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This thread at SteadyHealth is probably the largest thread in terms of number of different patients. So keep the information available and clear, I have filtered only those posts in which new people report the problem or tell info about it.

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Confirms the treatment still works.

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[quote]First of all, thank you so much firstman for reporting what you derm has found and for providing all the information of the medicine your doctor gave you. With that I could finally recover.

Let me report my history:
I had those itchy, oozing bumps for quiet some time (every few weeks) for a few years but in the last six month it became terrible. In the the last three month it was a real mess, my face looked bad as hell.

My observations about it were (I am 25 years old):

  • cyclical (every 10 days in beginning, later every 3-4 days)
  • new appeared frequently close to old ones soon
  • they appeared more frequently around forehead and next to the nose
  • it became worse and started to affect the neck
  • at the end an akne like skin developed on my forehead

I visited 4 derms. Nobody had a clue! Two diagnosed impetigo contagiosa, one rosazea and one other did not even try. Therefore, I took antibiotics for more than 10 weeks and with Doxycyline it got a very little bit better (actually literature tells that demodex don’t like Doxycyline).

Finally, I found this thread and the report of firstman. I visited three of the four derms and asked them to do a skin scraping. But they told me they never did it before and were not able. They did not believed me and the internet. But I could convince each derm to prescribe at least one of the drugs firstman received.

Your prescribed medicine is not fully available in every country in Europe. But if you live in Europe you can import Soolantra (ivermectin cream) from Germany and Stromectol (ivermectin pill) from France. Metronidazole is a standard antiparasitic drug that is available everywhere and it supports the ivermectin (increases the speed of recovering).

After 6 days taking the cream (was still waiting for the imported Stromectol) I recognised that my faced slowly cleared. It became better and just after 10 days (it’s exactly the time period demodex live) I had two a new small bumps. But now after 3 weeks everything is gone. The derms were absolutely shocked because they never experienced something like that. After I read about demodex, I think many akne and rozazea releated issues are also caused by them. We just had an even worse reaction from this overpopulation of mites.

So again, firstman thank you so much. Without you I guess I would still suffer. Did your derm told you anything about taking the cream once a year or something similar, because the mite population might come back? Because it is impossible to kill all.[/quote]
This user used Soolantra. But it’s unclear whether the user actually also got and used Stromectol and Metronidazol.

Appears in later posts under multiple names: anymnoo, guest from Belgium, guest who thanked Firstman.

Guest, 2015-07-21:

[quote]Hi i am suffering from exactly the same symptoms my Dr seemed to think it might be
fungal how ever i am using aloe gel with tea tree the aloe sooths the itching and the tea tree is drying the spots hope this helps good luck.[/quote]

Guest, 2015-07-26 (=firstman), at Guest, 2015-07-15

XF2, 2015-08-02, (=Tso):

[quote]Interesting, I also wanted to get this treatment (ivermectin) before I found this thread, just to rule out a possible demodex/scabies involvement.

I have the same symptoms since 2012:
-Only on the face
-Pustules, white heads alike pimples that result in yellow/orange/amber oozing and yellow crusts.

I have been tested negative for staph in the nose, throat and groin/perineum area.

An oral fungal treatment (itraconazole) did not work. Oral antibiotic doxycyline did not work. Oral antibiotic flucloxacillin maybe a bit, but is so, then only temporary for a week. Topical antibiotic fusidic acid did not work. Anti parasite cream permethrin did not work (and demodex did survive, microscope confirmed by myself). All kinds of topical treatment didn’t work. Some topical treatment make it worse, such as: tea-tree oil and possibly sulfur creams. (Those are often topical treatments that target demodex.)

The primary symptoms (the oozing fluid and yellow crusting) suggest impetigo, although it is unclear why I wasn’t tested positive against impetigo causing agents (staph). Possibly the staph colonization sites are at a different body area, or it is something else.

In my long research, I did came up with the possibility of demodex (thats why I bought topical permethrin cream myself). Although I didn’t work, demodex survived (microscope confirmed by myself) and the symptoms didn’t go away. I do want to get oral ivermectin just to rule demodex/scabies out, although I’m still wondering how to convince the doctor.

The theory that I have (or better said, the hypothesis that I want to test/rule out) is whether demodex is carrying staph and thereby is spreading staph, the primary impetigo causing agent.
Note that about 60-90% is the population carries demodex, so the existence of demodex in a patient isn’t necessarily a problem. But at least one study has shown that demodex is able to function as a vector for staph. And staph is the primary infective agent/bacteria for impetigo. Normally people with recurrent/continuous impetigo carry staph in their nose or throat, and those are the colonization sites that are usually tested, but the question is whether a demodex is contributing to staph colonization and impetigo.

