Main topic - Oozing Yellow Crusts

  1. Dog has nothing to do with it. I’ve lived in different countries and different cities. Sometimes I’ve had a dog, other times I have not. Crusts either way.

  2. My diet is perfect. I eat meat and veggies and nothing else, not even fruit or dairy or bread. Still crusts.

  3. Active. Stay fit. Go to the gym frequently. Still crusts.

  4. Not diabetic. No autoimmune disease.

If you want to get better, persist with soolantra. I thought the same way as you for a long time. I tried all the tea tree and other garbage for almost two years. Don’t fall for the marketing you see online. Tea tree made it worse for me and it made it worse for a lot of people. I now use soolantra and do not fixate on the route cause. the root cause is that your body is detecting something it thinks is an enemy. MAybe that is demodex mites, maybe it is not. Who knows? then it pumps lymphatic fluid (the yellow ooze) onto the spot to heal over it like a wound.

It’s either soolantra or suffer. That’s how I live my life now. After 20 years of having that stuff almost every other day, I chose soolantra and got on with my life.


Thanks for the replies.

The only reason i dont want to use soolantra again is because I dont want to be dependent on it, especially when it says not to use it longer than 4 months.

There must be some root cause and im determined to figure it out. So far ive seen a lot of dermatologists who cant diagnose it - done swab tests, blood tests, checked my kidneys, MRI scans, nothing. I have an appointment with a gut doctor next week as my endocrinologist for my diabetes said it could be related to celiac disease / candida / h pylori, so i am going to see if any of this could be the case.

Ive found that when i eat a diet with no meat and dairy, my skin problem doesnt go away but it calms down a lot.

This recent bad breakout I think was also due to the fact that my stress levels have been crazy the past 2 weeks, possibly the most stressed ive ever been, and i went from eating a mainly plant-based diet to eating dairy and meat, alcohol, and anything i would have normally eaten as a result from the stress, and here I am now with my skin problem at its worst. I went back to eating plant based 3 days ago, and this morning my skin seems to be getting a bit better.

There have been periods where ive gone 2 or 3 months with really small lesions rarely with no lymphatic fluid, and then times where it just wont go away and is constantly there. I do find though that the times where Ive had long periods of clear skin are when I was using soolantra, seems to get worse at first then clears up, but this takes a couple months and after i reach the 4 months of recommended use i stop using it due to the chemicals etc. and thats when i notice my skin is clear but then it comes back worse after a short while.

So while soolantra does seem like the best option right now for us, Im determined to try find the root cause and my instinct is that it has something to do with candida.

I have been dealing with candida for over 10 years and never got rid of it. Constant athletes foot when i was younger which i kind of learned to live with after it wouldnt go away. I say i think its candida because i get red patches of skin on my body and itch when i drink alcohol, and i have for 2 years been dealing with an itchy scalp which has red patches on it, to the point where my barber always comments on it. (Could be skin pigment but the fact my scalp is so itchy - one of the first symptoms i faced before all my skin lesions - lets me believe it might be candida / fungal.

My diabetes also makes it easy for candida to thrive. Unfortunately a friend of mine passed away last year due to H Pylori in the gut, which gave her cancer, so if it can have such detrimental effects on the body I definitely do want to see a gut doctor to rule these things out and run my symptoms through with them if any of it could be related.

Will report after I go to an appointment.

Take care


The only chemical/drugs in Soolantra (compared to a normal moisturizer) is ivermectin. In my case, quiting with Soolantra didn’t result in a worsening. Also note that if you aren’t using any moisturizer, than quiting with Soolantra isn’t just quitting with ivermectin, you then also quit with using a moisturizer, which can lead to dryer skin and thus increase the skin problem.

Soolantra is tested and designed for rosacea. Maybe they mention 4 months because they haven’t tested it for a longer period. If you want to minimize any long term risk while using it, you could also try to lower the amount per application or the frequency of application.

Btw, I did have scalp itch when I sweat a lot during exercise combined with a warm environment, which may be cholinergic urticaria. But I haven’t noticed it anymore since intermittent fasting.

I would recommend to at least use a moisturizer comparable to the one mentioned here: Skin hydration & Moisturizers and to give Sudocrem a try. And if you’re open for further experimentation, than you could try intermittent fasting (IF). (IF can also have a large positive impact on diabetes, but it can be recommened to discus this with your doctor if you’re on special medication for it.)



