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Firstman reported his oozing problems in 2015-02-22 in The SteadyHealth thread


[quote]I have these things as well. Start off very itchy and get big within minutes kind of like a welt. Some go away without oozing but some develop amber colored fluid and ooze all day. Has anyone actually found a cure?
I was on antibiotics and noticed it got worse

At 2015-04-03 he mentioned that he has just started using Soolantra and metronidazole, although it is unclear whether metronidazole was in oral or topical form (probably oral, because Soolantra is already a topical):

At 2015-04-13:

At 2015-06-11, Firstman confirms that the treatment still works.

At 2015-07-15:

At 2015-07-26:

At 2015-09-12:

[quote]I am going to say is ivermectin ( solontra) is the way to go. I suffered for 3 years.
All the test consists of is a skin scraping ( non invasive pain free)
It took about 3 weeks to start working and my face has been clear ever since.
I forgot to mention I am a 25 yearold male from Atlanta Ga I am half black and white male ( although I’m sure that nothing has to do with it) with very oily skin.[/quote]


  • Soolantra
  • Metronidazole (unclear whether oral or topical).

Clear after about 3 weeks.

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User Anymnoo

In The SteadyHealth thread


At 2015-07-15:

I had those itchy, oozing bumps for quiet some time (every few weeks) for a few years but in the last six month it became terrible. In the the last three month it was a real mess, my face looked bad as hell.

My observations about it were (I am 25 years old):

  • cyclical (every 10 days in beginning, later every 3-4 days)
  • new appeared frequently close to old ones soon
  • they appeared more frequently around forehead and next to the nose
  • it became worse and started to affect the neck
  • at the end an akne like skin developed on my forehead

I visited 4 derms. Nobody had a clue! Two diagnosed impetigo contagiosa, one rosazea and one other did not even try. Therefore, I took antibiotics for more than 10 weeks and with Doxycyline it got a very little bit better (actually literature tells that demodex don’t like Doxycyline).

Finally, I found this thread and the report of firstman. I visited three of the four derms and asked them to do a skin scraping. But they told me they never did it before and were not able. They did not believed me and the internet. But I could convince each derm to prescribe at least one of the drugs firstman received.

Your prescribed medicine is not fully available in every country in Europe. But if you live in Europe you can import Soolantra (ivermectin cream) from Germany and Stromectol (ivermectin pill) from France. Metronidazole is a standard antiparasitic drug that is available everywhere and it supports the ivermectin (increases the speed of recovering).

After 6 days taking the cream (was still waiting for the imported Stromectol) I recognised that my faced slowly cleared. It became better and just after 10 days (it’s exactly the time period demodex live) I had two a new small bumps. But now after 3 weeks everything is gone. The derms were absolutely shocked because they never experienced something like that. After I read about demodex, I think many akne and rozazea releated issues are also caused by them. We just had an even worse reaction from this overpopulation of mites.

In a reply about

At 2015-08-19:

[quote](clear skin after long time suffering through ivermectin) and recommended you to get the ivermectin, too!

I took the Soolantra ointment every night before I went sleeping. Personally in the first week taking it I didn’t see an improvement but after 2 weeks it cleared undeniably! In week 2-4 it was week and from then on I have a clear skin. So please take it for a while now and report whether it helped you, too! Stromectol combined with metronidazole speeded things further up (week 2-4 in my case). Have a look in the rosacea literature on how to effectively kill demodex and also to find some scientific hypotheses how demodex trigger bacteria.

Here are three pictures I took when I had the disease: (first picture after removing the crust, the next two after the ooze crusted.[/quote]

[quote]My successful medication in detail:

Soolantra (in total 2 month, got the prescription two times)

Stromectol (two times, second time 5 days after first one)

Metronidazole, oral (two weeks, started on the day I took stromectol the first time). Based on a paper that showed that stromectol combined with metronidazole is more efficient.

This is also in line with the literature about demodex that exists up to now.[/quote]


  • This user used the treatment because of the results reported by user Firstman.
  • Soolantra for 2 months. (Probably 2 tubes of 30 gr each, 10mg/g ivermectin)
  • Stromectol (oral ivermectin) (two times, second time 5 days after first one)
  • Oral metronidazole, oral (two weeks, started on the day of the start with stromectol)