@Guest, how is your progress? Did you notice an initial breakout during the start of the treatment?[/quote]

XF2, 2015-08-02, (=Tso):

[quote]Also wanted to add:

One thing that does clearly work for me is the topical corticosteroid triamcinolone: it removes the itch, pustules and yellow crusts within days. But the problem with topical corticosteroid is that they aren’t healthy for the skin on the long term, and they focus on the symptoms instead of the cause, and they easily cause a rebound effect (in which it temporary gets worse) when stopping with them (due to the skin getting addicted to it).
From other posts of people on the Internet with similar symptoms, I have also seen that topical corticosteroids are able to reduce symptoms.
But for me, I don’t feel safe using it.[/quote]

XF2, 2015-08-02, (=Tso):

Guest, 2015-08-03:

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XF2, 2015-08-13:

[quote]Can you guys confirm that you have something similar to this?
(To make sure that we are talking about the same thing.)[/quote]

Guest, 2015-08-14 (=Guest, 2015-07-15, at firstman, 2015-04-03):

[quote]This (the pictures including the yellow spots) is how it looked like after removing the crusts and waiting for around 5 min in my case. After some time it crusted but increased in size during time as it still oozed below the crust.

If your pictures were taken like I described, yes, we are talking about the same thing![/quote]

Guest, 2015-08-14 (=Guest, 2015-07-15):

[quote]I live in Belgium, am 25y/o and got the same things for ages…
At last, we’re getting close of solving the problem.
Thanks to the internet!
Cheers to you all ppl suffering of that sht.
The sh
t is almost over![/quote]
This guest uses multiple guest posts and names (anymnoo, guest from Belgium, guest who thanked Firstman), that he later confirmed.

anymnoo, 2015-08-19:

[quote]I am the guest who thanked firstman before (clear skin after long time suffering through ivermectin) and recommended you to get the ivermectin, too!

I took the Soolantra ointment every night before I went sleeping. Personally in the first week taking it I didn’t see an improvement but after 2 weeks it cleared undeniably! In week 2-4 it was week and from then on I have a clear skin. So please take it for a while now and report whether it helped you, too! Stromectol combined with metronidazole speeded things further up (week 2-4 in my case). Have a look in the rosacea literature on how to effectively kill demodex and also to find some scientific hypotheses how demodex trigger bacteria.

Here are three pictures I took when I had the disease: (first picture after removing the crust, the next two after the ooze crusted.

I wish you a clear face very soon, too! Keep us updated![/quote]

KOS, 2015-08-29:

[quote]I’ve had the problem people are describing here for about 15 years. I’ve seen about 7 dermatologists who all said it was acne (but accutane and other standard treatments didn’t help at all). Benzaclin gel helps but is expensive and very drying.

The photos people have posted look very much like what happens to me – itchy bumps that ooze and crust over, and sometimes bleed. (Lesions that recur in the same place usually manifest the same way.)

I haven’t heard of demodex, I’ll definitely follow this thread to see how treatments are working for people. I’m a bit skeptical of Soolantra but maybe I’ll give it a shot, and head back to the dermatologist to discuss.[/quote]

Guest, 2015-08-31:

[quote]I am the guest from Belgium.
i Got the same things, !
I don’t understand, is soolantra the only medication to take ? and for how long ?[/quote]
Unclear why this user calls himself “the guest from Belgium” (who was already using Soolantra, mentioned other meds, and says he’s clear), but now asks questions that he/she already should know. So there may be multiple guests from Belgium.

Guest, 2015-09-01:

[quote]Guest from Belgium here!
Gonna do a skin scrapping as fast as possible and talk about soolantra and demodex to my dermatoligist. Then she’ll be able to tell me for how long the medication is to be used.
Will le you all updated.
Have a nice day.[/quote]

Guest, 2015-09-02:

[quote]About tea tree oil… I’ve been using it during months without seeing a notable improvement…
My skin just became more irritated and red.[/quote]

Guest, 2015-09-06:

[quote]Hi, I have had the same problem as many of you. Happens at least 2-3 times every month, going on 20+ years. I’ve had the things cut off my face and analyzed by the best doctors in Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Baltimore. Nothing stops them from happening. I’ve taken every antibiotic. I’ve put every cream on my face. It is something wrong inside you, within your blood. I quit going to dermatologists 5 years ago because they can only see it from a skin perspective, which it really is not. I don’t know if anyone out there has ever beat this thing. People like us post about it on the internet, but you never read posts from anyone who has actually beaten it. If they are getting better, they’re not telling the rest of us about it.