I haven’t posted on here in nearly two years, and that’s because no news is good news : ) after 10 years of suffering, I used soolantra daily for one month and haven’t had an outbreak since.

@Tso, have you ever considered contacting a dermatology researcher or something? Someone who could finally give this skin condition a name and get this information published so that other dermatologists know about it, and no other sufferers have to feel like a medical mystery anymore? Just something I’ve thought about over the years…


So you don’t take Soolantra anymore? Good to hear that it fully cleared you. Although Soolantra works for most of us, not everybody becomes 100% clear.

Such ideas crossed my mind. But researchers would maybe need more patients than where I am located, which are difficult to find. Most users here are from US, Canada or UK. Researchers would maybe also need some research funding.
Before I learned about Soolantra, things like this crossed my mind: maybe I should stop with everything I do and try to become a dermatologist myself to cure my own disease.


Hey hope you guys are well, I am thinking of going to my GP to get soolantra again since my skin keeps breaking out. It seems as though I tend to break out more frequently when I shave, for example, I tend to get those weeping red bumps sometimes in places where I have shaved my face. I had a long moustache for over a year and while I did get a rare red bump there, now that I have shaved my moustache and keep it shaved, I seem to be getting these weeping bumps / sores in the places where i shave. Anyone here notice the same?

The salt water method seemed to dry my skin out too much. I did switch to using olive leaf extract in vegetable glycerin which definitely helped with keeping my skin moisturized, and seemed to help with the inflammation of these lesions, but right now im dealing with another outbreak.

I should be getting some benzoyl peroxide cream tomorrow in the mail since I read that it worked for someone here, just going to give it a try.

Tso, thanks for your efforts with this website. Are you still using soolantra for this skin issue and has yours ever returned? Thanks


Just woke up with a swollen bags under my left eye… ive also notice this tends to affect my eyes, but quite rarely. Just so happens this morning was one of those days… worries me because of my diabetes / diabetic retinopathy. Really just want this problem to go away.


Have you been using Soolantra continously, or did you have a break?

In my case the lesions also occured outside the shaving area. Like you say, dry skin causes your skin barrier to become weaker, making you more prone to the lesions. Shaving may also cause the skin barrier to become a bit weaker, especially when strong alcohol products are used.
I did read a case study somewhere in which a guy reused this razor too long, causing a bad bacteria buildup on this razor that caused lesions. (Maybe not the same as ours, but maybe more like impetigo caused by staph.)
I use a moisturizer on daily basis from the same company that makes Soolantra, to protect my skin: Skin hydration & Moisturizers

Benzoyl peroxide is able to dry out the skin, but if I’m correct, I did read somewhere that it helped someone. If you try it, let us know the results.

The swollen eye problem is something that isn’t reported very often, but some members here do have that problem, including me before I started with Soolantra. In my case, I contribute that cause to demodex mites, as I tested some eyelashes that were involved in lesions on the eyelids, under a microscope.
The problem completely disappeared shortly after starting with Soolantra, even though I didn’t apply in near the eyes. (You shouldn’t apply it near the eyes, according to the manual.)

I’m not really using Soolantra anymore after I got fully cleared after using Sudocrem for some days. ( Sudocrem saved me! ). I did use Soolantra a few times afterwards because I thought it was maybe coming back, but it did not.

If you want to change your regimen, then I would suggest to try the combination of this:

  • Soolantra to supress the problem
  • A moisturizer to improve skin barrier protection
  • Sudocrem for some days when you’re at home or at night.
  • Intermittent fasting (IF) to improve health in general (which includes immume system and insuline resistance). In my case, IF removed acne and bumps that seemed to be related to the oozing lesions. If you are diabetic, then it may be recommended to discus IF with your doctor before starting with it.



So far its my second day using the benzoyl peroxide cream (5% - The brand name is Acnecide) - I notice that it definitely reduces the size and severity of the lesions and almost stops them from getting larger if i notice one forming. So far it seems to be working efficiently at this, although I am still getting new break outs at the same rate. Still only the second day but seems quite promising. The only issue is that it dries my skin out a lot since thays part of the way it works so im just going to wait and see how my skin reacts after a couple of days.

As for my eye the swelling went down, but there was persistant itchiness where my eyelashes are but this seems to have gone away after 2 days.