My thorough sum up!

Hi from France, 32 years old guy here.

Happy new year everybody.

TLDR at the end if you want :wink:

Questions for you all in the end too. (after the TLDR part)

For the tests and analysis of 2013 and 2015/16, I can find the exact dates and give you details on some variables if it can be interesting for some datas.
(I guess I can find back the records in 5 minutes.)

This was written and completed over like 3 weeks- with ideas and situations spanning over 25 years- so maybe some lines will be not at the right place or not logical, sorry about that.

I will try to be as thorough as possible here, because it seems, from what I read here and there, and from what I have been thinking, our trouble can comes from:

demodex infestation, diet/alcool/smoking, impetigo, herpes complications, other STDs ? other yet obscure causes…

And lately, I add mental condition / stress consequences, I will explain later.
(and maybe just a big mix of all this plus more)

If I put all this, is to see if it triggers some idea(s) or links between all this in someones mind.
Because we can reasonably hope there is link(s) between all of us.

One point to remember during the whole reading, the mix of not well-healed neck sprain and beeing depressive/anxious, I am never properlly rested.
Always weak and tired.

Is this a common point with you guys ? or some of you are perfectly fine on that matter, balanced & happy.
(that is before The Disease strikes … ? )

Another point is: I never had yellow fluid crusting just from the skin, or patches like some of you, it was always from white pimples after they broke or after I removed the white head.

Psychological part:

Bit different of other childs, issues with going to school.
(like litteraly crying in the school entrance or playground, each morning, for years, until like 7yo)

(but OK once in the classroom, and very good results until 11 or 12 years old, roughly, and never had to really work for an exam)

I need to sleep a lot, and am never properlly rested.

the point is on the mental state is:
if you felt like this since you can remember, how can you realize other people are not feeling the same inside…
(and what if you are just a lazy & complaining person ? …)
-> this kind of sentence can be offen heard by long time depressed or slightly autistic people.

So I realized it was not normal and I was some kind of depressed, like around 27 or 30 years old.

And I really took assesments/tests recently in books and certified documents, and yes, I am like chronically depressed since like 20 years, but with a worsening between 25 and 32.

Later, amongst a lot of other things plus crawling depression, I started thinking, I was a bit autistic / asperger.

But not because this is becoming a “trend” recently amongst depressed people, just because of facts and stuff I remember from the last 30 years, and it is so clear now that I put them together.
(not the topic, so not explaining the reasons, but if you want, I can…)

Growing paranoia too, lately, like last 5 or 7 years. (it is not a problem for now, I mean not visible and not important.)

Self confidence was, normal-ish, but it is diving last years.

And diving at supersonic pace since I experienced these pimples, as most of you know, it is very hard to sustain others gaze when you have this condition.
And I even feel -when I have an outburst- that I am even more socially ankward, fleeing from people, wanting to be lonely, and avoiding people.

-> this last part is where this yellow crust pimples have the most impact: psychologically and on the self confidence part precisely.
this is real nightmare for me, specially at work. (as for most of you)

To sum up this psychological part, three word: anxious, depressed and stressed.

So very tired always; and as several generalist doctors told me, if you are seriously mentally depressed since a long time, you are in consequence immunosuppressed too.
(And as i discovered years ago, normally Demodex stays in low numbers, and mainly on eyelashes.
If your immune system is normal and you feel well, they should be rejected by your normal sebum outside eyes edges.)

So this is for the psychological part.

Diet & substance(s):

I had a period, roughly highscool, when I ate Nutella in tons for weeks or months.
I mean, really, the jar my mom bought was like 850 grams if I recall.
And I was sometime at a rate of 1 jar/day or 1 jar per 2 days, just with the spoon…

I guess this was the more potent drug for me if you look at the pure addiction side.

And this was in addition of the normal meals, like coming back from high school with the bus around 17h30/6PM and eating it without the ability to stop. Always one more spoon.

