Can't find Soolantra anywhere!

Apparently there is currently a manufacturer shortage of ivermectin cream. None of the pharmacies near me are able to order any.

I have been without medication for a couple weeks now and I’ve already gotten some minor outbreaks. Is there a standard replacement that we recommend here on the forum?

Thank you in advance for your help!!

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There could be an increased interest in ivermectin because of COVID-19.

A product that comes closest to Soolantra is topical ivermectin for horses. Which is available without prescription. For more info, see Ivermectin for horses/animals

Oral ivermectin also exists, but there are barely any reports on this forum about whether that works, and it may give side effects.

Another product that may help is Sudocrem. Not much people tried it compared to Soolantra, but it does have a positive effect on most people that tried it (including me). For more info, see Sudocrem saved me!

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Hi Jack, I know this sounds absolutely and totally ridiculous but try washing your face using water only. No soaps or facial washing lotions at all. I tried this for 3 weeks and haven’t had any of the yellow crusts at all.
I use moisturiser after washing my face with only water.
I came across this site 8 years ago and the information is very informative and a great support for all of us.
I’ve been using Soolantra for 5 years and from this site have discovered recently that water only may be our answer. Fingers crossed so far.
Good luck and best wishes Julie.

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I don’t get outbreaks during covid, because I don’t watch my face and omit all fruit from my diet. I can go weeks without an outbreak. But if you must have Ivermectin, buy the horse paste on Amazon and make your own. You’ll have to research on your own how to do it, but it’s not impossible. Or take this opportunity to do some self-tests on diet and hygiene. Best of luck.

Hello guys…this disease or whatever it is sux…FYI…i was able to find soolontra in Mexico…it works wonders.

How expensive is soolontra? My dermatologist didn’t want to prescribe it to me…wonder why