I tried to stop Soolantra

Hi there !
I haven t really been on this site since i was clear of the disease (august 2016).
So here s a lil update. I suffered from this for five years, starting around 2011 when i was 20 years old. I started soolantra daily june 2016 and in in august, the very same year, i was totally clear. Months after I tried to stop using soolantra but it slowly returned. So after that i started using it but once a week. I was total clear for 3 years.
Since october 2019 I tried to stop soolantra again. Here we are, 2 months later, the disease is coming back, Slowly but surely. Strarting on the ears and now it s spreading again to my face. So as soon as tomorrow i ll have to get back on the medication, Once a week again…
I wonder what about you guys, Have you tried to stop too ? How often do you use it to stay clear ? Will we have to use it for a lifetime ? My guess is that we are allergic to demodex… Im kind of allergic of insect bites and im not curing from that. So i guess it goes along with demodex.
By the way, I m really happy we have found a treatment. Even if it looks like it s for lifetime.
I m curious about your long time using methods,

I use Soolantra 1x every night at bedtime; though I’m thinking about going down to once every other day or more. Been on it for about 9 months now & I’m pretty satisfied with the results.
I’ve seen about 95% improvement and rarely get a pimple that crusts over (maybe 1-2 extremely small ones every few months).

I’d like to wean myself off Soolantra eventually(it’s pricey here in California); but I’m afraid the disease will return like in your case. But either or, Im glad we have something that works. Best of luck!

Hi there, started Soolantra May 2018 and within a week was clear. What a lifesaver.

I need it every other night, maybe every third night at most, or it starts coming back. Definitely can’t push it to once a week, but every night is a waste.

Seems like the little boogers are always hanging out, ready to come back. My guess is it’s for life, unfortunately. I won’t complain though, just glad to have something that works and takes all of a couple minutes of time every couple days to apply.

I started using Soolantra (called Rosiver in Canada) back in March 2016. It cleared things up within 2 months (around 8 weeks). I stayed clear and I used it until Feb 2018 reducing to once every 2 days after 6 months of use.

I completely stopped using Rosiver at the start of Feb 2018 and was clear until about mid April 2018 (about 2.5 months). Then the lesions started to return so I started using Rosiver again on a daily basis. It cleared things up again after a few weeks of usage.

Tso had success with sudocream so I did try this for a few days in September this year. I am not sure what affect it had as I am currently clear but my skin seemed to tolerate it ok. I may try it again and stop using Rosiver to see what happens. However, other than the cost (and remembering to apply it), I see no issue with the Rosiver cream. I have had no side effects and I’m using quite small amounts which means it lasts longer. I was hoping that a generic form of Rosiver/Soolantra would come available and be much cheaper but it seems the Galderma patent is in place until at least March 2034.

Anybody else other than Tso had success with Sudocream?

Ok. So here I am, I have applied soolantra today after two months without. As I said earlier, the lesions came back recently. I have to add than before getting the lesions again, my skin felt really tight and less pleasant on my face. It was more red and irritated too. I also got more normal acne pimples before coming back to the oozing lesions. The pores of my skin looked more dilated as well. So today I put Soolantra again, And honestly, what a relief !. It’s like it cleanses my skin from the inside.
I know that I won’t get the oozing ones again.
COL, I got a question for you. I moved to Montreal Canada 3 years ago. I m still using Soolantra but it is sent via post services from Belgium by my family. What about Rosiver? how you get it ? Is it expensive here ?

Hi Paskk,
I haven’t been on this site in years and have not had one outbreak since I healed myself with eating raw fermented sauerkraut or raw fermented dill pickles with lunch and dinner. It worked for me. I never tried any pharmaceuticals since I’m just one of those people who would prefer not to use chemicals. My face was covered with weeping bumps that crusted over and then I picked them and they would scab up and eventually go away only to have another one take it’s place. I used tea tree oil for a day and I think I also used Oil of Oregano drops internally for a few days. I’m convinced it has everything to do with your gut health. I wish more people would try this method. Let me know if you do. Good Luck, Sally

Interesting !!!
I m happy it worked for you this way though I’m convinced the reason I (in my case) get these lesions is being allergic to demodex mites. It makes a total sense because I’m allergic to mosquitoes bites and other insects… Any other persons here believing as me ?

I’m allergic to dust mites. (Dust mites don’t bite.) They live in every bed and are invisible to the eye.
Most people are allergic to mosquito bites (saliva). To which other insects are you allergic?

My theory (or better called hypothesis) is still that it’s not demodex by itself, but the bacteria that it may carry and host. So the combination of demodex (which is also a mite) and certain bacteria.

Soolantra fixed like 95% of the oozing lesions for me, but I wasn’t able to reach 100% until I tried Sudocrem for a few days. After that, I considered by my self cleared without having to use Soolantra or Sudocrem. But my face currently isn’t clear. I don’t have oozing lesions anymore, but I do get lesions without oozing. After these years, I’m not sure anymore whether there was a point in time in which my face was fully clear from non-oozing lesions, I think there was, but lately these non-oozing lesions seem to be increased compared to summer this year.

I think that in my case these non-oozing lesions are related, but I could be wrong. If they are related then it looks like there are two factors involved: one factor that is causing the non-oozing lesions and another one that is causing them to ooze.
These non-oozing lesions usually appear below the mouth, which is strange… One explanation for this location may be that in my bed, when sleeping, I have my bed sheets often partially covering the lower mouth/face. During the summer, when it’s warmer, I probably don’t cover the lower mouth.
How could this bedding sheet cause problems? It could carry bacteria, dust mites and allergic laundry detergents.

But in your case @FromBelgium, if Soolantra is difficult to get, then you could try
Sudocrem: Sudocrem saved me! or a horse paste version of Soolantra: Ivermectin for horses/animals

Thanks for your updates.
Soolantra isnt difficult to get for me.
And I ve been clear for three years using it once a week.
So I will keep on going this way I guess.
How often do you use Soolantra currently?
And if I give a try to Sudocream do I have to use it in coordination with Soolantra ?
And Do I have to use Sudocream everyday ? thanx

I’m not using Soolantra regularly anymore. It did work for my oozing lesions, but after I cleared by skin from oozing lesions with Soolantra followed by Sudocrem three years ago, I don’t have oozing lesions anymore. I do have non-oozing lesions, for which Soolantra doesn’t seem to work.

I don’t think Soolantra is required when using Sucocrem.
I hate Sudocrem, it’s hard to remove from the skin and irritates my skin, but it did seem to fix my oozing lesions.

I used it every day for a couple of days. Not sure if I also used it at night, but with the amount that I used, you cannot go outside your home, because you basically look like a white ghost, unless you apply a small amount and maybe use a less concentration product with zinc oxide (assuming this is the ingredient that fixed the problem). A lot of mineral based sunscreens also contain zinc oxide.

Hi there ! So I’ve come back to the regular routine of one time a week soolantra and I’m total clear again of any lesions. Hope it helps ! what a relief !

Hi @FromBelgium,

I just get a prescription from my doctor. He referred me to a dermatologist years ago who did the initial prescription for rosiver and now my doctor just gives me additional prescriptions as needed. The 60g tube lasts over a year as I use very little and every 2nd or 3rd day. Now I’m trying again with sudocream on the days i don’t use rosiver to see whether I can come off the rosiver completely. My plan is to gradually scale back my use to see the impact. I’m completely clear of lesions at the moment.

All the best

It costs me about $200 for the 60g tube

Whooo that expensive…
Im gonna stick to the plan getting soolantra sent via post services thanks to my family in belgium.
Why would you leave soolantra and go to sudocream instead ?