So I guess, maybe, I broke something in my body doing this, like sensors, or liver, or I do not know.
Or more probably damaged or changed the composition of my intestinal flora.
(this is backed up by more and more studies; and even closely linked with depression or never healing diseases… but this is a very young topic in science it seems)

Overall, always heavily sugar tempted, not addicted, because I could say no, but I rarely did. So tons of sugar in yogurts, crepes …

And later, between 19 and 23, same kind of stupid stuff, like drinking tea saturated with sugar, making milkshakes with minimum amount of milk, just Nutella boosted with sugar, fastfood everyday …

During my studies, I stoped every added sugar for months, it was good, after that I was able to taste sugar hints in a dish, which was not the case anymore after all the excess.

-19yo to 23yo period, roughly(2007->2010)

smoking weed nearly each evening for weeks or months with my flatmates and childhood friends.
But never felt paranoid at the time, always good times, funny parties, with real abuse on the quantity/quality/potency of the substance…

I guess I maybe broke something into my brain here.

But no clear and sudden decompensation or issues, just on the long run, I felt the situation was worse and worse years after quitting smoking on daily basis. (i felt really not good first time like in 2011 or 12)

On weed side so, I barely never smoke.
Like 10 puffs a year these last 2 years. Compared to hundreds a week 12 years ago.
(because it is getting me highly paranoid, stressed,sweaty, socially ankward in most of the cases)
And i think i will completely stop THC stuff from now on, as it has nearly no positive effect anymore, but several negative ones, just listed.

And cigaretts, from 1 a week in the beginning in 2006, to 25 a day before stopping nearly completely in 2010.
Nowadays I only smoke cigs rarely, when i am with smoking friends, or when drunk, which is like 5 times a year max.

Tried LSD once, mushrooms maybe 5 times max. (all this between end of 2010 and end of 2011)

Never did hard drugs, ever.

I am not a heavy drinker.
But had a few big drunk moment, but rare compared to other peoples.
Like max 10 serious hangovers in my life and never forgot what i did the previous night…

Nowadays, i still like chocolate and sugar, spicy things too.
But I try to eat balanced, I mean I really take care, but at the same time i try not to think to much about it.

This is it for the “intake” part.

Me & “The disease” itself:

First thing I remember, like 5-ish years ago, i saw little white pimples on my chin after a night having beers and cigarettes in a bar or nightclub.
Or maybe it was a tingling yellowish piece of crust or dry skin, always bothering me from time to time, on the center between my mouth and chin. But roughly same period of my life.

But it stayed like this and pretty under the radar for months I guess. And no yellow crust.

And red dry area at the comissure of my lips, like “perlèches” in french a few times after or before, cannot remember.

I think the english/general term is Angular Cheilitis
It started around 2015; was quite regular, but slight. (not huge holes or crusts like in pics on internet.)
Just stripes of dry skin peeling with red area under, ollowing the lips natural shape and folds.

I went to a drugstore/pharmacy, and I was fearing it was herpes at the time, and she said no; just light “perlèches”.
and she gave me an oinment for babies and child lips comissure.

It was better but not perfect.

Then during a situation (summer 2016) with lot of stress and driving and -as usual- a not restfull bedtime, I was having several of this pimples, mostly just pink “normal” pimples, but sometime with the yellow crust after.

Nearly always were beard hair are present, and never outside face.
(It was, at the time, very rare. I felt concerned about it, but because I barely never had skin issues. It was very light and rare compared to later and now.)

Now I recall, even maybe years before, I had a lot of itchy feeling on my scalp and dandruff.

These days I barely never have dandruff, or not a big amount. So not a problem.

But i notice more and more on pimples on my scalp these last years. And when I feel them with my fingers, and try to sample the top with my nails, it is quite like on the face.

And when sometime I feel a crust on one of them, I carefully take it with my fingers, and most of the time it is yellow too.

I had several diagnoses, like “this is nothing”, “clean your clipper or razor with alcool”, “this is herpes” ect.

So going in different directions ect.

Recently i noticed:

From a situation with few or barely visible pimples (so a quite OK situation compared to last years, during which this is always going up and down):
during a stressing period, or a short moment of time when i feel very anxious or not at ease:
a little white headed pimple (that will spread yellow transparent crust when squeezed or pierced) can appear from nothing in a few minutes or hours, and this is really fast (and annoying).

One of the clear changes between before, and the situation when i start noticing these pimples:

My girlfriend had a rabbit on October 2014.
So since then, i am pretty much always living with a rabbit within the flat.
still the case today, still the same rabbit.