Here’s what I can tell you from 20+ years of fighting it.
Discovering your triggers is a full-time job. It took me many years to figure out things as simple as lemons and oranges or yogurt were triggers for me. I can eat 10 grapefruits with no problem, but a little bit of lemon and I’ve got orange ooze gooing out of my face.

I have a very good primary doctor, but what has really helped me start to make new progress is to see a good naturopath. I went to one who was useless and made me never want to see a naturopath again. Then some 6 years later, I started to see a different one. To give you an idea, my first appointment with the guy lasted 3 hours. we went through the whole history of my life. This is something you won’t get from a regular doctor who is trying to get you out of the office to see the next sick bastard in line.

20 years into the fight, I’m convinced it is not a bacterial, yeast or viral infection of any type. It is your body’s way of dumping toxins from something it is fighting within. I will tell you a random, but telling story. I had this really cheap token from some kids arcade laying around the house. Don’t ask why, but put it up to a tree in my back yard and hammered it into the tree. Over the next few weeks, the tree began to weep sap over the spot where I’d nailed the token into its flesh. I finally went in and removed the token, but the tree continued weeping for a long time after that. I had to put some kind of special spray into the wound eventually. So, I have this theory that the goo coming out of your face is a healing mechanism of the body. It’s different than impetigo, which is almost the same thing but created by bacteria.

I highly recommend reading a book called “Why Can’t I get Better?” It is a book about ways to analyze and treat chronic conditions like what many of us are suffering. Even if you do not have Lyme disease, I feel like this book will give you a big perspective on the type of health care you are seeking.

Good luck to you. I also want to mention there is a website dedicated specifically to just this nasty oozing yellow/orange crust disease. Y

See y’all in the gooey, crusty yellow trenches. It’s gonna be a fight![/quote]

Guest, 2015-09-06:

Guest, 2015-09-07:

Guest, 2012-07-05:

[quote]Excuse me, but I don’t agree at all with you.
Every problem has its solution.
Don’t tell me there’s none for us.
It’s just something that it well not known because it is uncommon!
Getting healed of cancer is becoming possible so please don’t tell me it’s not possible to find the cause of it and the way to cure it, or at lease, improving it!
I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with meal… but with stress, anxiety, it’s another kind of story. ACtually, i’m pretty sure demodex can be the cause of it :wink: there’s a possible theory abvout that above. :wink: Guest form Belgium.[/quote]

anymnoo, 2015-09-10:

[quote]Sorry, I thought I was logged in.

Soolantra + stromectol + metronidazole as doctor of firstman prescribed. Found significant success after two weeks, completely gone after 2 month.[/quote]

anymnoo, 2015-09-11:

[quote]I am not from Belgium but from Germany. Hence, there should be only one Belgium guy around.

My successful medication in detail:

Soolantra (in total 2 month, got the prescription two times)

Stromectol (two times, second time 5 days after first one)

Metronidazole, oral (two weeks, started on the day I took stromectol the
first time). Based on a paper that showed that stromectol combined with
metronidazole is more efficient.

This is also in line with the literature about demodex that exists up to now. [/quote]

KOS here, I thought I’d follow up on my first post a bit.

I’m in my late 30s and have had this problem since my early 20s. In my 20s it was worse, but I think I’ve mainly learned to manage it better and to accept it. I saw one dermatologist who had me on accutane and 5-6 antibiotics (including bactrim). I also tried nasal application of mupirocin because I was convinced if I could kill bacterial agents I might be able to lick it.

The only treatment that is clearly effective is benzaclin gel, and when a new spot starts to form I can apply benzaclin and usually avoid significant oozing or having the problem spread. But I’ve stopped using benzaclin in recent years because it’s expensive and has a short shelf life and is very drying to my skin.

Currently I have the problem mainly on my face and neck, and sometimes behind my ears. I do get some acne on my back which crust or bleed a little bit, but it doesn’t have the same pattern of oozing with a bright yellow crust. I don’t have much “normal” acne on my face other than this problem, and my face can be clear for days at a time.

I have found it useful to let a new sore crust over (trying to dab it just enough so it doesn’t drip but still coagulates) and it seems to heal faster that way. But the crust is kind of gross (sometimes people will tactfully tell me that I have salad dressing or something on my face).

