Just wanted to say thanks


I’m in mid 20s and I’ve been dealing with this problem on and off for about 4 years. It was never extremely severe, but at a certain point i’d be getting it every 2 weeks. I’ve always had a near perfect skin, no acne and then this came out of no where during my competitive rowing days. I’ve been to multiple dermatologists and have also been misdiagnosed. I couldn’t find anyone with the same symptoms and it was quite troubling to not have a point of reference and not trust opinions of professionals. Then I found this forum and everything clicked.

Yesterday, I used an online dermatologist called DermaGo - they cover only Canada I believe - and referenced this page to describe my symptoms. 99$ covid special, got a Rosiver prescription 24h later.

So I just wanted to say thanks, this was a tremendous discovery, you’ve made difference!


Stick with the Rosiver for 2-3 months. Things may get worse initially but do not worry about that.

Get soolantra and it’s cured in 2 weeks. I’ve heard coronavirus also cures it.

Rosiver is Soolantra in Canada, you better have good insurance for 211$/mo price tag.
Any other stuff to look out for like washing pillow cases and sheets daily?

Small price to pay for freedom

A tube of Soolantra last longer than you would expect, when using a small amount of it. Like a few months. If the price of Soolantra/Rosiver (topical ivermectin) is a problem, you could try a topical animal form of ivermectin: Ivermectin for horses/animals Multiple people get similar results with it.

But some researchers are reporting that ivermectin gives positive results in fighting against the coronavirus in vitro: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivermectin#SARS-CoV-2
But the effective dose may be way too high to be suitable for humans. If ivermectin (used orally) turns out to be a good candidate as a COVID-19 drug, then the availability and price of ivermectin may change significantly. The high price of Soolantra/Rosiver isn’t caused by production costs, but by patents if correct. And this price differs widely per country.

I recommend Rosiver, I’m from Canada it’s 215 dollars but if you have insurance it’s cheap. I have been using it for just over 1.5 months. Initially I had major break outs but I expected that from all the reviews on here. I have been clear for almost 3 weeks now! This cream changed my life.

yeah no worries about price, I have amazing insurance with work, getting it free of cost. I’ve been on it for a week and so far so good, did have a couple of major eruptions - bigger than usual, but it’s fine as I’m working from home. It seems to be more acute after a close shave, any thoughts?

Hi @chai

How are you getting on with the Rosiver? It can take 2-3 before it clears but you may start noticing changes before then. Anything happening with your skin?

Took less than a week, skin is perfect and soft, no crusts, acne or dryness. I must say, it’s a game changer! I use it in combo with sebium lotion on wet skin for the evening and sebium lotion + hydrobio gel cream in the morning - niacinamide helps with reducing inflammation. I also use cerave foaming cleanser, reduce heat when washing face to almost cold. Hope this helps and a big thanks to everyone again!!

@chai amazing!!! Congratulations!!!

@Bentlers94 congrats to you. Another success story on Rosiver!

Thanks! This stuff really is amazing. I haven’t had any break outs now since march 20, fingers crossed it never comes back! I can’t believe this cream is working after years of trying to find a solution with tons of different doctors.

@Bentlers94 I haven’t had a breakout since about 7 weeks after I started using Rosiver on March 15th 2016. That’s over 4 years ago now! Looking back at my posts, the lesions flared up initially. The nature of the lesions changed initially. They got bigger and itched more in the first 3 weeks but the oozing stopped quite soon (2 weeks) after I started using Rosiver. Then the lesions started to recede and after 7 weeks use they were tiny and not noticeable. After 3 months use, I was essentially lesion free. I should add that I was also using a coconut and TTO mixture in the beginning which seemed to interfere with the Rosiver. When I stopped the TTO, the effectiveness of the Rosiver seemed to increase. It’s been the answer for me. I think you will be fine now. Just use it sparingly and the tube should last for a year or even more. I think it’s well worth the money.