I got a decay tooth cleaned and filled by dentist somewhere during

Two things that made me thinking it could be demodex:

On beggining of september 2007, I had for the first and only time signs of Demodex blepharitis.
Just the dry skin pieces around base of eyelashes.

I didnt do anything about it then; and it disapeard within a month if I recall correctly.

Our family dog, we had roughly from me beeing age 9 to 25, had -I realize it now- some demodex issues.
He was never properlly treated or cured; because sometime simptoms were disapearing by themself, but he had crusts, yellow ones; patch of skin without hair ect…

Maybe it was not Demodex Canis, but it was looking like this.

As treatments, recently, I had:

End of 2016:
not knowing what it was, i went to a generalist doctor, she was the replacement of the normal one, and said: Herpes.

I didnt think twice about it and applied treatment; which was conventionnal herpes local ointment called Alcicovir.
So it was an anti herpes oinment, but i applied it like for 10 days on pimples that were probably not herpes. (and definitly not on lips)

I guess this is not a good thing, but is was done …

Spring 2018:
One take invermectin pills according to my bodyweight and a 3 month sebum reduction treatment. (after finding it on a french page, which led me here afterward

Sadly I do not recall if it was perfect or clean all the way.

But it was not as bad as this week for example.

~5th of August 2019 to ~5th of December 2019:
4 month of Soolantra prescribed by my derm.

Was not totally clean, had a few pimples here in there; but again, nothing compared to now.

The “now” situation point:

I guess this is worth than ever, always same zone, slightly on nose edges; otherwyse chin and mouth sides, within the beard area, not outside.
Sometime outside, like one or to big pimples on the cheeks. Taking long time to heal too.

This is a major outburst, but cannot tell what is what because last 3/4 weeks were:
-end of 4 months of Soolantra
-a big party with colleagues, few beers, few cocktails, few cigarettes, too little sleep, a little bit drunk
-changing & incertain situation at work
(not directly stressfull, just, not knowing where I go and toward which situations…)
-heavily tired like usually

And this is like a vicious circle really, the more pimples, the more i think about it, the worse I become on the mental/self confidence part, the more tired…

These last 2 weeks this is even worse than usually, sorry to put it that way but:
I cannot see how or when this is going to be better, and the last 2 / 3 weeks have really been ankward and tough on social life, and at work.
I had ankwards social situations at work, and I cancelled the most part of end year / christmas social part. No friends, no family.
So really really hard and depressing even more than before these weeks

If I sum up the long term psychological whole thing and linked to physical (slight mental health decrease over long periods for some people) and work and active life and stress and bad situations in life:
Maybe this is just a consequence of working in stressfull and demanding environment; beeing subject to “useless stress” and less and less happy on the long run
-> long term “weary” feeling and let time to rest

these symptoms are the sum of all this plus maybe a causing/triggering physical factor; like Demodex, if this is really it.
(and for now, without better explaination, I will lean toward these hypothese.)

Next step is checking the demodex population and density with a microscope.
Globally on the skin itself if I can, and more specifically on the roots of beard hairs and on the face globaly.

Because I read -when i started searching for this “Disease”- something about Demodex I do not remember where, and that said roughly:

“if your are not depressed (in all meaning of the word) and your immune system is normal: you will not be invaded with demodex.
You will have, maximum a few individuals near your eyelashes base and between the eyelash and the hole”


born premature (6 months)
arterial canal closure

~ 1992
tonsils removal

left ankle sprain, well healed

late 2005
medication mixed with alcool intoxication

late 2006
first girlfriend and first sex

early 2007
neck sprain, never well treated/reeducated. Still a problem, weak neck, back problems until now 12 years latter…

aug/sep 2008
noticed signs of blepharitis around base of eyelashe, but it disapeared and I didnt check about it, was not even aware this was a thing.

early 2012
-new girlfriend, the one I am with since then
-> so HIV and STDs basic tests in blood and urine: all negative
-start to work “normally”
(regulary, on full time job, and without stop for the next 7 years. “adult life” if we can say so)
and beeing more and more tired each day from that point
-wisdom teeth removed

late 2012/early 2013
worked with horses for 5 month in UK

late 2013
global health check by french social welfare, all round, nothing critical if I recall. I can check if you want.

