Does anyone know how I can order Soolantra online and get a coupon for it? My insurance doesn’t cover it and I really need it. I’m tired of the oozing yellow crust and I’m literally calling out from work because it’s on various parts on my face.

Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer whether there are coupons for Soolantra. (I’m not from the USA, assuming you are. Maybe @misfit108 knows this.) But you probably need a prescription to get it. Once you have a prescription, maybe you can order it from an online pharmacy.
Another option is to use the horse paste version, which is available without prescription and much cheaper. Here is some info about it: Ivermectin for horses/animals
Note that you can get a breakout when starting with Soolantra or the horse paste version, so you may want to time the start with it. Bad first reaction

Research the website for Soolantra. At the time I started it (over 2 years ago), I was able to get my first tube for $5. an important thing to know is that once you get it under control, you can sue smaller portions. I use only a little bit every other day. It lasts me over a year. So… $300 or $400… break it down by month. It’s something like $30 a month to get your life back. Also, a cheap version of it can be gotten in Mexico. Same Soolantra.

Regarding the cost, it’s just something you have to pay to get your life back. If you resist eating out at a restaurant just one time each month, you can pay for soolantra. Good luck.

I won’t see my dermatologist until next Thursday but I’ll try and use the horse paste version for now. Just wondering if it has negative side effects or how to use. My face is currently a mess now so I’m not going to work for the next couple of days until it’s a bit better. Literally tired of this and wasted so much money for the past two years

Yeah Soolantra has a savings coupon on their website now so I’m meeting my dermatologist to prescribe some. And if the coupon doesn’t work, guess I’ll just pay out of pocket. I’ll do anything to stop the oozing yellow crusts

I burned through the first tube because I thought I had to apply it all over, every day. And, to be fair, that’s what is probably necessary in the beginning. But now, I put barely any on my fingertip. I smear it in that little triangle between my eyebrows, and down the sides of my nose. That’s really all it takes. My first week or two on it, I felt a puffy kind of burning. Not painful, but sort of like heat was contained under my skin. I had a few of the pimples. Some never oozed. The others did a little, but stopped almost instantly. Then I was in the clear after a week or two.

Good luck. I think you’ll get that first one cheaply. Then save up for the next one. But it’s a small price to pay to get your life back. And we are here as your support.

Just got back from the doctor and she didn’t listen to me even after I showed her this website and how Soolantra helped. She canceled my previous antibiotics and topicals. She switched me to mupirocin ointment and she said if there are no changes then she may consider Soolantra (in three weeks). I decided to also order the invermectin paste on amazon. I just need to figure out how to use it with the mupirocin. Thank you for support, it’s needed

If your doctor said to apply mupirocin on active lesions, then you could do that, and apply ivermectin paste on the rest of the face (including clean skin) in regions where lesions occured in the past and present. Avoid the area around your eyes and lips.

Since you already called out from work, you should take into caution that topical ivermectin can temporary increase the number and severity of active lesions. The severity and time that this happens differ from person to person. For some it’s mild, for some it’s not. But in the end, topical ivermectin has a high success rate.

You could also try to combine topical ivermectin with a moisturizer. (Soolantra also contains a moisturizer.) Like this one: Which is from the same company that also produces Soolantra. (Galderma Cetaphil.)
A moisturizer may give the skin a bit of extra protection.

Thank you Tso! I’ve ordered the Cetaphil and everything should be here by Wednesday. I’ll update you guys as things happen and once again thank you for your support.

I had good luck with “Horse Paste.” Slightly worse at first then better and better gradually.

Life changing decision.

The paste finally came in the mail today…do you have any suggestions on how I should use it? Once a day? Twice? Morning or night?

I have never seen the paste and it’s unclear what the additional ingredients are, so I don’t know how easy it is to apply. You could try this before bedtime.

  1. Wash the face with water or something mild.
  2. Dry the face a bit, but not too much. If the face is still a bit dampen, then it may be easier to apply the paste.
  3. Apply some at the left cheek, right cheek, nose, chin and forehead.
  4. Spread it your fingers over the areas. Avoid eyes and lips.
  5. Let is on your skin for 5 minutes, so that it can be absorbed a bit.
  6. Apply a moisturizer over the face, with the paste still on the face. So that the skin won’t dry out and stays protected and moistured.

It’s unclear what the best amount to apply is. If you apply a lot, then maybe you will get rid of the lesions faster, but the temporary initial outbreak may also be worse. If you have to work the next days, I would say start slowly.
If accepting a worser outbreak is no problem, than you would try to also apply it in the morning and maybe increase the amount a bit.

I literally have no idea on how to apply it and how often. I believe I’ll stick with the bedtime routine and see how my skin reacts before I use it in the morning. Thanks Tso

Instead of applying it at all areas, you could also try a single area to see how your skin reacts to it.
The Soolantra leaflet says a pea size amount per area, but Soolantra contains 1% ivermectin while the horse paste is 1.87%, so you could try maybe 1/10 of a pea size.
If you want to start slowly, you could also skip a day, or rotate per area per day.
After you get home next week from your last day at work of that week, you could try all areas, or maybe a bit more in amount.

I tried twice a day and had a breakout. So I did it JUST before bed. Only use a pea-sized drop will do :slight_smile:

Thank you! Will follow your advice

You should go to a different doctor. Even though I am close with my doctor, she thought I was crazy when I wanted Soolantra. She said it wasn’t the cure. My response was, “I’m not going to overdose on it obviously. It’s a skin cream. I need you to listen to me and please let me try it, based on the research I’ve done for months.”

She prescribed it. I got better.

You’re fighting their ego. If they won’t listen, go to a quick care place. Tell them your uncle has the same issue and soolantra has healed him. You need to try it. Sometimes going to a doctor you don’t know, who just wants to move you along, is the best way to get it done.

You gotta try it though. Horse Paste is a pain in the booty. Soolantra all the way.

How are you doing?

Hey Tso

I’m doing okay. Waiting to see what will happen next. My face never got worse when I started the horse paste and I think it’s because of the mupirocin. Every time I felt that little itch and I knew something was coming I used the mupirocin on three times daily and it goes away without breaking. If it opens up, it oozes a little and goes away in a day. My doctor sleep prescribed sulfamethoxazole that I take twice daily with the horse paste at night. I’m seeing my doctor again tomorrow and we’ll see what’s next.

I haven’t had anything in a while and I’m nervous. I don’t know how long I should use the horse paste or if I should stop. I’m afraid to stop cus if I do, I may go back to square one with these things coming back.

Was waiting till after I saw my doctor to give everyone an update but thanks for reaching out.

I also exfoliate twice a week now and some times three just to get rid of dead skin cells.

How long do I’ve to use the ivermectin? I’ve not broken out in a while but I’m afraid if I stop it’s comes back. Did you stop using it?