I have been pretty assertive with several of the dermatologists I’ve seen, showing them photos and so on, but they’ve all pushed back and said it looks like acne to them (including dermatologists at Columbia and Stanford). Still, I hold out hope that they’re wrong and there’s an actual cure.

To transition from using topical antibiotics I tried the probiotic spray that AOBiome is selling for several months, but I can’t say it made a noticeable improvement.

I’m trying an experiment this month to cut out alcohol and coffee (mainly because the problem started around the time I began consuming those beverages, and was worse around the time I drank the most coffee and alcohol) but don’t have much to report yet.

If I hear from another person here that Soolantra / ivermectin was a long-term cure I’ll definitely try to find a doctor who is on board with prescribing that for me.

Glad that you found this website.

Benzaclin gel contains both benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin as active ingredients. In my case topical clindamycin by itself, didn’t help, only when combined in one lotion with triamcinolon, but that was probably only due to the triamcinolon. (It is NOT advisable to use triamcinolon, due to topical steroid withdrawal problems.) So maybe then, if benzaclin gel helps for you, then maybe benzoyl peroxide helps for me (and you), but I haven’t tried it yet.

I also have acne on my back a bit (also before the facial yellow crusts problem), but like you, without the yellow crusts. I also have a bit of acne on my head/scalp.

Also interesting that you tried a topical probiotic, I had it on my todo list.

I don’t use alcohol, but I do use coffee daily. Not sure if I increased the intake when I got the problem, but maybe I should try to stop using it, just to test.

I think that the diagnosis made by dermatologists, heavily depends on the accent that we make when taking photos and whether we cleaned up our face when going outside, to the dermatologist. If you take a photo after having the face washed with yellow crusts removed, then this may easily results in diagnoses as “acne”. But if you take/show a lot of zoomed in photos on yellow crusts and oozing lesions, then it will be harder to get a “acne” as diagnosis. Depending on the dermatologist, I may also be needed to not tell them everything about the symptoms, because that may confuse them. I may be better to only tell the primary symptoms, which in my case are lesions (often pustules) that ooze a clear yellow fluid for about 1 to 1.5 days (depending on the size of the lesion), meanwhile yellow crusts are formed continuously by dried up fluid.

Hi Kos, any improvements on your skin?

I’ve had this problem on and off for nearly 20+ years and been to doctors, dermatologists and even healers and no one was able to help me but over the years I have managed to learn a trick or two which I will gladly share with you all…

This is only my opinion but considering I’ve had it for nearly 22 years I think I’ve become somewhat of an expert. I believe this is the body’s reaction to you poisoning it, when you put something into your body that is bad, the body reacts in all sorts of ways, It will vomit, runs, fever etc all with the desired effect of getting rid of whatever toxins it can’t process, it does this especially through the skin. There are triggers that I’ve discovered over the years that bring this condition on, the bad ones are anything sugar free, particularly aspartame, too much caffeine, particularly from coffee chops, very bad ones are the coffee you buy from machines. I tested this theory out after I kept a food diary and had 6 cups of this stuff a day for a week, normally I would have maybe 4 or 5 of these sores when I have a break out, this test produced double that, including on the side of my face and nose, I always got them on my chin. Gluten from all sorts also trigger it and the usual stress, this does indeed seem to make a difference.
As I previously stated, I’ve not managed to find a cure, but I managed to find something to help cover them, and heal them but you can’t use them for the first 24 to 48 hours, you must allow them to ooze, that’s your body’s way of detoxing and getting rid, if you’ve ever managed to get one to scab over before it’s ready you’ll already know this as the pain when you press on or around it is quite intense! once this stops buy come Compeed invisible patches, these are specifically for cold sores but work an absolute treat on the sores, leave them in place for 8 hours, then change them, do not clean the area before you put on a new one, that just upsets the whole area again. If you need to change them before that then go ahead, vUsing these patches it stops the sores spreading, and heals them in and around a week.

I hope this helps folks, i would have loved to have offered you all a cure but alas it has evaded me, this ones only for the men, I grew a beard and it stopped them from appearing on where the hair is, I only get them on the small patch of skin on my chin that has no hair, but I grew the hair on my bottom lip down so that I can hide them under it when I get a breakout :blush:

Thanks for sharing this info.

I also did wonder about caffeine, in fact, I haven’t been taking coffee and tea specifically for this reason for maybe 1 or 2 months, just to try it out. So far, it goes well (not 100% free), and I was planning to take coffee again after this weekend.