2014 or 2015
first and only tooth decay, removed and filled by dentist

late 2015
girlfriend got a rabbit, so living with a rabbit since then

roughly a year after or in the following two years, started to have theese skin issues, never had or noticed before. But memories are unclear, so maybe I am wrong on timing here.

2015 (or maybe 2016 with fucidine and stuff)
Full blood check in private lab, all viruses and normal stuff. Nothing wrong or too high or too low.
Just Herpes Simplex (only “bad” thing in the whole list).

treated with Fucidine orally and some silver or zync oxyde oinment on the pimples.

march 2018
treated with oral invermectine once, followed by 3 month on sebum reduction pills
(I dont remember if it was really better or not, but since i have no recollection, I guess it was better.)

~5th of August 2019 to ~5th of December 2019
soolantra for 4 months; daily; on T zone

late October 2019
after left foot thumb sprain (doing sport)
I noticed a little white pimple where eyelashes grows on left eye
Showed it to general doc, he said not a problem, definitly not eye herpes, and gave me a paper to show it to my derm.
But it went as it came, so no time to show it to my derm, but i will tell him anyway when I will see him end of week. (10 Jan 2020)

2018 and 19
I have been experiencing with Tea Tree Oil. (puting
sometime it was fine, but for the period from summer 2018 to now, i havent been 100% clear anyway, always a few pimple or a tingling/itching feeling somewhere on the face.

–> current situation, since 3 weeks, rebound effect after stoping Soolantra (or I dont know why), but worse than ever.
Slightly better since roughly 5 days, but still a problem. (I put back Soolandtra)
(my chin and sides of the chin was covered of pimples 2 weeks ago)

Now it is just like 10 pimples including 3 “new” with white heads and 2 “middle situation” with yellow crust, the others are healing and pink)
And they take “forever” to heal as before.

Questions / other solutions:

If a big outburst is related to diet/alcool/smoking consumption: how much time after ? when does consequences strikes ?

wheat ? blood sugar level ? what else did you noticed ? …

I will try anyway to eat without sugar or added sugar and only vegetables and “starchy” for the next few weeks, because I wanted to try this since years.

Can it be where we sleep ? or something in the pillow or matress ? (or in the sheet/cover)
(I notice the zone on which I have the more yellow crust and pimples right now is the zone between my chin and right cheek.)

Can it be we are not “compatible” with the person with live with ?

Can it come from saliva or fluorine based products ? (if i recall it was one of my derms theories)

While recently searching about or problem, I came across Tularemia, and freaked out, because of the rabbit my GF has since 2014, but i do not think this is linked.

And of course Perioral Dermatisis, I finally think what I have is a mix of this and another thing.

Can it be an allergy(ies) we all share ?
(I dont think so but … and first i thought about rabbit hair allergy, but if so, why only on face and scalp, and always in the same spots)

Any gum problems ? (I think I am having some light gum issues since some weeks, will see dentist in April)

Any respiratory/lung issues ? (Will see an Otorhinolaryngologist in February, just to be sure)

And lately, thanks to misfit108 who posted on Jan '16 in the main topic:

Do we all share a tooth fixing/filling ?
Or a “foreign body” or piece of something in our bodies ?
(But so, why we have mainly this condition on face).

For you guys, do you close shave, or just clipper ?
(I just use a clipper with no shoe. I was shaving years ago, but has not been the case since like 5 years or more.)

I have a tendency to think that if I skip a face clipping time, I got more pimples.(it is usually once a week, during weekends)

During 2018 and 2019 I was clipping with TTO on the clipper, and then shower just after, with shampoo and soap mixed with organic TTO.
But the clipper+TTO part is quite qgressive for the xskin, probably not a good idea to do it regularly.

other solutions/ medications:

I just read about Colloidal Silver in comments of a Demodex themed youtube video some days ago.
From what the person said, this exactly what I need. (not only my skin, but my eyes are always red and burning too)

And I just found one topic here about this, so maybe to consider.
(I wrote “to consider”, but I am so excited about it, because some comments on the youtube video seems so sincere and relieving, particulary on the eyes point.)

I wanted to post this way earlier; but it took time to write, even if I am not 100% satisfied with it now.

