t had anything. The tube they gave me was only 30g which is obviously hardly anything so I need to go back and ask for more as it’s running very low now.


Good to hear that it is also working for you.
I think I could use one tube of 30g for about 2-3 months, when applying it daily. If I’m correct, @misfit108 even uses a tube for longer periods. So you could try to apply a bit less. Or maybe dampen the face a bit with water before applying it, then Soolantra spreads more easily over the face.


I recommend doing some self-tests. I really found that applying a very, VERY small amount just between my eyebrows and down the sides of my nose keeps my whole face clear. So, using that small amount, I made the 30g tube last 18+ months. And I use it every OTHER day. If you use that stuff liberally, it is going to be very expensive. I just bought my second tube recently and it was $400! But at least I accrued enough points at my pharmacy for the purchase to get a free pack of gum, so there’s always a silver lining in everything!


i started having them since i was 23 or around so. not sure why they appeared and what triggers them. iam currently 34 and still having them. that’s more than 10 years! i thought that they are going to disappear by this age, they haven’t. despite all of those creams, hgh, lotions etc. that i have spent lots of money on trying to make them disapear. thanks for some new advises that i’ve seen here through your posts. do you mind if i would have other questions for you ? thanks!


Welcome Hishists! Feel free to ask any question, that why we are here :slight_smile:
You should give Soolantra a try, it helps a lot of people here.


The tube of rosiver I get is 60g and it lasted me about 18 months. I think if you’re getting through 30g in a few weeks then you are using a lot. Misfit is using even less than me and it’s still effective. I’m going to cut down to see if any lesions appear. So far I’m pretty much 100% clear using every second day.


Oh, and I’m using cerave after showering when I don’t use rosiver.



So in the end I used two 30g tubes of Soolantra, using about half a fingertip measurement every morning. Once the second tube was done I just stopped completely and I haven’t had a lesion since, it’s been a few days over a month now. I was getting them every couple of days before so I’m SO happy!
Fingers crossed it stays this way. I’m planning on going to my next derm apt and asking for another prescription for a tube just incase they ever crop back up.


That’s great Danniella. Really pleased for you. Keep us posted.


I’ve not is used Rosiver for about 2 weeks now and all is good.


24 days since i used Rosiver. Still clear.


Please keep updating us. Like to see folks heading towards remission.


Still no lesions at all since using Soolantra. (Nearly 3 months ago) Honestly it’s been life changing! So glad I found this forum


this sounds good! i have been suffering this for about 4months.i get really bad rashes and oozing on my face everyday that I need to put hydrocortisone cream twice a day.i think I am going to give soolantra a try.


Hi all,

I believe I have this skin condition. I’m 31 and around 1 and half months ago I noticed a large spot forming between my eyebrows, thinking it was a regular spot ( I used to get the odd big one every 4 months or so) I squeezed it when I thought it was ready. Big Mistake… It oozed what only can be described as a yellow/orangey liquid which used up two pieces of loo roll and still kept going. I let it dry which it did pretty rapidly but the colour was something else and it dried as a big cluster, itching like mad.

I booked an appointment with the GP around a week later and by that point it was a crusty yellowish scab, I tried explaining what it was like when it formed but they diagnosed Impetigo and prescribed fusidic acid. The fusidic acid to be fair cleared it up within around 3 days and I continued to use it for around a week after to be sure it had gone. However it has come back with a vengeance in the last few days, 1 and half months later, same place as last time, it has also made an appearance on my nose as well… Which I just want itch so badly.

I went to the doctors yesterday and they’ve prescribed me with Metronidazole which I need to use for the next 6 weeks, having now found this website however I’ve gone and ordered Soolantra online which is around £40 in the UK.

Once I’m the Soolantra I’ll provide updates on my results… Watch this space. Fingers crossed!


Good news is, you are not alone. That’s the story of my life right there- dozens of different doctors telling me its impetigo and handing me creams and antibiotics. I spent 20 years of my life like that. Please chime in later on and let us know how the Soolantra helped. We’re hoping you get your face back.


About 54 days since I used rosiver. Still clear. I’m ensuring I continue to shower twice a day and wash my face really well. After washing i moisturize well using Cerave.


That’s quite remarkable. Now, a few questions. What makes it different- taking a full shower twice a day instead of taking an AM shower and just washing your face in the sink at night like a majority of us do? What soap do you use to wash your face? And does ‘washing it really well’ involve anything more than just rubbing soap on your hands and rubbing it around on your face? Are you applying to a wash cloth or anything else and grinding away at your face?

Inquiring minds want to know!