What does help a lot of users is Soolantra. For me, is doesn’t result in being 100% free (maybe a 95% reduction, if the reduction is caused by Soolantra), but some say it does 100% for them, even when not using it anymore.

About a beard, @p1r473 did mention that growing a beard didn’t help for him in: Does yours spread?

Hi - I get itchy spots that appear quickly and weep to form small amber scabs on my cheeks, forehead, and ears a few times a month. In hindsight it started around the same time I noticed symptoms from what I believe is regular exposure to mould at work. I’m pretty certain it’s my body trying to dump toxins. The only way I’ll know if i have mold poisoning is via urine mycotoxin test @ €600 …so I haven’t done it yet! but I have a feeling it’s my body detoxing from some kind of allergy or toxicology issue from mold. I also suspect it’s more likely to appear when I loose a lot of sleep, or get really stressed, so it could be linked to weakening of my immune system combined with some sort of toxicity dumping…

Does it look similar to the photos here? What does it look like? (photos)

Hey Chris, did you ever end up getting that urine test? Based on some of the info on this page I think this may actually have to do with mold exposure and our body trying to detox. Just did a quick search mold allergies and the symptoms seems similar -

I have the same symptoms as most here, red itchy skin around the cheek bones next to the nose and also near the jaw sides as well as my forehead. The oozing happens in all of those areas except for the forehead.

My story: I’m 24 and have never had this happened until now/recently.

  • Started working at a restaurant in November.
  • Skin started drying and itching towards January but no ooze.
  • Snowstorm hit and caused water to leak into my room which eventually caused mold. We didn’t have the chance to clean it or swap the carpet yet so it’s still there. I avoided my room for a while until it aired out most of the stench and now I’m back.
  • Quit the job mid February because skin was getting worse but still no oozing.
  • From March til now , it started to ooze on and off but for the last the last few days it’s been oozing and crusting nonstop.

Now that I think about it, when I’m at my girlfriend’s house it kinda settles down and isn’t as bad. I’m really starting to think this is from the mold exposure. Haven’t really used any new product that I haven’t used in the past that didn’t cause this so it shouldn’t be a product allergy. Hmmm.

Ok, bit of an update in case it helps anybody… I did a mold test on the water damaged building (WDB) that I work in and, as suspected, found high concentrations of toxic molds. I also did allergy tests & found that I am not allergic to molds - not even the ones above that poison me at work (Aspergillus, etc). Also as suspected. So what’s going on?

Well I believe that instead of having allergies, I have become hyper-sensitised to black mold / the toxic soup that forms in WDB’s (a combination of mold spores, spore fragments, VOCs / gasses, associated bacteria, pathogens, etc), and that this is affecting my immune system. And possibly my lymphatic system too. A bit like being sensitive to lead bullets but not allergic to the gun that shoots them.

Having crossed this hypersensitivity ‘line’, it now feels like I have opened some new channel / pathway for other substances to enter/affect my system. It may even be a new sensitivity to EMF. As a bizarre example, I work in IT, and 9" Linx tablets feel increasingly warm on my face (like slightly radioactive!) now once booted. WTF?!! This just didn’t happen last year - or ever. On the other hand, iPads don’t bother me, nor do Lenovo tablets, etc. This particular event alone will create an oozing spot on my face, with a hard 1x1mm amber crystal top, within an hour.

So, is it EMF or what are the substances causing this? I don’t know, but I suspect that they are ultra-fine / nano particles with a metallic aspect. It just feels like that, I may be wrong. My next quest is to identify them / repel them / deactivate them / trap them / whatever. No idea how to do this, wish me luck!

  • Tso it does look like some of those pics. I get a spot within an hour of exposure to currently unidentified substances.

@ChrisL and @CoolWhip, you guys should give Soolantra a try. Even though it may not take the cause away, it may provide good relief.

About allergic substances, although I’m not fully sure, I do think that in my case, performing physical work in a dirty/dusty environment may cause outbreaks. My last medium-large outbreak was somewhere in the beginning of last year. I was helping a friend at his home, which was in the following situation:

  • the house was recently treated with insecticides against woodworms
  • that day, a beekeeper came to remove a wasp nest and used some white bee toxic powder that cause through the house
  • a lot of wood dust due to usage of a saw
  • dusty house
  • they have cats (for which I’m allergic)
  • they used some glass wool like wall isolation material, which is irritating for the skin
  • I used glasses and a facemask to protect myself just in case, but this did put some pressure on my face.

Too much factors to isolate the cause, but it does make me think that the environment could easily be a factor.

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