In the meantime because I was so down because of the recent big outburst, I took my 3rd or 4th appointment with my derm, it will take place next Friday (10th of Jan)
I think i will ask/tell him about Colloidal Silver and ask again for oral ivermectin, this time two takes, not just once.
And other ideas, just out of curiosity.

Sorry for the long text, but I just would like to know if any situation/things i mentionned will trigger a “hey I had that too” effect on some of you.
So we can like have a list of questions from everybody here, put them in common, and tick or untick which is “true for everybody” or not.

And i would like to have, as everybody here, maybe a 100% solution.
(for now i will try vegetables diet and i am already putting back Soolantra on my face before bed since a few days)

Hit me with questions on anything not clear or if you want details on some points.

Cheers and thanks to Tso for creating this board.

A definitely ashamed and fed up frenchy.
Waiting to hear from you guys and girls.

PS: sorry for very dense text, but it is not taking some spaces and spacings (it seems.)

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I never had a depression, I think, even though this skin problem can be very depressive. But I’m a bit lucky that I can work a lot at home.

I think I had both. Sometimes is was more pimple like, other times it was swollen skin that started to break out.

I currently have a period of non-oozing lesions always between the mouth and chin. I’m still puzzling why it seems to be exclusively this area.

I had a rabbit before the skin problem, but I’m not sure how much time there was between the rabbit died and the skin problem. Could be like 2 years.

I also had blepharitis, which completely disappeared after starting with Soolantra.
I think my blepharitis was caused by demodex, because I examined one blepharitis pimpled eyelash under a microscope, and it contained multiple demodex mites, but a non-pimpled eyelash didn’t contain any.

I had a dog that often visited me, maybe 1 year before I first remembered to notice the skin problem. I did wonder about whether this could be related. (I think it’s more likely than the rabbit.)

Herpes can be tested with a blood test. I was negative.

I did check my face using a handheld skin microscope. I didn’t find many mites, it took some effort to find one by moving the microscope over my face.

Same for me.

Same for me.

Topical steroids are able to give a rebound effect (which I experienced myself), but I haven’t heard about a clear rebound effect of Soolantra before. In my case, stopping with Soolantra surprisingly didn’t result in a clear noticable increase within 1 or 2 months.

Have you tried using a moisturizer like Cetaphil (from the same company as Soolantra)? If you quit with Soolantra, you basically also quit with its moisturizer, because Soolantra contains it. Now that the environment outside is cold, the skin is more sensitive to problems. A moisturizer could maybe give some protection.

I haven’t noticed a clear relation with diet yet. But maybe one exist.
I’m doing intermittent fasting, and do think it improved my skin on my body.
Diet coke or milk may also give me non-oozing lesions, but I’m not fully sure.

I have non-oozing lesions between my mouth and chin, which I believe is related to the oozing lesions that I had. One hypothesis that I have (just an hypothesis/theory) is that it may be caused by bedding sheets. When it’s cold (like in the winter) I often pull the bedding sheets partially covering my face (the area below the nose). Maybe this is somehow causes skin problems. Maybe via laundry detergents, or it dries out the skin, or dust mite contact, or bacteria build up in the sheets, or the fabric itself is irritating.
So I currently try to sleep with sheets not going further than my shoulders, and I’m trying a different laundry detergent.

I was single when I had the problem for a long time, so in my case, I don’t think so.
But things like demodex and bacteria are transferred from person to person. Simply kissing someone on the cheek can transfer demodex. But demodex by itself doesn’t explain this problem, because almost everybody has demodex, and still only a few have this problem. There must be at least two factors involved, I think.

There was a time that I was drinking a lot of tea (like 2 liter per day), which increases fluorine intake. Lowering it didn’t seem to help. But not sure if I tested it well enough.

Sometimes I have irritated gums, maybe due to to hard brushing. But I think my oral health is fine, my gums seldom bleeth.

I don’t have this, other than allergies to dust mite, cats and some trees and grasses.

I have white composite fillings.

I have a clipper, but also used close shave in the past.

There are stories and photos on the Internet of people who got blue skin from those products. Better watch out when using it.

If you want to try a full elimination diet, then you should go for a meat-only diet. This is also called the carnivore diet. Here’s some more info about it:

Mine are also mostly around my chin. For me, that’s where my face is the oiliest, so I assume that’s why it’s the most affected area.